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Rupa gets emotionally blackmailing Jai. She gets admitted in hospital. When Jai meets her, she threatens to commit suicide. She tells him that she can’t accept Aadhya as her Bahu. Jai stops her from injecting herself. He tells her that if she can threaten him, he can threaten her too. He takes the same injection to harm himself. Dada ji stops Jai. Jai tells her that he really loves Aadhya and wants to be with her for the rest of his life.

Raja Beta: Vedant is leaving for his hospital in the morning. Ramesh asks him if Maharani woke up or sold the house respect also with the horses. Purva wakes up and hears him saying that. Ramesh asks Vedant to wake her up and asks her to make tea for everyone. He shows them the door if they want to have free food. Vedant questions him asking if he gives her place of a bahu of this house. Ramesh says never. Vedant says then why Purva shall do the duty of a bahu. Purva sees Vedant fighting her for rights and self-esteem. She tells him that she will not agree upon something which is forced on her.

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