Spoilers 3rd November 2017 Revised

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Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Tara kills Sanaya. Sushant blames Aarohi for kidnapping Sanaya. The family gets against Aarohi. She tells Deep’s dad that he knows about Sanaya and Sushant. She asks him to tell everyone the truth. Sushant scolds Aarohi. Deep acts good. He tells them that Aarohi didn’t meet Sanaya. He lies to them that he failed to find Sanaya. Deep asks Sushant not to blame Aaroshi, Sanaya will come back on her own. Sushant threatens to call police to find Sanaya. Deep gets worried. Aarohi says police can find Sanaya, this can help. Deep doesn’t want the matter to reach police. He fears for Tara. Deep gets a message from Tara, that Sanaya is in his room’s cupboard.

Jagan and Chandar cleverly convince the villagers. Chandar becomes a great life saving angel for them. Nobody knows that Chandar has spread the epidemic in the village. Jagan tells Chandar that he has made sure that Raj gets caught up. Jagan publicly points finger at Raj Bajwa. He frames Raj in the blame. Jagan produces the evidence against Raj, which makes Amba suspect Raj. Raj gets affected by the epidemic. While he gets treated, Amba asks her men to punish Raj and dump him far away from the village to an isolated place, where he gets none to help him. Amba falls in Jagan’s plan. She gets revengeful against Raj.

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