Spoilers 20th July 2018 Revised

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Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar and Kulfi have good news to share. They ask each other to tell it first. They tell each other that Kulfi will be getting her dad. Kulfi asks Sikandar how does he know. There is a misunderstanding between them. He wants to tell her about Mohendar’s adoption. Amyra lies to Kulfi about her dad. She doesn’t clear who is Kulfi’s dad. Sikandar thinks Kulfi agreed to stay with Mohendar. They sing and happily dance like kids. Amyra sees them dancing. She insists and takes Kulfi with her to play games. She makes Kulfi away from Sikandar. Sikandar fears of losing Kulfi, knowing Mohendar will be adopting Kulfi. Amyra misleads Kulfi about her dad.

Roop’s love interest Ishika and his childhood friend Palak will be seen. Roop finds them having a fight. He stops Ishika from slapping his friend. He holds her hand and asks her how can she slap anyone. Ishika asks him not to get between the girls’ fight. Palak gets too angry. Roop controls her too. Roop tries to end their fight. Palak taunts Ishika on her upbringing. Ishika asks Palak not to taunt her on her dad and upbringing. Roop takes Palak away. Ishika is strong and independent. She wants to change people’s mindset by projecting strong girls. Palak can’t see Roop’s insult. She takes a stand for him and wants to protect her friend. Roop and Palak’s sweet friendship will be seen.

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