Spoilers 14th June 2017 Revised

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Everyone made Sita the modern girl to take a stand against Sameera. Jaggi meets Gopi in the jail. Gopi gets emotional. Gopi gives tips to Sita to compete with Sameera. Sameera meets Bhavani in the jail and discusses her plans to trouble Modis. Sameera gets friendly with Bhavani. She asks her to torture Kokila and Gopi in the jail. Bhavani sees Meera and Vidya coming to meet Kokila and Gopi. Bhavani stops them and throw red chilli powder on them to trouble. Meera and Vidya scream.


Virendra gets bitten by a scorpion. Virendra tells Chandrakanta that he has heard about the temple, where the scorpion’s soul is caught by some tantrik. Virendra is attacked and his life fell in danger. He asks her to take her to the Shiv temple. Chandrakanta asks him to get up and come with her to the temple. She takes him to the tantrik and asks him to save Virendra, a poisonous scorpion has bitten him. She requests him to save Virendra’s life, the poison is spreading inside his body. Virendra lies on the stairs.

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