Spoilers 18th February 2019 Revised

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Tujhse Hai Raabta:
Malhar and Kalyani are getting closer to each other. Kalyani goes to Aao Saheb’s side of the house as Sampada called her to play haldi and kumkum ritual with other married ladies. Some of the married ladies taunt Anupriya for taking part in the function even though her husband is not with her. Kalyani couldn’t bear the taunts and tells that she will play haldi kumkum with her mother and asks Anupriya to tell everyone that she is married.

Dhanak and Raghu get arrested when police raids the red light area. Dhanak pleads her innocence. Inspector gives her few hours time to prove her innocence. Dhanak breaks down. She meets her dad and seeks his help in gaining the evidence. Her dad tells the inspector that Raghu is Dhanak’s husband. Raghu and his mum deny to identify Dhanak and help her. Dhanak’s dad requests Raghu’s mum to help Dhanak. Raghu’s mum accuses Dhanak for her bad character. She gets into an argument with Dhanak’s dad.

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