Spoilers — 14th December 2016

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Devanshi writes an essay on black money and understands what it is actually. Rajjo explains her well. Devanshi spots a money sack and tells everyone what she discovered. Her attempt goes waste, as they all find junk in the sack. Devanshi takes Vardaan’s help in this matter, after they both have turned friends to make Mohan a good person, so that Geeta and Mohan can get married. Kusum and Mohan make a plan to stop Mohan and Geeta’s marriage by using Sarju’s voice on the marriage day. Kusum plans to cheat everyone and fool Geeta by Sarju’s spirit drama in order to command Geeta not to marry Mohan.


The married women keep the Karwachauth fast. Rano asks Malaika to keep the fast. Biji scolds Malaika. Rano asks Malaika not to feel bad of Biji’s words. She asks Tanuja to have the leftover food. Tanuja tells Rano that she has kept the fast for Rishi. Malaika acts good in front of Rishi. Biji asks Malaika to go and find her life partner first, and then keep the fast. Malaika says even unmarried girls keep this fast these days. Biji asks her to leave from their house. Malaika feels sad. Rano asks Tanuja to get tea for Raj, and does not let Rishi know of Tanuja’s fast.

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