Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 17

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Abhigya were busy in their respective works. Abhi insisted Pragya to continue her work either from home or Sahana’s office. Pragya preferred to work from office and returned home early that day.

Pragya, I don’t think he would have cleaned up his room. Let me go and clean!
She went into his room and found all his clothes to be scattered all over in the room. Pragya, He is just like a kid! Not even trying to tidy up his room!
Pragya slowly picked up every shirt and folded them neatly and that’s when she noticed something not nice in some of his shirts….Looking at those shirts she fumed with anger and threw the shirts on the bed!

After a few hours,
Abhi came back to home and saw Pragya sitting on the sofa with her eyes closed. Abhi “Leiko! How are u?” Pragya opened her eyes and looked at him in frustration. Abhi “Are u tired? This is why I said u can work from home!” Pragya couldn’t control her anger and looked at the glass of water on the table. She looked at Abhi and poured the glass of water on his face!

Abhi wiping his face with a cloth said “Is this the time to play Leiko? If u want to play by splashing water…then I can buy for u water gun! Do u want that?” Pragya “Stop it! I am very angry with u!” Abhi “Why is that so?” Pragya in an anger tone said “Go and see your room then u will know!” Abhi wondered what was in his room that made her angry. Abhi went to his room and saw how his idea worked out very well. Abhi was praising himself, Well done Abhi! You are such a genius and u did it!

The collars of the shirt were with lipstick marks which made Pragya to be frustrated looking at that. Abhi shouted “Leiko! Come here! I don’t see anything that makes u angry!” Pragya hearing that thought, Ya how will u know when I am already burning with anger! Let me show u what u have done…
She walked up the stairs furiously and came to his room. Abhi gave a pout and said “What made u angry Leiko? I can’t see anything here bad…all is in place too!” Pragya took his shirts from the bed and showed the lipstick marks. Pragya “What is all this??” Abhi “Lipstick marks! Why u don’t know is it?” Pragya “I know that but who did all this?” Abhi “Who will do? Not u that’s for sure! Of course it’s my heroines!” Pragya asked by stressing the words “Your heroines?” Abhi taking the shirt from her hand said “I mean the heroines I work with…It was supposed to be kissing scene where they had to kiss me…” Pragya

“Aren’t u ashamed to tell this to me?” Abhi “Why should I be ashamed? It’s common and they kissed my collars instead on my collar bones!” Pragya “Disgusting!” Abhi “Arrey…what’s there to be disgusting? Kisses are common in acting!” Pragya “Stop this nonsense!” Abhi “Excuse me…first u came into my room without my permission and saw my things then u said u are angry with me! Now u are saying stop this nonsense?” Abhi looked at her and Pragya was still looking at the shirts. Abhi “Wait! are u jealous or what?” Pragya looking not at him said “No! I am not jealous! I don’t care if someone kisses u!” Abhi “Then look at me and tell! Why are u still looking at the shirts?” Pragya looking up at him said “I don’t care and I am not interested in your kissing life too!” By saying that she rushed out of his room and went to her room.

Abhi smiling continuously thought, She is burning in jealousy…This is also nice to see…My pyaari pani puri is jealous….
Pragya knocked the door and Abhi turned back to look at her. Pragya sternly said “Dinner is on the dining table!” Abhi was about to say something but before that Pragya turned away and headed to her room.

Abhi, Oh dear she is full of jealousy and anger….

Pragya was standing at her room’s doorstep and was still looking at Abhi worriedly.
Abhi “What are u looking at?” Pragya immediately closed the door.
Pragya in frustration was murmuring, Why is he like this? How can he let others kiss him? It’s very irritating to even think how he was being kissed!

Abhi, This shows how much Leiko is in love with me….she loves me and can’t stand anyone kissing me!
Pragya once again went out of her room and knocked the door. Abhi not facing her said “Come in!” Pragya “I will not come in!” Abhi in surprise turned back and asked “Why is that so?” Pragya “Listen…You shouldn’t get me wrong for my reactions just now…I am the only one here to take care of you and your room…. there is not even a helper for us to help us in this mansion! I came to your room to help u tidy up the room…that’s when I saw those….” Pragya was not able to complete her sentence in irritation by still looking at the shirt that he was holding onto….Abhi by throwing the shirts on the floor said “I understand…ok so now what’s your point?” Pragya “You shouldn’t think I was jealous!” Abhi with a smirk said “Ok then what else should I think?” Pragya “Up to you but shouldn’t think that I was jealous!” Abhi “That’s it right?” Pragya firmly said “Yes!” Abhi “Leiko….I never knew flowers get angry too….” Pragya was confused and asked “What are u telling now?” Abhi walked towards her and she looked puzzled.

Abhi “I am telling that u shouldn’t get angry! Flowers should shower love!” Pragya stressed the words “ Shower Love?” Abhi “Oh dear Leiko…u heard it as love ah? I said it Life!” Pragya “No u said Love!” Abhi “Love is life and Life is love so it doesn’t matter!” Pragya “Now what’s your point?” Abhi in soothing tone said “My point is you shouldn’t get angry….” Pragya with a light smile said “Ok…” Abhi by pinching her cheek said “Even if u get angry tell me in advance! So that I can be prepared to get water splashes!” By saying that he looked at Pragya who was touching her cheek in shock. Abhi “Now will u please leave? I need to freshen up!” Pragya gave a pout and said “I am sorry….” Abhi smiled widely in response and looked at her going away towards her room…..

Pragya still touching her cheek was murmuring to herself, As usual he confused me and now he even pinched me….It’s not that painful but still….he is just a kid who makes me look like a kid in front of him too!

Abhi called Dadi and informed whatever happened and Dadi “I think this is not the time for u to get close with her….” Abhi “But Dadi I just made her jealous! She is still not close to me!” Dadi “I know Abhi but jealous is the first step to getting more attention….” Abhi in an excited tone asked “You mean I will get more attention from her?” Dadi “Yes now she will even try to pay attention to every single work u do!” Abhi “That’s good right?” Dadi “Yes but not now…u still have to finish what u have to do first!” Abhi in a low tone said “I understand Dadi….I will be careful….” Dadi “Abhi! I am not stopping u from being close with her but….” Abhi in a low tone said “I know what u mean Dadi…don’t worry… I won’t do like this again….” Dadi “Abhi! One more thing…Sarlaji came to visit Pragya and she is still upset about this marriage….” Abhi “Pragya never tell anything about Sarla aunty at all…Until now she never tell anything about her family!” Dadi “First ask her about that! Then u can do your funny antics to attract her!” Abhi “Dadi! What I did was not funny! She is already attracted to me…it’s just that she never knows that until now!” Dadi with a smirk asked “You seem to know very well about her?” Abhi “How can I not know when she is my wife?” Dadi “Enough! now u better go and have your dinner!” Abhi “Ok bye Dadi!”

Pragya still in her room which was dark with no lights. She sat near her bed and was thinking about him.
Pragya, This is not at all good….Being attracted to him is the most risky thing in my life….I have to control my attraction towards him…..But how? When I look at him I can only think about him! When I hear his voice I can only think to see him! When I think about him I can only think about his looks and voice! The worst thing is I am even thinking about him now! Is he thinking about me in this way?

She started to cry profusely looking at the darkness around her…..
Pragya, but what if he knows the darkness that he is not supposed to know? what if he knows some of the events that happened in his life was planned by me? How will he even react to it when he knows I am the reason for some of his confusions? Will he reject me for what I have done? I don’t know….and I don’t want to know too….I don’t want to know whether he rejects me! I really don’t want to know! Is this why I am always thinking about him in the darkness….In the darkness of nights where I always think about the brightness he gives me in his childish way……Will he ever know this soul is waiting to be intertwined with him? I don’t know…I really don’t know….
With those thoughts, she slept with her cries slowly fading away in the darkness….

Pragya going behind Sahana who was walking fast towards Abhi’s room said “Sahana! Please don’t tell him whatever I told u…You are my friend also right…please listen to me!” Sahana “Yes I know that’s why I am waiting all this while for u to tell him everything that u had done…but u are not even trying to tell!” Pragya “It’s not about trying….It’s about being scared what if he tell something that I can’t bear to hear!” Sahana “So what? This marriage is just based on a purpose, right?” Pragya “No….Marriage can never be for some purpose….I married him only because I love him!” Sahana “That’s also considered as a purpose!” Pragya looking at her pleadingly said “Why are u telling like this? It hurts me…” Sahana “I will only talk like this if u never tell him everything!” Pragya finally said “Okay I will tell him everything today!” Abhi was behind Pragya and asked “What is the everything that u have to tell me?” Both Sahana and Pragya looked shocked looking at him……

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