Star cross love abhigya (episode 29)

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Hi guys thanks for all who commented in my ff Im happy to receive ur comments friends here goes the story
All were laughing when abhi screamed pragya they all thought this boy na but none of them failed to see abhis love fr pragya he can’t be without her he was like this from when pragya was kidnapped before 1 month
All was well it was a fine day abhi asked Maa paa ,mom dad (referring to pragya parents),bhaiya n bhabhi I thought it would be nice if we could go to picnic as now all were joined all agreed .all got ready suddenly rv got a call he said he n ishu has to go to australia fr meeting all were disappointed pragya asked cutie n bhabhi u can be here na with a pout but rv said choti we’ll join u next time all nodded rv n ishu went to pack their bags abhi n pragya n all elders went to garden named blue villa abhi said it was their garden all were stunned pragya jumped a little n shouted in happiness all said pragyaaaaa babbbbbyyyy she become quiet n placed finger over her lips all chuckled seeing her especially abhi he was admiring her all spend quality time when abhishek got a call from his office reporting some problem abhi informed everyone n went pragya was tensed she saw abhi call after sometime she saw message come n meet me at xyz place pragya said appa he has planned surprise for me n said I’ll return with him appa n went all smiled n were happy pragya rushed to place abhi heart was telling something wrong was going to happen he felt his life moving away he put his thoughts aside
Tum hi ho plays

Pragya reached the place it was like a forest area she was scared n said abhishek don’t play with come soon I’m here suddenly someone placed hands on her eyes she said abhishek but realised touch n said who r u the person said not bad pragya pushed his hands n was shocked to see someone she muttered varun that person face is revealed he is having a wicked smile n rage in his eyes
Screen shifts to abhi he reaches garden after settling problems it took nearly 3 tiring hours he asked WHR is pragya all said she came to meet u fr ur surprise abhi said no Maa I didn’t plan anything n all panicked did she say where she went all said no abhi mind was not functioning properly he was lost in her thoughts n said appa I can’t lose her again n cried when a parcel came to their home fr abhi abhi was not in mood to open it he threw the gift to wall it banged on wall suddenly a voice was heard abhi abhi varun has kidnapped me abhi ahhhh leave my hair varun said if u want ur pragya alive don’t search her n it ended.abhi eyes become blood red.all asked who is varun abhi started 13 may 2014 batch one student was varun

Here 2 hrs before varun u here stammered pragya varun said yes pragya the same varun whom u rejected fr that blo*dy Abhishek pragya said varun see don’t talk about abhi he asked why is it paining fr u when I talk about that jerk pragya said one word more I’ll kill u don’t dare to badmouth my abhishek varun clapped his hands saying wow my abhishek see pragya u cant see abhishek hurt na did u once think how much it’ll pain fr me when u rejected me fr him pragya why why u left me I’m better in always than that abhishek na I love u a slappppp
Abhi was saying all that varun loved pragya he was obsessed with her he misunderstood her friendship as love it was at that time I entered in her life yes I n pragya started to fall in love this was noticed by varun n he decided to throw acid on pragya one day when pragya was lying over my chest in colleges backyard varun came there pragya said me that varun proposed her but she rejected saying loving someone she said I’m scared abhi varun ll do something to u pls be careful okkk abhi boiled with anger but controlled fr pragya abhi kissed her both were kissing passionately velarun can’t see this n threw many acid eggs on them abhi opened his eyes n saw them coming towards them n dragged here acid egg hitter on wall n plants it made place look dreadful abhigya were shocked to see varun abhi beat him black n blue n handed him to police n a.filed of acid attack on him he was imprisoned n abhi said I’ll save pragya somehow jlhe went to police station n complained both were expecting this kidnap n abhi exp him.

Screen shifts to pragya she gave tight slap to him n said don’t dare I love only my abhishek n none .varun kept chloroform on.pragya mouth n took her to wooden house n tied her with ropes 1 n 1/2 hr later pragya woke up n varun recorded pragya voice n send it to him along with warning to leave pragya pragya was crying abhishek WHR r u varun slapped pragya blood.oozed from her mouth varun said pragya I’ll take u good care n love u more than abhishek she said chee go away varun again said abhi abhi wat magic has he done on u from several birth he’s torturing me ( I guess u remember anamikas story) varun said it all to pragya n varun is bala pragya was shocked n started getting her previous birth flashes n tears rolled down from her cheeks here abhi said sir I have attached tracking device in pragyas.anklets pls.trace it police traced it n found it was xyz forest area.abhi went there saying pragya I’ll be there song thodu vanam from anegan plays abhigya reminisce about each other n cries abhi started to get flashes of pragya n his previous birth after seeing a meteor crashing down he was now filled with tears n said in last janma I can’t save u but in this birth I’ll n rode car fast here pragya said abhishekkk I can feel u closer n closer as each moment passes abhi replies I’m nearing u pragya pragya asks why god why at least this birth I want to live with abhishek abhi replied we’ll live pragya n don’t worryim coming pragya asked why my fate is like this abhi said fate is nothing but a test fr our love n we’ll pass it pragya thinks that how she got her memory yesterday n thought to say it to him but played kind of game with him.abhi stopped his car at place n saw pragya one anklet down n picked it up saying Jaan I’m coming n smiled n went abhi searched n found a Worden house n saved pragya both hugged each other n revealed about past abhi said anamika will u love me same all our births she said yes varun came n triggered gun to shoot them but police came n arrested him pragya asked he he came here he said by anklets I placed tracking device as varun send me some threatening letters she asked why u didn’t inform me abhi said I don’t want u to worry pragya hugged him n said I love u I love u a lot maharaja abhishek he said me too anamika police were about to take varun when he took gun from policeman n placed it on pragya saying if ur not mine then not none n pointed at her abhi came before her n stood but varun shot himself pragya was scared n abhi took her home it took somedays fr her to recover n all were happy but abhi was scared fr her safety abhi started to shower extra care on pragya.
Now coming back abhi was shouting pragya .pragya said romeo I’m here abhi hugged her n said Jaan pls don’t scare me like this
All turned to stairs someone was descending stairs

Precap last epi
If pragya is beside abhi who’s coming downstairs guess wat n why decoration r made support me guys with love princess krisha

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