Spoilers 17th November 2017 Revised

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Piyaa Albela:

Mr. Kapoor counters Rahul’s attack and gets saved. Surbhi’s plan gets heard by Mr. Kapoor, who rages on Rahul and Kapoor. He learns Pooja is in jail for his murder attempt. Naren promises to free Pooja. Rahul apologizes to Mr. Kapoor to end the enmity. He asks Mr. Kapoor to trust him once again and he will get Pooja for him. He plans to get Naren killed. Naren and Pooja have a cute moment in the jail. They get engaged in a simple way, while he promised to marry her, having a grand celebrations. Rahul befriends Mr. Kapoor again. He tells him that Naren will be dead and the good news will reach him till the evening.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Roshni breaks both the couples. They are giving a test of love. Sameer packs his bag and tells Sanjana that he is shifting to another room now, as he can’t stay with her. Sanjana sheds tears seeing her relation shattering. Piyush gets angry on Roshni. They stop talking. Piyush thinks Anjali has changed into good, and Roshni is wrong to always blame her. He asks Roshni not to accuse Anjali always. Roshni decides to leave from the house. Piyush doesn’t stop her. Roshni will be leading Sanjana to expose Anjali.

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