Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 2

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Hi everyone! Maya here! First of all, I have changed the title of this ff from inseparables to souls intertwined out of…..The name change is because there is already another ff named inseparables under twinj which I was not aware of. With due respect to the author of that ff, I am making this change. Hope my friends/readers support me in this change. I would also like to say sorry to the author again on behalf all the inconvenience or annoyance that had been caused. So hopefully this message of mine ends this issue here. Thank u for the understanding! Basically I know it’s just a title change and thanks for supporting me. Thanks to Lakshmi sis, Mokshi sissy, Maahi and Jifi….I could see how much support u all are giving me and I am just changing as I am also not satisfied with that title and personally to me title doesn’t matters it’s my story that I am trying to tell matters to me…So hopefully let’s end this matter so that I can peacefully think for this story….

Back to the story…..
Pragya “Ma…how many times I have to tell u not to interfere in my life? Did u interfere in Bulbul’s life? Then why do u have to plan or even decide for my life?” Sarla ma “Very simple Pragya because u are the eldest daughter and everything happens after u! Everything is related after your success in life!” Pragya “Fine Ma then give me some time to show what I am worth at! You just can’t decide for yourself what I should do when I have own my plans….” Sarla ma though for a while and said “Ok by this year u have to prove what u are worth for…if not just do as I said!” Pragya with a sigh of relief said “Thank u Ma and I will show u what I am capable of!” By saying that she went to her room and saw her job applications for several companies….Pragya “I have so many job applications which are in pending….in this situation I have even challenged Ma now! Now I don’t know where will this end!”

Pragya, If not I should change my plan of job…..Instead of applying for a designer company, maybe I should consider working for a film! Yes a costume designer in film is not a bad idea too! Now I remember Sahana had mentioned to me about the film that needs multiple costume designers na…Right! I should ask her whether the job is still available!
After asking for the job availability from Sahana, she was walking down the streets to the bus stop. Abhi was also around the area in his car driving with Purab. Abhi “I really don’t know Purab….I am keep on getting visuals of some girl and dream too….I even checked the people who died during the accident and there was no girl met with the accident! Now what should I do Purab?” Purab “I think u are just too stressed about the accident…maybe it’s the post-accident trauma….No worries and I can prescribe u some medicines for your mind to be relaxed!” Abhi “Thanks Purab! That’s why I should have a psychiatrist friend like u! Always my saviour!” Purab “Haan okok don’t have to praise me this much!” While driving he suddenly saw Pragya who was standing in front of a statue waving at him. Pragya was actually waving her hands to the kids at the opposite side of road and Abhi misunderstood that it was for him. Abhi looked stunned and had stopped driving. Purab asked “Why Abhi? U had stopped driving?” Abhi came back to senses and looked at Purab. Abhi “She is here again!” Purab “Who?” Abhi “Pragya…” Purab “What? Where?” Abhi “Purab! Look there she is standing and waving at me! Can’t u see her?” Purab “There is no body there Abhi! It’s only a statue there….” Abhi “No! Believe me! Wait let me see again….” Abhi was confused seeing the statue now in the place of Pragya…She walked off when Abhi was informing to Purab. Now Abhi holding his head pleadingly said “She was here Purab! I did saw her…..Just for once believe me….” Purab looked worried at his friend’s situation. Purab “Ok Abhi…You get down now….let me drive the car!” Abhi “You think I am mad or what? I am fine and I just want u to believe me that I did saw her!” Purab patiently said “Yes Abhi! I believe u but let me drive for now and u just relax by sitting behind…” Abhi “I am sorry Purab I don’t know what is happening to me too….I get angry nowadays because of her…” Purab smiled in return and said “It’s ok we will deal this later….for now u go and sit at the back….”
As for Pragya, she was feeling disturbed for some strange reasons as she reached the bus stop. Pragya, Why do I feel someone is disturbed me? Strange! Haan it should be Ma who is always disturbed about my actions or decisions!

Abhi tried to relax but the more he tried to relax the more visuals of his dream appears in front of him. Finally he decided to listen to music to divert his mind and it did helped him to a certain extent…..
As days passed, Abhi was trying all kinds of ways to divert his mind and then one day he was destined to meet Pragya for real…..

Abhi grabbed her hands and Pragya looked shocked at him. Pragya “Why are u holding my hands?” Abhi “I am holding to check whether u are real or imagination!” Pragya in shock “What? U even imagine me?” Abhi “I am sorry…I just got confused with leiko….” Pragya “Leiko? What’s that?” Abhi “I call my girlfriend like that…leiko means little flower! She looks exactly like u!” Abhi smiled continuously and was trying badly to manage the situation but Pragya was finding it difficult to believe his words…..

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