STORY OF FAITH (KB) Episode 58

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Episode 58
Rajiv left the place and Abhi was still in his thoughts when he just left her there with Ranvi she was now thinking about his expression over Rajiv as he never behaved like this “was it because of the feeling called jealousy was he really jealous No he can’t as there is no place of that feeling in mid of us but if he wasn’t jealous then why he behaved just like that why the hell he held my arm so tightly” she was all lost when her thoughts were broken by a voice it was he
Abhi: where you lost madam!!
Basu: no where
Abhi: you are still bad at telling a lie I am telling you
Basu: I was thinking that why you just behave like that
Abhi: because I didn’t felt that he is behaving like friend
Basu: what do you mean by that
Abhi: leave it let’s go everyone is calling us
Basu: No first tell me
Abhi: leave it na yr.
Basu: shall I leave the world
Abhi: not so easily and without me!!! NO never
Basu: I am serious
Abhi: Oh!!! Your condition is serious then why you are not at hospital
Basu stared at him
Abhi: Okay I know it was PJ but who started first
Basu: I don’t want to talk to you
Saying so she started to move but he stopped her way
Abhi: but I want to talk with you
Basu: No need of that
Abhi: extreme need of that otherwise how will my day spend here
Basu: why are you asking me go and talk with anyone so many people are here to become your time pass
Abhi: seems someone is angry
Basu: seems someone was possessive
Abhi: no one is angry here and no one is possessive
Basu: but…
She was about to say but interrupted by someone it was Kirti who was busy in selecting her dress design for engagement she didn’t noticed Abhi was also there
Kirti: didu look at this is it looking good on me
Abhi passed an evil smile Basu nodded not to do but it seems he wasn’t ready to listen her
Abhi: this is looking like an ape is trying to wear lehenga
Kirti listening that noticed it was Abhi there she said to him
Kirti; Oh! Really and looking you with didu is looking like a monkey who use to do drama is standing with his master
Abhi: only a partner can identify who the person in front of him/her is (Bandar hi Bandar ko achhey se pehchan sakta Hai)
Kirti; of course, after all master will identify master only
Abhi: no, no a master never identifies a master a monkey always identifies monkey
Kirti: did you just called me monkey and spoiled my insult (Kya apne abhi meri beizzati kharaab ki)
Abhi laughed: hahaha logon ki izzat kharaab hoti hai aur iski beizzati (lol others respect use to get spoilt and her insult is spoiling)
Kirti: haan to izzat meri koi karta nahi beizzat he kartey hai to beizzati hi kharaab hogi na (haan to no one respect me in that case only my insult will get spoil)
Abhi: only because of your behavior
Kirti: people die to get behavior and figure like me
Abhi: figure aur behavior hai ya cash ke liye ATM ki line jo log mar rahey hai tujhe par (is this a figure or ATM que for cash that people are dying to get you)
Kirti: you just again spoilt my insult
Basu being irritated: now enough both of you please
Abhi: ask her to say sorry for what she did I will shut my mouth
Kirti: hein… maine aajtak apne baap ko sorry nahi bola aapko kya bolungi huh (hein I didn’t said sorry to my father also and you are expecting me to say sorry to you…)
Abhi: that’s your problem but if you want to save your insult then you must say sorry for what you did
Kirti dragging lightly Basudha aside: jije think once again as your wife is my sister and I can take her away from you
Abhi dragged Basudha to his side slightly: She is my wife and will agree what I will say
Kirti dragged Basudha aside: jije she is your wife and my sister not your slave
Abhi dragging aside: yes, she is not my slave but she is now at my side
Basu being irritated: stop it (relieving herself from both) what do you think I am have you thought, I am last left over sale product that you are pulling me from one side and you are pulling me from one side leave me and solve everything on your own
Abhi: Basu I think rope of tug of war will be better na
Kirti: yes, jije is right didu you are that thick rope of tug of war game
Abhi: that’s what I am trying to say
Both shared a high five and Basu gave a dead glare to them and went from there
Kirti: what have you done she is angry now
Abhi: I also think the same that she got angry
Kaustuki who was just came there: you both did it, now wish that she shouldn’t give you punishment
Saying this she went
Abhi: did she just came and made us scare
Kirti: I also think so
Abhi getting back to the point: you leave all that tell me are you ready to say sorry to me
Kirti: jije…!!! It was not my mistake and will you feel good when I will say sorry to you after all I am like your daughter right
Abhi: Han sure I will not feel bad if you ask sorry from me
Kirti pulling his cheeks: you are not serious right!!
Abhi with a smirk: No
Kirti with happiness: I knew it
Abhi: hear me first I was saying I am extremely serious
Kirti made an irritating expression: Okay fine I am sorry
Abhi: I didn’t hear, it correctly please… say it again and this time a bit louder
Kirti making an irritated expression: sorry
Abhi passing a winning smile: accepted
Kirti still making annoying face: yeah yea now go and convince her otherwise I will bluff Yash mama against you
Abhi remembering that Basu got angry: Oh yeah
He rushed to her she was helping in flower arrangement looking at him she turned her face he thought for sure he have to do efforts now as she was irked and when the case was between two persons then the case is equal to impossible because every time he use to drag her in his silly arguments and it results into a mess this time also the same happened he created a mess with Kirti and she was angry now we can’t predict she was angry but yes she was annoyed and irritated he went to her and tried to talk with her but in vein and whatever he used to say she just took a long breath to control herself and left the place he was following her and she was walking ahead but in mid itself Priyansh and Abhigya stopped him to show something and he has to leave with them there they were asking about his choice regarding something when he heard something which made his mind divert from there, it was the voice of Rajiv and Ranjita they were talking about something and it seems Ranjita was trying to convince him for something what was that he didn’t heard it properly as the noise was much enough but what he heard it made him to think about that more let’s see what he heard
Ranjita: Rajiv you must ask her that how can she did so I mean she was so close to you right!!!
Rajiv: It’s not like that Ranju it’s her life and if this happened so let it be we can never force anything to happen
Ranjita: but listen to me you must talk about this to her aunt I am sure Rajiv she had done this
Rajiv: shut up Ranju just shut up everything is end now and I don’t want to talk about it further enough
Saying so he left from there leaving angry Ranjita behind Abhi heard their conversation and now was getting doubted over something he never wanted to think in that way but their behavior made him to think so even Ranvi also warned him to stay away from Ranjita but he ignored and Ranjita took advantage of it that evening Abhi was stood in the lawn talking with Basudha and she was looking there when Basu left as someone called her and Ranjita taking the chance went to him, he was looking at the decorated tent area which was for the engagement she went and said to him
Ranjita: so, sweet she is na!!
Abhi sensed it is someone behind him he turned and then she repeated
Ranjita: well I was saying that our friend, I mean your wife is so sweet right!!
Abhi: Excuse me!!
Ranjita: we all were together in our higher secondary’s and Rajiv and Pragya use to spent time together every time and most of the time I was also with her
Abhi: Oh!
Ranjita: that’s why I said that she is sweet they were too close friends that we thought they will be together
Abhi with sarcasm: madam that was a teen age and people pretend a lot looking others at that age so same happened with you, you also predicted that they will be together but unfortunately teenager prediction proved wrong now she is with me so forget about the past and live in present
Ranjita with fake smile: yea, I know I was just telling you about her past that’s it
Abhi: thanks for the concern madam now excuse me I must go everyone is waiting for me
Ranjita: sure…
He went from there ignoring Ranjita and showed fully that even her single word didn’t affected him but actually it did sweetness of Rajiv towards Pragya and her calmness in behaving with him that was the reason that he was forced to think all such stuffs and there on the other hand according to Pragya she was just tolerating him as in sometime they were friends but now she wants him to be in his limits and her behavior was forcing him to stay in his limits but for Abhi a seed of misunderstanding which was sown in his heart was growing slowly looking at his surrounding and mistakenly figuring out of coincidences was resulting into a false impression the effect was getting so high that he didn’t even thought that how far they have come together in their life where thinking all these things will lead to a highly misunderstanding and rift among them his brain was getting only affected by the words Ranjita said to him and now she was working as oil in the fire although he was hiding everything but the expressions on his face while looking Basu with Rajiv was clearly showing what he could be thinking that was the time when he was stood and looking at Rajiv who was helping Basudha in something and she smiled a bit then Ranjita who was looking that all from far came back of him and said
Ranju: They always looks cool together if you wouldn’t have come to their lives I am damn sure they were going to be together
Abhi smiled: I have always said to you Miss Ranjita that please start living in present don’t think that which is impossible and which became impossible okay
He left from there leaving smirking Ranjita behind and she said to herself “Say whatever you want to say Abhishek but it had started working just few days more this confusion and misunderstandings of yours will lead to your separation then you will be out and my brother will be in”. Here she was getting excited over her slow victory and here Abhi now he begins to think that he was becoming a hurdle in mid of two people who deserves to be together and this feeling got strong when he misunderstood one of the sentence of Basudha what was that let’s see….
It was the day of engagement of Kirti everyone was getting ready here Basudha was ready and Abhi was busy in adjusting his tie and then wearing coat he said to her “I am done are you ready”
Basu: long ago (putting some bangles in her hand)
Abhi: let’s go then
Basu then looked at him: like this!!!
Abhi; why!!! Am I not looking good?
Basu made him face mirror and shown him that he hasn’t comb his hairs
Abhi smiled: I left it intentionally
Basu: and may I ask why is it so?
Abhi smiled: My hairs feel happy when they get combed by your hands
Basu laughed at that silly reason and nodding her in disbelief: come here then
Abhi sat on the chair there and she while combing his hairs said “Mr. tell me one thing you can’t make your hairs on your own what will happen if I left you and went somewhere”
This sentence of her took him back to that doubting Abhi mode and again his stupidity forced him to think everything negative and in engagement every limit got crossed of his thoughts as when Rajiv sung a song on that moment let’s take a glance what was happened
After the ring ceremony of Kirti everyone was wishing for entertainment when suddenly Kirti kept her wish that she wants to hear a song and that also from Yash
Yash: sorry my dear I am not in mood to sing as my voice is so sleepy today
Kirti: Oh, mama then who will sing today as no one is better than you
Rohit (Kirti’s fiancé): really!!! I am also not better for you??
Kirti: you shut up you are going to be better but he is already better understood
Yash: stop fighting
Pratik: today Rajiv will sing
Rajiv who was lost somewhere and get into senses: what!!
Pratik: I know you are a bathroom singer so why don’t you try out of bathroom today
Rajiv: uncle that is bathroom singing
Pratik: doesn’t matters boy you had to sing here
Kirti: han Raju bhai please it’s my day at least sing for me
Rajiv helplessly agreed
Yash: wait let me bring guitar
Shreya rolling her eyes: iska guitar (his guitar)!!!!! He will never leave it
Priyansh: what I say mom you must break it
Yash who was there by that time: yes, and then I will break your head
He pulled the strings and Rajiv taking a mike started singing and while singing that broken heart was only remembering his and her friendship because the feeling of love was died now itself when Abhi introduced himself as his husband this was Rajiv’s decency that after that also he was looking not affected he started singing
achchha chalta hoon (okay, I’ll leave now.)
duaaon mein yaad rakhna (remember me in your prayers,)
mere zikr ka (keep the taste of my mention)
zubaan pe swaad rakhna (on your tongue…)
dil ke sandookon mein (in the boxes of the heart,)
mere achchhe kaam rakhna (keep my good deeds)
chiTThi taaron mein bhi (even in letters and telegrams.)
mera tu salaam rakhna (and keep my greetings)
andhera tera maine le liya (I have taken your darkness,)
mera ujla sitaara tere naam kiya (and my bright shining star is yours now.)
channa mereya mereya (O my moon,
channa merya mereeya (O my, my moon,)
channa mereya mereya beliya(O my boleved moon..)
o piya.. (O beloved)

He sung that looking at alter direction he wasn’t even ready to look at Basudha which made her to think in the same way as Abhi was thinking that was Rajiv’s feeling was different from what he was pretending and showing and all the smile got faded off from her face she was just looking at him with lots of question in her eyes and as for Abhi his mind was now running in positive misunderstanding and when Rajiv sung further his misunderstanding turned into 100% shade of positivity that he was forced in her life
mehfil mein teri hum na rahein jo (if I am not there in your gathering,)
gham to nahi hai gham to nahi hai (there is no sadness, there is no sadness..)
kisse hamaare, nazdeekiyon ke (stories of ours, of our close nesses,)
kam to nahi hain kam to nahi hain. (aren’t less, they are plenty.)
kitni dafa subah ko meri (so many times I have turned)
tere aangan mein baithe maine shaam kiya(my mornings into evenings sitting in your courtyard.)
[that is I have so many times passed my time there.]
His words were clearly showing the past that when no one was there to share Basu’s problem he was always there he use to spend a lot of time with her that when the day use to get spend at her place only and Basu realized that he was remembering all the old days and she felt uneasy so she left the place immediately and Abhi also did the same it was late night when Basu returned to her room till then Abhi was slept being lost in thoughts and Next morning….
Next Morning….
Abhi woke up early and went out Basu was still sleeping as she slept late in the night and after sometime when he returned she was went to fresh-n-up he was walking in the room thinking about something when Basu came out wiping her head she was looking so happy and looking him tensed she asked
Basu with a smile: what happened?? Someone is looking tensed in this celebration time!!!
Abhi with a fake smile: nothing
Basu: let me tell you something you are still worse at telling a lie
Abhi: I was thinking that….
Basu with a kiddish expression: what is that…. Go ahead
Abhi turning his face with a lot of hesitation: I… I was thinking….
Basu in irked tone: what you were thinking???
Abhi: I was thinking that if you wish you can leave me for forever
Basu thought he was joking: and why do you think so
Abhi: I… I think…
Basu rolling off her eyes: what you think?
Abhi took a deep breath closed his eyes and said without taking a breath
Abhi: I think I am forced into your life and coming in mid of you and Rajiv
Basu sensed what he was exactly trying to say: from where this Rajiv came in mid of our conversation
Abhi who was facing much difficulty to share what he was thinking finally blurted out all that and finally said
Abhi: so, I think I am forced into your life and he deserves you and you also like him so….
He ended up saying and then there was a complete silence in mid of them for a while Basu was shredding in tears then breaking the silence he said
Abhi: Basu listen…
Basu cutting him off: now what else is left to say (in a cold tone)
Abhi: Basu…
Basu in a cold tone: leave it Mehta Sahab this was the life of my existence you have understood me and my heart brilliantly thanks for that (rehne dijiye Mehta sahab rehne dijiye bas itni hi thi zindagi humare wajood ki kya khoob pehchana hai apne hume)
Abhi felt as if someone has stabbed him so deeply hearing her words which were she saying in a mild cold tone enough to make anyone feel guilty
Basu continued: today the bit of live which was in me also died I don’t know what mistake I have done that you said that but it is sure and I have understood that people say extremely right that one who gives the life can take it also see you took my life from me saying so today thanks for that and now if I died then also I will not have any wish because my existence is erased by the same person who taught me to live life happily (aaj shayad jo ek katra bacha tha na mujhme wo bhi mar gaya humare andar nahi jaanti mai ke kya gustakhi kya galti hui mujhse par haan aaj ek baat ka pata chal gaya samjh gayi hu ke sach hi kaha gaya hai jo zindagi deta hai usey lene ka haq bhi hai dekhiye na le gaye aap meri bachi hui jaan bhi shukriya aapka ab gum na hoga agar jaan bhi chali jaye to kyuki wajood mera usne mitaya jisne zindagi jeena sikhaya)
Abhi felt extreme pain in her words and relied his mistake that his thoughts were wrong still he blurted out all those
Abhi trying to convince her: listen to me once
Basu cuts him off: dead bodies never listen sir they had to bear only the final rituals (lashein nahi bolti janaab sirf anjaam hota hai unka)
Abhi in a cried voice: listen I thought you also thinks in the same way so I said that I am sorry I didn’t want to hurt you
Basu in a cold tone with a painful smile: when did you hurt me??? You killed me directly now Basudha is not alive (hurt kaha kiya aapne to maar hi dala na ab Basudha zinda kahan)
She went from there towards mirror leaving a guilty Abhi behind he was looking at her as how those eyes were showing immense pain in them they were clearly showing that she was hurt because of his thoughts over her and he was cursing himself mentally now for what he did and looked at Basu she was about to put vermillion in her hairline but stopped and kept it aside saying
Basudha with a smile: now these things are not needed when my husband my life itself misunderstood me then why shall I get scare from others and these things are just for name sake today I got to know it for sure (ab inki zaroorat nahi jab apno ne hi galat samjha to bahar walo ka kaisa dar kuchh nahi hota insab se sab bhram hai ke married woman ke liye zaroori hai ye sab ye bharam bhi toot gaya aaj)
Abhi: don’t say like that please I just…
Basu cuts him off: wait, wait one more work is left
Saying so she saw towards glass bangles she was wearing and then pulled them with such a force that they got broken into pieces and the glass fell, some of its pieces pinned in her hand too her wrist was bleeding due to that glass piece cutted it then she said to him while bandaging her hand on her own
Basu with a smile: see I ease your problem now no one will ask why Mrs. Mehta sorry, sorry that lady hasn’t wore her married accessories you can say you don’t know or simply say that may today she has lost something (lijiye aapki ye problem bhi asaan kar di ab koi nahi poochhega ki Mrs. Mehta sorry, sorry is adhni si aurat na chudi kyu nahi pehni aur agar koi pooch bhi le na to keh dena ke shayad kuchh kho diya hai usne aaj)
She said all that with a painful smile on her face and left from the room immediately saying “come down everyone is waiting for you” and Abhi was having tears flowing from his eyes he can feel how much he hurt her because whenever she gets just hurt she use to cry it out but today her eyes were not ready to do so it was clearly visible from her words that how much she was hurt he also went down wiping her tears there screen shifted towards Basu she was going to help Abhigya when she stopped her and holding her hand said
Abhigya: Basu what happened to your hand: this much bandages
Basu with a confident smile: nothing maa my hand strike with table last night as it was completely dark and then those bangles broke in hand itself that’s why a minor cut nothing else
Yashika who was there with her that time: no worry it is good na Aunty now she will not wear that all
Naira: wear this one (making her wear a Kada (kind of broad bangle))
Abhigya smiled: that’s good idea
Basudha: now shall we continue our work
Abhigya: wait, wait why your hairline is not having vermillion we don’t bother about that but for sure your mother in law will point out
Subuhi: where is Abhi call him
Abhigya: arey leave him Subu Yasho you fill it beta or Subu you yourself do so married ladies can do so no need of him
Subuhi: okay
Subuhi brought vermillion and filled it in her hairline then Abhi was passing from there when Abhigya stopped him he trying to hide everything said in normal tone
Abhi: what happened maa you need any help
Abhigya: help!!! My love you can’t do anything properly
Abhi: what happened?
Abhigya: you didn’t notice her hairline wasn’t having vermillion
Abhi: wo…
Subuhi: leave him didi he can’t even notice himself you come with me flower arrangement needs your supervisory
All the four left from there and then Basudha kept her hand on her head by which all the vermilion got rubbed with her hand and now all was on her hand then rubbing it on her fingers she said to him
Basu: now a days relations have also became just like colors remain new when they are new and as older they get their color gets faded off see just like this vermillion first how red it was and now (laughing a bit) I am not able to recognize whether it is pink or red ( rishtey bhi rango ki tarah ho gaye hai waqt ke sath puraney ho jatey hai dekhiye is sindoor ki tararh bulkul kuchh waqt pehle kitna laal tha aur pata nahi ke laal hai ya gulabi)
Abhi controlling his tears: Basu why are you taunting me like this if you want to scold me please do so I deserve that but don’t say like that these taunt are killing me
Basu: where is Basudha!!! Are you able to see her if you are then tell her that someone is feeling hurt from her words because I am not able to see her last time when I met her she said that she is dead
Saying so she left from there and Abhi was now feeling guilty to the core there Basu was going passing the dancing group as the dance was going on there that time Kirti dragged her there and make her held dandiya sticks she first resisted but then accepted and went with her there the music was going on …

Aag lage us aag ko, mann bhitar jo bale(Let that fire burn ablaze, which seethes within the heart)

Har din bale, pal chin bale(It burns daily, it burns every moment)

Par teri yaad na jale(But your memories don’t burn)
Remembering about Abhi’s word which he said few minutes ago
Hua halaal o hua halaal, o jag bala haye jag bala (It’s massacred, the world is burning)
Chhode se bhi na chhut in ke taqdeerein (But still the destinies don’t change)

Phir akadpan teer chale, chal chalti lakeerein (Then the lines of destiny become resentful)

Hatti si hatt ti na yeh tadpan bin tere (I couldn’t get rid of the agony without you)

Dajj dajj laa meri de rang samere, rangeele rang rasiya mere sabhi thay mere rang sang tere (My beloved, you bedecked all my colors)
Rangeele rang rasiya mere, sabhi thay mere rang sang tere(My beloved, you bedecked all my colors)
Aise naubat har ik hasrat, aur mohabbat khaak hui (It was such a situation that all the desires and love ceased)

Meethi meethi bann thi, bann bann meethi thi, saari izzat laakh hui (The sweet relationship ended, and respect was defamed)

Utra mukhda dil ka tukda, zulge aag laga daale (Downtrodden faces, broken hearts, everything burned to ashes)

O woh naina binka jalke, ho gaye koi layze kale (Eyes were blackened with coal instead of beautiful with eyeliner)

Rangeele rang rasiya mere, sabhi thay mere rang sang tere(My beloved, you bedecked all my colors)

Here Basu was dancing when Ranvi sensed that something has happened for sure so he dragged Basu out from there and took her to backyard lawn to talk with her and same happened with Abhi he was looking at Basu with teary eyes and Basudha’s actions also clearly made Yashika and Naira to think something they immediately took him to the room Kabir and Divya also followed him and strictly asked him about what had happened? He narrated the whole as he know that nothing was there in hiding from them as they cares for Basudha more than him and her each and every expressions clearly narrates them her problem all were shocked to the core
Abhi: I was just….
Before he could complete a hard sound of slap echoed across the room it was Yashika who dared to do so in front of everyone
Kabir yelled: Yasho… what was that??? behave yourself
Yasho shouted: behave!!! I should behave!!! And what he should do Baba
Kabir: what he did is a mistake but who asked you to get aggressive over that
Yasho: I will Baba I will how dare he thought that person shouldn’t be so much straight minded that whatever people bluff him he will think that only (banda itna seedha bhi na ho baba ke jo doosra chah raha hai wahi sochey)
Naira: calm down Yasho
Yasho: calm down!!! How can I do so didu you only tell me she did everything for him and he just in three days thought that she is living with him without her wish arey if he was wishing to leave her or to say so then why the hell you took your marriage to next step whose daughters are they, if your thoughts are these then they shouldn’t get your name also
She said that and very next moment felt a slap over her face it was Divya who said doing so
Divya: don’t you feel shame saying so!!! He is your own brother damn it I know whatever he had done it is wrong but what you are saying is not less than an abuse to those kids what is their mistake in all that if he had done so and wished ever to do so then also they are my daughters not his okay your son are my son also don’t forget what you are saying Yasho you don’t have any right to say anything about those girls if he is irresponsible for them then I am there for them Kabir is there
Yasho: sorry to say maa but yea he did it right and can’t even think that what she is going through
Naira with a painful and disappointed voice: she must be heartbroken for sure
Kabir: you were always idiot but I never thought that this much dumb you are
Yashika: don’t call him dumb baba he is such a disgusting man you know what I don’t even want to see his face
Abhi who was shredding in tears realizing his mistake looked at Yashika when she said that and when was about to go he called her but she said
Yashika: don’t you dare call me by that name because you don’t deserve that I don’t want to be a sister of a brother like you
Saying so she left and he was just staring at her because he knew that Yashika was also hurt thinking about Basudha after all she was the one who always supported her then Naira said
Naira keeping hand on her shoulder: your life is returned by her Abhi so it totally belongs to her and when her life itself will hurt her what will be the effect brother you can’t even imagine breaking of heart doesn’t makes noise brother but it is so painful
Abhi just hugged her tightly and hiding his head like a kid on her shoulder cried his heart out…

Okay i wasnt wishing to drag the dramatic sequence so ended up here itself hope you liked it now see you again with Narrator as it is long time from when she is disable haha see you

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