Spoilers 18th April 2018 Revised

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Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil’s family learns about the Kaal yog in Sahil’s kundli. They all decide to take Vedika’s help by making her perform the havan for Sahil’s long life. Sahil finds Vedika refusing for the puja. Sahil’s mum pleads her to sit in the puja and save Sahil’s life. Vedika denies to sit with Sahil. She then gets a big shock when Sahil meets with an accident. Vedika then believes his Kaal yog and agrees to sit in the puja as his partner.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Ram Bachan prepares to welcome Tetar Singh. Nimki and Ram Bachan are helping Tetar win the elections. Nimki wants to win Babbu’s love. She is sure that Babbu will accept her once his tensions get over. Ram Bachan asks Tunee to arrange breakfast for Nimki and Babbu. Ram Bachan treats Babbu well. Babbu gets surprised and feels happy. The villagers ask Babbu to solve their problem. They pay respect to Babbu and praise him that he didn’t take advantage of Nimki’s position. They like that Nimki and Babbu are getting equal status and helping each other. The villagers praise Tetar for valuing his daughter-in-law. Ram Bachan says Babbu doesn’t have any attitude, he is very simple and down to earth. Babbu feels bad to misunderstand the villagers before.

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