STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 59

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Episode 59

The episode starts with Naira saying
Naira keeping hand on her shoulder: your life is returned by her Abhi so it totally belongs to her and when her life itself will hurt her what will be the effect brother you can’t even imagine breaking of heart doesn’t makes noise brother but it is so painful
Abhi just hugged her tightly and hiding his head like a kid on her shoulder cried his heart out…
Divya and Kabir were also left after scolding him and feeling disgust on his thoughts now only Naira was left there who was trying to console him continuously as she knew it that once he realized his mistake he will cry a lot for sure but this time that didn’t happened but something happened which she expected that was he laid on bed resting head on her lap like a kid and then tried to sleep she was continuously caring his hairs the silence was there for minutes then finally he spoke

Abhi: Didu…
Naira: hmmm…
Abhi: Why this always happens that whenever I go to make someone happy it ends up hurting them
Naira smiled: because you always figure out the things mistakenly and wrongly
Abhi: but I said as I saw her like that and…
Naira smilingly: you know what brother you are still a kid
Abhi: for you I will be always a kid na
Naira: that’s a different thing but really you are kid you know when we say to a kid that see that’s the point we are proving it the kid agrees because we are bluffing him with showing some of the circumstances which ever match the situation how much smartness the kid holds it doesn’t matter but elder can bluff them for example take Kaustuki your own girl how much smart she is that she can answer everyone even she can bluff anyone but still Pragya is expert to bluff her for her good deeds right!!!
Abhi: when she bluffed her???
Naira smiling: that’s why I said you are still a kid stupid person Kaustuki never eats Banana right
Abhi: hmm…
Naira: but she eats as Pragya use to give her that in puddings
Abhi widening his eyes: yak…. Banana in pudding chah the name itself is weird
Naira: but Kaustuki likes it and she is not aware of it also that banana is there in her morning pudding always
Abhi: but what about taste
Naira: I don’t know about that because once I had also eaten it but the taste wasn’t telling that banana is there
Abhi: but still how did it relate to me
Naira: because bhai sahab when Ranjita tried to do so without any proof your expressions were not showing that you are doubting your wife but then she intentionally showed you the things which were having different meaning and you mental state will figure out different meaning that day of engagement Pragya left the place when he was singing as she understood that he was heartbroken that time and she can’t see a heartbroken person then you thought that she must felt bad looking him like that is it?

Abhi: yes
Naira: that’s it you miss-figured it she was feeling bad for her friend and you thought she is feeling bad for herself that’s why I said you are a kid Abhi you have grown so much brother you have proved everything good you are good father and friend to your kid’s good husband to your wife but you are good lover also
Abhi: No I am not a good lover

Naira: No, dear you are because a good lover will sacrifice his happiness he will never force his decision on the whom he loves and by a misunderstand itself also you did that rather than yelling at her with no reason and then calling her with those names which she never deserves that’s how I said you are a good lover but not a lover because you never have time for her you are managing to give time to everyone your parents your kids your wife but tell me where is the time for her she doesn’t need that small time of which you talk to her about your problems share them with her she needs the time where you talk to her about her and yourself no worries shall be there two persons who needs each other to share their happiness their sorrows shall be there you both are like that but still you both are hiding some stuffs from each other like you never shared with her that you are feeling doubted looking that Rajiv and she didn’t shared something maybe which is bothering her so brother you have to give time to each other being a family person doesn’t means you will leave living your life and become so responsible that you forget your own family just be yourself and live like a happy person taking headache is not any solution when you are in working days your time is for your work but when you are free that time must be for her because when you are working you are giving your full time to your kids too but where is the time for her Abhi life is not to be together it is like when you are far also still you know about each other you people never felt insecurity or jealousy for each other yet and don’t let it take place in mid of you now also otherwise the whole life will get spoiled don’t try anything new for her just be yourself and let her also there Is no need of behaving like hero and all just be yourself brother did you understood what I am trying to say

Abhi: hmm… but now how will I gather courage to talk with her
Naira: if you have done mistake learn to accept it and courage to apologize for it simply
Abhi: I think you are right but what if she burst out at me in anger and thrown anything on me that will hurt me
Naira laughed: Oh! Abhi please don’t say like this, this doesn’t suit you now bro grow up
Abhi: Okay let me face whatever will happen I will face it
Naira: that’s like my boy now let me go otherwise your Siddharth bhai will manipulate my sweet son that his mother has run away
Abhi: let him say but I will not leave you today I will sleep like this only its long time you have shown care to your brother like this
Naira pushing him aside: this is not the time to sleep brother go and rectify your mistake if the mistake gets rectify within a day it is good otherwise rift will increase and relation will flew away go and handle yourself
Abhi doing his head down: Okay
Naira making him smile with her fingers gesturing to smile: go with a smiling face if you tried to console her with any emotional drama it will result into longer process
Abhi: so, what shall I do?
Naira: the same what you use to do with us
Abhi: will it work

Naira pulling his cheeks: Oh! my cutie pie when it works on the angry queen Yasho then it will work on her
Abhi: okay then I will go now it self
Naira: that’s like my boy
He was going but returned
Naira: now what happened?
Abhi: what if she had told this to Abhigya ma she will be angry upon me right
Naira getting irked: oh! King of all the idiots your own mother is planning not to talk with you and you are thinking about Abhigya aunty it will good if she scolds you after all such an idiotic brain you are now otherwise one slap you will get from me for sure and you know what it will result into (said in a stern tone)
Abhi placing hand on his cheek: okay sorry I am going but don’t get violent
Naira: just go Abhi…

Abhi went from there making a scary look and here screen shifts towards back lawn Basudha and Ranvi were seated there and Abhi found her finally there after a long searching Basudha campaign he asked from everyone about her and as a result everyone started to search her then finally Abhi found her but as she was talking something very serious with Ranvi he stood there to eves drop them Abhigya was also there but in another corner along with Pratik she also did the same and then Prabhas was also there but he was also in the alter direction all were eves dropping them as today brother and sister were taking out their frustration upon everything let’s see what was going on
Basudha had narrated all the story of whatever happened in mid of her and Abhi and Ranvi yelled at that
Ranvi: is he an idiot or what!!! A person thinks 100 of times before getting on to a conclusion that idiot whatever she said he agreed a person at least once use his brain but I think his brain is fully covered with a lid silly idiotic person and brain he is (abbey wo sala aadmi hai ya paijama ek baar us akal ki dushman ne jo bhi baka usne maan bhi liya bhai banda ek baar to akal se kaam le par mujhe lagta hai uski akal pe dhakkan laga hua hai akal ka dhakkan habdan jhalla sala)

Basudha in a fully frustrated tone: what shall I say about him I didn’t even thought that he will also turn like that arey Ranjita is habituated to snatch everyone’s happiness whatever better then another person is having, she wants the same and I am damn sure that girl wasn’t thinking of her brother for sure otherwise she wouldn’t have done this she would have manipulated me against him but she did it with him and I am damn sure she is up to something
Ranvi in anger: I can’t understand what kind of people we are facing damn it all is written in our destiny every idiot is made for us only to handle this is too much I can’t understand what these people want
Basudha in frustration: these are just like crabs Ranvi just like them only like whenever one crab raises another one drag it with its claws same is here whenever anyone tries to forget everything then another person comes and drags him/her in same situation I thought I have come out from that horrible past of mine but it seems some more tragedies had to take place in my life
Ranvi: this is not tragedy idiot this is just his stupidity nothing else
Basudha: it is my fate na Ranvi what to do you know this marriage was never happened with my wish
In frustration, she blurted the truth which no one knows till now everyone was in the thought that she was forced but when she told that what kind of force it was tear dropped from eyes of every single person standing there let’s see what she said
Ranvi: without your wish means
Basudha realizing what she said: nothing leave that all
Ranvi: you know very well that you can’t hide a thing from me when I have got a hint so better tell it to me now
Basudha: I said na….

Ranvi cuts her off: I understood I am just a brother for you now not a friend with whom you use to share you every problem once right!!!
Basudha: it’s nothing like that Ranvi I just don’t want to remember all that
Ranvi: Basudha until you will not share it, that past of yours will haunt you every time and if you will share it will become easier to forget.

Basudha sat down on the grass and Ranvi sat beside her: it was the day when his family came and liked me for being their daughter in law after they went giving the gifts to my family she was so happy that she started caring for me a lot after all she had got this much gifts which were enough to close her mouth Ani mama was out of station that time as he was that time appointed as trainers to newly joining cadets so he was out and this was becoming plus point for her because she knew it that if he would be there he must have rejected all that saying that I want to study but he was not there and this resulted into her plus point (a tear escaped from her eye) that was beginning of my exams Ranvi and she fixed the date of marriage at the same day on which my important exam was that exam of practical dramatics whose result was to be declare my future but it seems my future was decided by herself I begged her that please let me give the exam she never listened me then next day hiding from everyone I went to give my exam and took my admit card too for that exam I was determined that I never cared what will she do with me I just thought for myself that time and took that step it was the day before our marriage when I was preparing for my exam don’t know how she got a clue about me that I am giving my exams she came and yelled at me that I can’t give exams now all this is not needed now I was….

Bhai I don’t know what happened to me that time I just raised my voice and said in a determinant tone that I will escape from this marriage and then give my exam because it is important for me and as a result she called her both the kids and asked them to close the main door and shut all the windows as the voice shouldn’t go out from this house “today I think I have to repeat her dose as it’s a long time she haven’t got it” I said “do whatever you want to do but I will stick to my decision” and I never knew that she will turn into this much aggressive (started sobbing) bhai we were in kitchen she never thought about that she slapped me so hard and I lost my balance directly fell on that burning stove water was on it that fell on my feet my hands (showing hands pulling her sleeves up) got burned brutally I was crying in pain she took me to hospital immediately as it was just one day for the marriage and she was tensed as she didn’t wanted to get this marriage cancelled and more than that her fear was Ani mama she knew it if anything happened to me then he will leave her for her whole rest of life she never want to lose him she just talked doctor and he told that nothing to be worried as he has done treatment now no need to be worried it will be fine within few days (smiled while tears flowing from her eyes) for escaping from everything thing she made me consume heavy dose of pain killer I was feeling like all my sensory nerves are dead Ani mama returned that day and got to know that everything got beyond limits he couldn’t do anything now as if that day he would have raised his voice so then everyone will start question me that In me there is some kind of problem that’s why grooms family cancelled the marriage at the same day of marriage itself so he never said anything but he was not happy with all that I said to him that I want to give exam I don’t want to miss it he agreed with me

and started thinking the way that how can I get succeed in that then we got a golden chance as she went to get my bridal dress change as it was of half sleeves and to hide my scars and bandage she had to do something so she changed my bridal dress and went to bring one with full sleeves and as the store was at a distance of about an hour so we got a golden chance as she left from there mama took me out without wasting time as it was just half an hour left for exam to get start and we managed to reach there somehow but it was already half an hour late I took paper and managed to write it with in one and a half hour Ranvi my hands were paining badly I was wishing to cut them and throw away after giving exam we went to doctor as it was started bleeding from those injured hand we got treatment that time again and again he asked me that how this happened and again and again I hid that because now the only way for me to escape from all that was this marriage that I just played a card with my faith and to my surprise the result got positive when we reached home she asked us where were we he answered that we went to doctor and showed prescription he asked her that how this happened she also made an excuse that warm water fell on me as I got slipped while taking water for some work he didn’t got satisfied but my smile made him

so everything took place smoothly we got married and at day one itself I liked his nature when standing at distance and looking at the moon with me he said that “it’s totally my wish to accept him or reject him don’t take decision in a rush take your time as I also need some time” no one cares this much but he did then next day the ritual when bride use to go at her home back was to be done he identified my fear so soon and asked maa that he will do it for sure but you know what he did he never took me there we went in his car and he drove off to one park which was at enough distance there we stayed for some time until evening I was so confused that what he is up to but you know (laughed a bit having tear in eye) he sensed it and said “I don’t know why you were fear hearing about your home but I understood that you don’t need to go there so I took you there don’t worry about others just don’t speak anything I just nodded in yes and when we returned back and maa asked that she called her and said that we didn’t reached there so he said that “we went there only but she wasn’t there at that time and as we were getting late so we never met” I was just looking at him and at night when I was trying to do dressing my wounds at that time itself he entered and looking at my hands got asked firmly

“These much burns scars how this happened” managing to lie I said to him “this happened after applying Mehndi on my hands may be they were not good and containing some kind of chemical that’s why” he took the first aid box and said in scolding tone “so who asked you to put mehndi in your hands was it necessary” I was over whelmed by his care Ranvi as I was getting that concern but as he applied ointment I came out of my dreams and tears started flowing from my eyes in pain he just held my hands and wiping my tears, consoling me he gave an assurance smile that he is with me and dressed my hands and giving me some pain killers went from there saying “You take rest I will consult a better doctor tomorrow as these medicines are not working I think” that were the sweetest days believe me but still I had one complaint from everyone because everyone was feeling pity over me whenever I told them anything about myself everyone said Basudha married early this marriage word started killing me from inside but as I never shared it from anyone because he was enough to make me forget my frustrations but still I have complaints that why the hell everyone feel pity on it that thing which was to be happen is happened now there is no need to think about all that why the hell they want to make me feel that everything happened with me is wrong…..

Ranvi bhai I never thought I will get this much and I got so and then I never turned back to remember all those scary days which were spent and started living a happy life which he brought for me
Ranvi: so, he was calm and straight forward from the beginning for you he said whatever whenever he felt
Basudha nodded in yes: and when the same person said so I couldn’t control my anger and my complaint is if he wanted to do so then he must haven’t said those three words to me which means a lot because after saying so when he did that, it increased my pain

Ranvi surrounded his arms around her sister and smilingly asked
Ranvi: would you like to tell me more
Basudha laughed a bit: now what you want to know
Ranvi: tell me about my jijs let me hear what kind of that straight forward man is
Basudha smiled: he is crying cat
Ranvi: Hein!!! But why are you saying so
Basudha: he is emotional fool my silly husband is totally emotional fool and when it comes upon Yasho and Naira we can’t do anything as he is so much scared of Naira even Yasho is also scared of her anger and she is the elder one na but she loves them like her own kids then my silly husband loves her like mother he always uses to call me silly but if anyone is silly then it is only him
Ranvi laughed: ha-ha how?
Basudha: what else you know what!!! He gets scared just by one threat
Ranvi: what is that?
Basudha: the only one MR. ALARM CLOCK I WILL CALL DADU and that also by his own daughter
Ranvi: haan!!! That girl tells me one thing why she always uses to behave like tom boy she is girl and should behave like that na she is getting older day by day not perfectly but at least some hesitations must be with her like a girl
Basudha: I can’t happen
Ranvi: why?
Basudha: because he never wishes to do so he doesn’t want his daughters like a crying doll and that’s why never allowed to play with dolls and stuff toys also from the moment she started walking he played with her games like boxing and all such a big head ache for me these father daughters are

Ranvi: But why
Basudha smiled: long story
Ranvi: your brother has full time for you
Basudha: when Kaustuki was born, Nurse called him and informed him that he got girl that silly person looking at her was weeping (laughing) can you imagine
Ranvi: now I know why you said he is crying cat
Basudha: then she asked him to take her in arms and he said to make him carry her Nurse said “how much scared you are to handle her” he said “she is so sensitive to handle how can I what if she get hurt” and that nurse said “it totally depends upon you Mr. that how you want to handle her if you will behave like oh my daughter she will get hurt with small things I have to care her like cotton and have to make her like doll or behave like a good father and make her aware of everything and turn her into a girl who can stand for herself on her own these decisions have to be taken from the very beginning Mr.” she said it like lecture and then doing his head down like a kid he heard her I was literally feeling to laugh but as I was so week that time so just smile was formed on my face looking at his expressions Ranvi I can’t tell you how my silly man was embarrassingly smiling looking at me
Ranvi: waah then I think you must do homework now
Basudha with confusing look: homework??

Ranvi: first make him to stop crying this much and then you must turn this straight forward man a bit otherwise he will kill himself one day if someone manipulated him like this
Basudha laughed: by the way I shared mine now you share with me that why the hell you use to live alone
Ranvi: I will not hide anything so I am telling it directly that my problem is my father itself
Basudha: Prabhas mama!!! But why
Ranvi: he is angry from me that I am just behaving like bade papa whom I have never seen also
Basudha: how can you say it so confirmed
Ranvi laughed: I heard it when he was talking to Abhigya bua and you know it hurts a lot Basudha when papa never talks me you know I feel like hell when he did so but when I came to know the reason I was feeling like am I mad
Basudha laughed at the way he said
Ranvi: haan yr. mai yaha ye soch ke mara jaa raha hun ke maine yaha kya galti ki ke wo mujhse baat nahi kar rahey aur mere pujya pitashree waha isliye pareshaan hai ke unka beta nalayak nahi hai aisa kaun baap sochta hai bhai (yes, I am dying here thinking what mistake I have done so he is behaving like that and there I came to know that my father is only upset as his son is sweet and simple not the spoilt brat which father wishes this)
Basudha: I think we had to change everyone’s mindset here
Ranvi: obviously
Basudha: so, let’s do one thing
Ranvi smiled evilly: say bye bye to sweet simply Ranvi
Basudha: say bye bye to calmness and simplicity
Ranvi and Basudha standing up shared high five and screen shifts towards Abhi he was in the room and left the place immediately after she shared her bitter past with Ranvi and got flash back of every moment he dressed her wound and after saying of doctor that it is not due to infection she still didn’t told him the truth he clutched bedsheet in anger knowing the bitter truth of that day

screen freezed on his angry face

Precap: Kaustuki “Arey mummy forgive this boy na he is saying sorry (arey mummy maaf kar do na ladka sorry bol raha haii)” Basu turning her face side “i will not ask him to go otherwise my temperature will raise” Abhigya and Prateek “forgive him Basudha dont be stubborn” Basu “no i will not” Kabir “dont forgive this idiot so eaisily beta” Divya “exactly” Ganga “Papa must get punishment”

scene 2
Ranjita and Ranvi face off

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