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Vivaan’s stepmum Roma arrives from London. Meera bumps into Roma’s car while saving a little kid from getting hit accidentally. Meera scolds Roma for driving so rashlessly and not caring for anyone’s life. They get into an argument. Roma throws money on Meera. Meera threatens to damage her car. Roma asks her to back off. Meera doesn’t know Roma is Vivaan’s step mum. She returns the money and takes her class. Roma arrives at Meera’s house to meet her. Vivaan welcomes her. Meera then gets a shock seeing Roma. Roma didn’t wish Vivaan to marry. She dislikes Meera more. Roma wants to break Vivaan and Meera’s marriage.


Imli kidnaps Saanvi to make her bandhua. She gets a stamp to gift Saanvi. She wanted to shock Chakor by gifting slavery to her daughter. Chakor and Suraj get a relief when they get Saanvi back. Chakor cries and hugs Saanvi. She gets happy but also gets a fear in mind that she will lose Saanvi again. Suraj consoles Chakor. He asks her not to worry as he will take care of Saanvi well.

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