Spoilers — 12th January 2017

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Chandra Nandni:

Moora’s birthday brings happiness in the palace. Everyone gets gifts for Moora. Chandra gifts her the clothes which she has worn on his birth. Moora recalls the old memories and hugs Chandra. Nandini is unwell and rests in her room. Dadi and everyone come to meet Nandini. Nandini could not keep the fasts. Chandra is also worried for Nandini and takes care of her.

Naagin 2:

Shivangi understands she is a Naagin and can’t fall in love with a human, but she has fallen in love with Rocky. Shivangi sees Rocky sleeping and keeps the book and glasses away. She hugs him. She is worried that her love can become a problem for him. She thinks what to do and how to tell Rocky that I love him a lot. She is scared to step ahead in love. She does not know Rocky madly loves her.

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