STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 61 (part 1)

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Episode 61

Episode starts with Abhi saying Abhi; if she is stubborn then I am also stubborn until she will forgive me I will not eat anything
Pratik: but…
Abhi cuts him off: its final
Saying so he left from there in anger then Prabhas said
Prabhas: both are mad
Vibha: exactly, let’s go now
After sometime in the Basudha’s room a semi fight was going on between Ganga and Kaustuki both were fighting on the topic that who will sleep with mummy today
Kaustuki: I am saying you it’s been a long time I have slept beside you
Ganga hugging Basu tightly: No I will sleep with her she is mine
Kaustuki dragging her aside: before you she is mine
Ganga screeching: no mummy is mine you go
Kaustuki: that’s not fare
Basudha: Girls we three can sleep here together
Kaustuki: no I will sleep with you I said it already
Ganga: nahi naa (shouted)
Abhi who was stood at door looking all this said
Abhi: I have a better idea
Basu looking at him immediately lied on the bed and said in a rude tone
Basu: Kaustuki and Ganga do whatever you want to do but don’t disturb me now I am already disturbed
Saying so she turned aside but was looking through mirror what was going on her back with full angry eyes and Abhi was also looking at her seems if he was pleading her to forgive him but in return she closed her eyes and pretended as she slept he came back to sense when Kaustuki shook him
Abhi: haan!!!

Kaustuki: you were about to tell us the solution
Abhi: yeah got it!
Kaustuki: then tell us
Abhi: okay I will tell you but first tell me who came first I or your mummy
Kaustuki: both came together I think so
Abhi: hmm then who came first Ganga or you
Kaustuki: it was me of course
Abhi: so why don’t we follow the sequence
Ganga: what is that
Abhi: me and Basu came together so we will lie together then Kaustuki came first so she will lie after us and as Ganga came in last so she will lie in last

Both the girls were thinking about the idea and here Basu who was hearing that thought “how cleverly he trapped both the girls but this time I am also not going to leave him let him do what he want and I will do what I want” here Kaustuki and Ganga agreed and Abhi smiled as he thought he won but poor boy he never know that his plan was totally going to be a flop one as Basu have her own plan he lied beside her and rounding his arm around her slept too but after few minutes Basu got up and made herself free from him then he lift Kaustuki in her arms and made her side making space for herself to lie between Ganga and Kaustuki and she got successful too but in mid night something happened which made her to disturb her nap why!!! Let’s see why

It was the time of mid night and Basu woke up with irritation because of Abhi he was swinging on bed continuously in different direction and she looked at him she ignored and tried to sleep again when after few minutes she again woke up as Kaustuki kicked him in her sleep and now he was trying to sleep but as he was hungry it was impossible to sleep silently she just woke up in irritation and went downstairs, into the kitchen and arranged plate for him, she went back to room and kept the plate in balcony then went to wake him up she patted his cheeks lightly and he opened his eyes asking what she just ordered him strictly to come with her he went following her and
Abhi: what!!! Why you called me here in this much cold?
Basu: just sit here and eat it first
Abhi: I will not eat it until you forgive me
Basu in a stern tone: leave being stubborn and have this
Abhi: I will not either forgive me or leave me on my situation
He was about to leave she rolled her eyes and made him sit there forcefully then in a stern voice said
Basu: I said eat it
Abhi turning his face aside: no, I will not
Basu: don’t raise my temper
Abhi: who asked you to think about me
He was again going to leave the place but she stopped him and cupping his face with one hand
Basu: open your mouth
Abhi like a stubborn kid: no
Basu: see what’s that

Abhi: where
Basu: there in the sky near the moon
Abhi being lost in her trap: where
Basu: see over there I am pointing my finger there only
Abhi being lost: where…
He was about to say further but very next moment his mouth was stuffed with food he ate the bite which was in his mouth being stubborn he was about to take it out but she said in a stern tone to him
Basudha: don’t you dare do that just eat it now otherwise I don’t know what will I do
Abhi looking her worried for him and scolding like that smiled a bit and ate it and then putting another bite in his mouth she yelled in herself

Basu: Too stubborn Mr. is he will not eat food nothing else he knows, only how to trouble others nothing else just see what he talks I think you should leave me just see this idiotic think leave me he said his brain is not in his place for sure don’t know from where this all crap and nonsense is getting filled in his brain he will not eat anything he will go on hunger strike because MR. knows very well I can’t stay angry for much time from him if he is problem then Mr. thought let’s get into the problem (janab bohot ziddi hain khana nahi khayenge bas logon ko pareshan karna aata hai inhe aur kuchh nahi mujhe chhor do batein to dekho inka dimag kharaab hai mujhe chhor pata nahi kahan se kachra bhar liya hai dimag me khana hi chhor denge jaantey hai na achhi tarah ke jiyada der naaraz to reh nahi payegi problem me mujhe dekh nahi sakti to chalo bhai problem me hi pad jatey hai)
She stuffed another bite in his mouth blabbering all that Abhi was continuously smiling as how she was indirectly complaining him about himself she made him eat another bite and yelled
Basu: why the hell are you smiling am I cracking the joke over here
Abhi nods in no
Basu: then don’t smile making me irritated to the hell
Abhi: shall I ask you one thing?
Basu: waah! Something is left to ask now also great (waah! Ab bhi kuchh poochhne ko bacha hai)
Abhi: okay I know it was a direct taunt but I really want to talk to you
Basu keeping the plate aside: but believe me Mr. I am not going to answer any single question of yours
She was about to go but he stopped her holding her wrist
Basudha didn’t turned to him and he said to her
Abhi: if you can’t stay angry from me then why you try so always
Basudha: leave me I am not the one with whom you use to do these tricks you left me long ago
Abhi: then who are you

Basudha turned and with eyes filled with emotions rage complaints and tears saw him
Basu: a moving soul whose life is snatched from her by her own love who thought that she is the happiest person in the world having a lovable family more than that a lovable husband who loves her too but all her thoughts were just a dream it seems because when the dream broke she was shattered into pieces and only the soul is left now and the only complaint which she have with him is he shouldn’t have said those three words to her which got meaning less as he doubted on her (she turned away saying so)
Abhi stood and went in front of her to face her but she turned away: your criminal is here, punish him
Basu: he is not worth of that also
Abhi: I said just punish him
Basu: what will I get if I will punish him
Abhi: may he will feel the pain same as hers
Basu: nothing is kept there in doing this cheesy talks let me go
Abhi holding her arms tightly: I said just punish him damn it
Basu trying to control her tears: my girls are sleeping don’t disturb their nap just leave my way
Abhi went and closed the door of room then balcony it was kind of covered balcony so he closed the windows too
Abhi: now everything is okay, now punish, him now no will hear you or me
Basu: nothing is left to do now just leave my way
Abhi held her hand tightly: I will not
Basu just freed his hand and shouted: I said just leave me
But seems he wasn’t ready to give up so he just pulled her into a hug but seems Basu was getting stubborn like a kid now she was continuously trying to free herself from that hug and he was tightening his hug as much she was trying to move just to calm her down but it didn’t worked as her anger was superior that time she just pushed him back and finally her tears began to flow she just held his collar and yelled at him

Basu holding his collar: what the hell do you think am I what you want to prove damn it am I looking like a puppet to you??? That how you will make me move then only I will move you behave always like you want to do, whenever you wanted to say leave me you said that whatever you thought about me you said that every time you wished to force your decision upon me, what are you thinking who am I what do you want I am feeling like I am my breath is chocked inside me due to your behavior always I am doubting on myself that whether I am a human being or not because everyone here is wishing to control my life in their own way do I don’t have right on myself (samajhtey kya ho khud ko tum kya sabit karna chahtey ho kathputli hoon mai?? Jaisey chaho behave karo tumharey isharon par nachungi jab man chaha keh diya Basu mujhe lagta hai hume alag ho jana chahiye jab man chaha keh diya meri galti thi arey kya ho tum kya samjh rahey ho mujhe jab bhi chahtey ho be wajah apna faisla mujh par daal dete ho jab chaho faisla badal dete ho chahtey kya ho tumhari in baton se ghutan hoti hai mujhe shaq hota hai khud par ke akhir mai insaan bhi hoon ya nahi jisey dekho meri zindagi apni marzi se chala raha hai kya mujh par mera hi haq nahi hai)
Abhi who was now having tears in her eyes looking finally her anger blurting out on him said to her
Abhi: Just want you to be with me till my last breath

Basudha throwing her fist on his chest: liar, you are again telling a lie if you were wishing so then you haven’t said all that to me ever you have never doubted on me ever you are a liar you have spoken a lie every time whether it’s me or maa you have just spoke a lie and me!!!! You have lied to me every time even never wished to share your problems too and a life given by you was also a lie when the truth came in front of me now I am feeling disgust on myself you have lied to me every time (jhooth bol rahey ho tum agar ye chahtey to kabhi aisa sochne ke himmat tak nahi kartey jhoothey ho tum sirf jhooth bolna jaantey ho bas chahey wo mai hun Maa ho ya koi aur bas jhooth boltey ho tum aur mujhse to humesha jhooth bola hai tumne bas jhooth hi bola hai Mehta Sahab ek jhoothi zindagi bhi di thi uska sach samne aaya to shayad khud se hi nafrat honey lagi hai mujhe itna har cheez me jhooth bola)
Abhi in pleading tone: no…

Basu again pushed him back and held his collar: No!!!! yes you are a liar you hid from me that you were suffering from cancer damn it you were the only one who hid those reports and never tried to show me beside that you never told me that the treatment was about to start
Abhi was looking at her in shock
Basu: feeling surprised right!!! That how this insane girl came to know about that then listen to me Mr. that home is mine I have made it able to live and you can’t hide anything from me I know it very well you had hidden them in your bag itself what you thought I will never check it!!!
Abhi not able to face her: wo…
Basu: I found it on the same day on which you were collapsed and believe me I was feeling more hurt than you that time but didn’t said anything as I felt that you did that just to keep any tension about yourself from me but really it was disgusting act of yours
Abhi was numb now

Basu: such a disgusting person I just want to go from here
Abhi immediately held her hand: you can’t go from here you have to say everything today itself
Basu jerking him off: now why the hell do you want me to share everything when you have decided to leave me why just tell me why…. You pretend that you want me in your life but practically I am no one for you no one
She finally broke down into tears rested her head on his chest which was with a light strike Abhi encircled his arms surrounding her there was a complete silence for a while then breaking the hug she moved away and sat down on the chair wiping her tears he came and kneeled before her then holding her hands in his doing his head down said to her
Abhi: wafa maine ki thi jo tumne bhi mana par Khatawaar hoon mai jo na aaya nibhana (I was always loyal to you and you know that but I am your culprit that I got failed in do so)
Basu: phir jhooth bol rahey ho (again you are telling a lie)

Abhi looks at her eyes which were clearly showing that now believing anything is scary for her just because of his one doubt he closed his eyes for couple of seconds and gathering courage said to her
Abhi: I made a mistake every time because I was scared that my one truth will fade off that smile of yours in a while and I never wanted to see you sad again
Basu yelled: sad again !!! it means all the while you were also feeling pity over me wow what my life is every single person is feeling pity over me discussion over Mehta Sahab just over
Abhi: I don’t feel pity over you I want so because I love you and I can’t tolerate your sadness your happiness is the color of my life I can’t see that color fading off
Basu: What kind of love is this Mr. Mehta in which you are the only one who gives me pain and you are the only one who want to heal it which kind of love is this (Kaisa pyar hai ye Mehta Sahab jisme aap dard bhi khud hi dete ho aur dawa bhi khud hi banna chahtey ho kaisa pyar hai ye)

Abhi: I just want forgiveness from you because I wish to be with you it was my mistake that I misunderstood you and now I just want to rectify it please forgive me if you want to punish me then punish me but forgive me I am ready to have a slap from you also but please forgive me because when soul gets upset from the body it becomes a miserable pain You are my soul Basudha I said that because I was scared of losing you for forever which I don’t want I just wanted to know your point of view and ended up hurting everyone this happens with me every time whenever I wants to get assure that how much a person cares for me I end up hurting everyone why this happens with me I don’t know but one thing I know for sure that is I just want to be with you every time I don’t want to be away from you believe me
Basudha: again, you are telling a lie to me because if you would have wished so, then you have never tried to examine my point of view (phir jhooth bol rahey ho tum phir se jhooth agar aisa hota to kyu tum mere point of view ko kabhi examine nahi kartey) (she turned her face away from him)
Abhi turning her face to see him: I am not telling a lie and if you think so then just look at me and tell me if I am telling a lie

Basudha: you are a liar
Abhi striked his head to her slightly she was still looking aside: if I am a liar that is also for you if I am the who only speaks truth that is also for you if I am bad that is only because of you and if I am good that is only for you please don’t boycott me like this please
She couldn’t control further and hugged him tightly and tears of happiness formed in his eyes as her closeness was telling that she had forgiven him she sobbed and let her all pain out being with him there was a complete silence there now after few minutes both were seated on the floor resting their heads on each other’s shoulder and eyes were closed breaking the silence Basu asked
Basu: shall I ask you something?
Abhi: you don’t have any need to ask something just go ahead
Basu: why do you cry so much (aap itna rotey kyu hain)
Abhi smiled: sometimes pain is of others and tears use to flow someone other’s eye (kuchh kissey aisey hotey hai jahan dard kisi aur ka hota hai aur ansu kisi aur ke behtey hai)
Basu immediately stood up and kneeling before him holding his hand said
Basudha: what if we change the circumstances (agar kissey ko hi badal diya jaye to)
Abhi caring her hairs: some things never change they use to vanish off and those who get changed become an unmemorable epic (kissey nahi badaltey wo hawa ho jatey hai aur jo kissey badal jaye wo dastan ban jatey hai)
Covering her shoulder with his hand she sat there resting her head on chair he tangles his fingers to his which turned out to be a bond of hands and she said

Basu: then let these things flew away and start a new story where every page will be written by us and filled with our bond (to hawa ho janey dijiye aisey kisso ko aur shuru kijiye nayi dastan jiska har panna ek sath se juda ho)
Abhi: why do you always wish to be together
Basu: because when someone is with you then we can cross every hurdle of life and life spends so smoothly (jab koi sath ho to har lamhe ki aazmaish aasaan ho jati hai zindagi aaram se kat jati hai )
Abhi: what if the bond breaks in mid (aagar sath beech me sasein chhor de to)
Basu smiled: to apna saya chhor jata hai (then it will leave its shadow)
Abhi: why shouldn’t we write happiness in every page
Basu: where everywhere happiness is written there always bonds break easily (jahan har panney par khushi likhi ho waha sath aksar chhoot jaya karta hai)
Abhi smiled: agar aisa hai to lo kaha tumse aur kiya ye wada ki khushi mile na miley dukh miley na miley par sath humesha milga (if is it then here at this moment I am promising you that whether you get happiness or not but you will find me with you always for sure)
A lone tear escaped from her eye hearing those promising words and dropped on his hand which was tangled into hers
Abhi: you are crying yet
Basu: no

Abhi: don’t tell a lie if you are not crying then why my hand got wet just now (still looking at the roof of that balcony)
Basu: let them flow away
Abhi: again, I made a mistake!!
Basu: let these tears flow away these tears are also rest less to free themselves one feeling has got free so they are also fulfilling their wish to get themselves free (behn janey dijiye inhe ke ye bhi be chain hai khud ko aazaad karne ke liye ek jasbaat ko aazadi mili hai to ye bhi apni aazadi ki khwahish poori kar baithey hai)
Abhi: which type of feelings which type of freedom do I have prisoned you!!!
Basu: no one prisons anyone until the person itself doesn’t thinks that he or she is a prisoner
Abhi: then you thought of yourself
Basu: a woman is always a prisoner Mr. sometimes for society sometimes for her family and sometimes for her husband then for kids she always remains prisoner of her responsibilities
Abhi: you know our talks are forcing me to think that I am a criminal
Basu: No you are not because you are the only one who had took me out from all these thought you are the only one who proved that I also have my life and have full right over it and that was the reason when you said that I was angry upon you that you only taught me how to live free and you only said that but now I know that I have my own life cherish life which is only for me and I will live it

Abhi smiled looking at her: but not alone
She turned her face a bit back to look at her and smiled assuring he cared her hairs and then both again lost in their thoughts when the sun ray entered the balcony and touched Abhi’s face it seems he didn’t slept rest of the night but holding his hand Basu was slept calmly and he was continuously caring her hairs then he said
Abhi: Basu….
Basudha cuddled and turned to other direction
Abhi: Basu….
Basudha in sleepy tone: hmm…
Abhi: its morning get up
Basudha: it Is not morning
Abhi: it is….
Basu: you must say a new morning Mehta Sahab
Abhi looked at her and she opened her eyes both looked each other smilingly and as a new morning woke them up

to be continued…
again in parts the episode is i thought both the characters need a slight change so i thought to bring a new morning lets see whats hidden in further episodes

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