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Nani asks Preeto if Soumya is having a problem with her. Preeto tells that everything is fine. Nani decides to do Santan Prapti Yagya so that Soumya bears a child soon with God’s grace. She says everything is fine, but some hurdle is stopping happiness from entering the home. Harman asks what is this new drama? Nani asks him to be quiet and tells that the puja is necessary. She says she will make all arrangements and asks Preeto to call Neighbors and Soumya’s friends. Harak Singh asks Soumya not to do Puja and insult it being a kinnar.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:

Rohit tries to convince Rithvik not to take a wrong decision and asks him to marry Palak instead of his sister Ananya. Rithvik tells that he has no feelings for Palak and will keep Ananya happy. Palak comes to Rohit and Sethu’s engagement from Mumbai. Sethu gets happy to see Palak in her engagement function. Manjeet also comes there and tells that Palak told that she will not come, but she came catching the last flight. Rithvik looks at Palak and gets emotional and angry. Ananya senses his emotions and asks if everything is alright.

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