Spoilers 7th June 2017 Revised

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Preeto has accepted Soumya for Harman’s sake. Harman promises Soumya that he will be always with her, and try to get the world’s happiness for her. He gets golgappas for her to celebrate their together. Soumya asks her why did he get this on dinner time. Harman wants to express his love, and gets the golgappas from the same chaat vendor who blessed them in the past. Harman and Soumya have golgappas. Harman tries to bring romance in their lives by small moments. Soumya gets happy by his gestures. Harman feeds the golgappas to her.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani:

Raj and Rani arrange a small celebration to cheer up Sakshi and normalize her. Raj and Rani make Sakshi cut the cake. They try to make her mood better. The family celebrates. Sakshi gets happy seeing the cake and balloons. Raj feeds the cake to Sakshi. Raj thanks Rani for this idea. Rani looks stunning. Raj asks Rani for dance. Rani does not agree to dance with him. Raj is trying to impress her.

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