Spoilers 20th June 2017 Revised

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Peshwa Bajirao:

Baji is married to Kashibai. Kashi’s bidaai will be seen. Kashi cries and is upset to go away from her parents. Baji gets angry and cuts the plants by his words. His mum tries to calm his anger. She feeds the food to him. Baji has told her that the marriage will not come in his fight for freedom. He wanted to go with his dad in his war, but his mum stopped him. Baji has given a Guru Dakshina to his mum, and did the marriage. Baji’s mum explains him that things change with time. She will change Baji and Kashi’s relation into a bond of love.


Naina has come back home finally. This led to a huge drama in Chauhan house. Nandkishore tells Naina that she did not come back as Karan’s wife, but as Karan’s nurse. He keeps a condition in front of her. He gets a calendar and marks the date. He says within 15 days, Naina will be making Karan fine, if she fails then she will silently leave from this house. He says Naina can stay as Karan’s wife only if Karan gets fine, till then she will be staying in guest room. Naina has belief that she can cure Karan.

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