Souls intertwined out of…..(KKB) Chapter 16

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The next day Pragya waked up with suddenly hearing the handphone ringing. Pragya in a sleepy tone answered the call “Hello….” Dadi “Pragya! How many times I have to call Abhi’s phone and yours?” Pragya “Dadi!” Dadi “Yes it’s me! I am at the living room and I can’t come up the stairs…” Pragya blinking her eyes asked “You are here?” Dadi “Haan Pragya…I didn’t inform u but I can still come here as I have the spare keys for the house!” Pragya still trying to absorb Dadi’s words said “Sorry Dadi…give me some time…I will be there…I mean we will be there…” Dadi in a teasing tone said “Take your time…and sorry for disturbing u both….”
Pragya, Oh god! Now what do I do? He is in the other room that is like at the other end from this house! So far! What if Dadi see me going there? Let me try calling him!
She tried calling him many times but he never picked up any of her calls.
Pragya, Is he doing this purposely like last time where I missed to attend his call immediately? How can he take his revenge now? Ok Pragya…Take a deep breath! Relax!!
Pragya still sitting on the bed closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and look at the wallpaper on the wall. She smiled looking at that and gave a flying kiss to the wallpaper.

She quickly took her bath and got ready. She rushed down to see Dadi. Dadi looking at her smiled in happiness. Pragya hugged Dadi and Dadi asked “So how is the place here?” Pragya “Lovely Dadi!” Dadi “Hmm..I can see in your eyes that is filled with love too…He is also lovely here na….” Pragya hearing that blushed and thought I meant the place is lovely but she is taking it in another way….

Dadi “Where is he?” Pragya in tensed tone said “Dadi!! He is still sleeping…I will wake him up later but u should clear my doubt first!” Dadi “What’s your doubt?” Pragya brought Dadi to the kitchen and asked “Dadi! Looking at this potato…what do u feel?” Dadi “Why should I feel about potato?” Pragya “No…Dadi…u should feel for the food before cooking….like feel which path it should take…Like the frying path or boiling path?” Dadi looked Pragya who was not standing in one place. She was keep on trying to move in restlessness. Looking at this it made Dadi confused. Dadi “Pragya! First u stand in one place and ask me anything u want!” Pragya “Sorry Dadi..You didn’t get my doubt?” Dadi “I don’t get what u mean…I didn’t expect that Abhi to make u confused this much in one day….” Pragya “He always makes me confused…but I like it Dadi….” Dadi in surprise asked “You like to be in confusion? Why?” Pragya “I only like to be in his confusion….it means I am in his mind na…in his mind that makes me confused…” Dadi “I don’t know whether to be happy or sad hearing this….but it’s happy to feel that u are in love with him to the extent that u like to be confused in his confusion….” Pragya smiled hearing that and asked “Ok Dadi! What do u want? Tea or Coffee?” Dadi “Coffee Pragya!” Pragya “Dadi! First u sit here na…u have been standing here for quite long….” By saying that Pragya made her sit down on a chair and was chit chatting with her while making coffee and breakfast for all of them.

Meanwhile Abhi waked up and looked at his phone. Abhi “Why there is 20 missed calls from Pragya?? Is something wrong?” He quickly rushed out of his room and went to check her room. Abhi found her room to be empty which made him panicked in fear.
He rushed down to the living room calling out her name loudly. Dadi hearing that said “Here he goes Pragya…shouting your name loudly! You go and see him…let me help u with the cooking here!” Pragya “It’s ok Dadi…I will finish in a while and u should not do any work!” Dadi “Pragya! I am not telling u…I am ordering u! Just go Pragya!” Pragya hearing that couldn’t reply anything but just nodded her head in response. She washed her hands and went to see Abhi.

Pragya “I am here!” Abhi in a panicking tone asked “Where did u go? Are u fine? Did u go missing somewhere in this house?” Pragya “No! Dadi is here!!” Abhi “What??” Pragya “Haan Dadi is in the kitchen now….” Abhi “What? How can she come here?” Pragya “She had spare keys after all this house is maintained by her na…” Abhi whispered to her “Oh I see…then did she believed that we were in the same room?” Pragya “Yes! Just act in front of her!” Abhi “You don’t have to tell me that as I am an actor! Don’t u remember that?” Pragya “Yes I remember…can u just come with me now!” Abhi “Why?” Pragya “For Dadi!” Abhi “Oh ok let’s go….”
Dadi saw them coming to the kitchen and looked at them suspiciously. Abhi, Why is Dadi looking at us like this?
Dadi “Why both of u are looking as if….” Abhi “As if what Dadi?” Dadi “Nothing!” Abhi walking in front to Dadi gave a side hug and said “Why Dadi now u are looking confused? Did your Bahu make u confused too?” Dadi looking at Abhi asked “She made u confused?” Abhi “Haan Dadi…she always makes me confused….like asking me so many doubts!” Dadi then smiled hearing that which made Abhi to wonder why is she smiling now.

Dadi “Now I am clear…not confused anymore…it’s good to see that u understand your wife so well in such a short period!” Pragya looking at Abhi and Dadi could only feel how can everything being understood in the way it was not supposed to be….
Abhi smelling the aroma of the food in the kitchen said “Wow my favourite food is being prepared! You are the best Dadi! How did u know that I wanted Aloo paratha now?? You are so amazing Dadi! I just feel like kissing u!” Dadi “Wait wait! I never prepared this! It’s Pragya so u have to kiss her!” Abhi “No Dadi u are not telling the truth!” Dadi “Abhi! I am just helping her since she came to see u just now!” Abhi looked at Pragya and asked “Really? U prepared the breakfast today?” Pragya “Yes…but I didn’t know….” Abhi “It’s ok…and continue the cooking…I want to talk to Dadi alone!” With that he brought Dadi out of the kitchen leaving Pragya alone in the kitchen. Pragya, Why is he not even letting me finish my sentence? That’s very rude!

She was continuing to scold Abhi in her mind and cooked at the same time.
Dadi “What do u want to talk to me Abhi?” Abhi “About Pragya!” Dadi “What’s the matter?” Abhi “Dadi! Between me and Pragya there is still confusions that needs to be cleared…” Dadi “I know what u mean…u told me this before right then why do u have to tell this now?” Abhi looked around making sure that Pragya is not coming. Abhi softly said “I have told u why I married Pragya to u….she is still thinking that I married her so that I can get answers from u and Sarlaji….Dadi! I know whatever happened to her family is because of my uncle…maybe that’s why we are destined to meet each other so that I can help her…but…” Dadi “But what Abhi?” Abhi “But I feel bad that I am not telling the truth to her….and I also feel bad to be away from her….” Dadi “I can understand Abhi…but that’s why I made u two stay here alone….I know both of u are living in separate rooms but one day for sure the distance between u and her will be very close…” Abhi “Dadi! I think she is coming…we can talk later!”

Pragya called them to eat in the dining room and left with a smile. Abhi looking at Dadi said “Her smile Dadi…that is making me feel bad…she smile as if she believes me wholeheartedly but….” Dadi “Abhi! You shouldn’t get affected by this…first finish what u have to do then think about her smile!” Abhi “You are right Dadi…Ok let me go and freshen up! Then join u for breakfast!”

Pragya served both happily and Abhi had to act as if he was not affected by her smile and looks towards him. In between he had secret glances at her and admired her love towards him…. her love that was seen in her eyes…

Abhi, When will I be able to tell that my soul is intertwined with yours? Are u listening to my feelings that pine for your love? Leiko…when will I get the answers that I expect?

Pragya was now eating and looked at Abhi suddenly and asked “Did u call me?” Abhi was taken aback and answered in a harsh tone “Can’t u see I am eating too? When did I called u?” Pragya “I am sorry…I felt like I heard u calling me Leiko….” Dadi hearing that said “Abhi…why are u being rude?” Abhi “Sorry Dadi…I was just…” Dadi “Say sorry to Pragya now!” Abhi “Sorry Leiko…I mean Pragya…sorry…” Dadi “Leiko is nice to hear too! Call her that way from now onwards!” Pragya “Dadi…it’s ok he can call me Pragya…” Dadi “No Pragya as a wife u wish him to call u that way! It’s your right and he have to call u that way! One more thing u can also call him with some nickname!” Abhi “What? I don’t want any nicknames! She can just call me Abhi!” Dadi “I am telling right…Just listen to me and follow what I say…anyways it’s nothing wrong to have nicknames!” Abhi “But Dadi I am not a normal person! I am a celebrity! I don’t mind having names like Amazing Abhi! Awesome Abhi! But nicknames is like for kids!” Dadi with a smirk said “You are still a kid to me!” Abhi kept on pestering Dadi to not allow Pragya to call him with nicknames. Looking at this Pragya could only giggle silently and thought, He is really a kid! A grown-up kid that I love….

After that Dadi spent some time with them and left the house. Abhi “Finally she is gone!” Pragya “Why are u telling like that? Dadi is a very sweet person!” Abhi “I also know that but it’s very difficult to act in front of her!” Pragya “I thought acting is easy for u!” Abhi “Yes but not in front of loved ones….” Pragya remained silent for a while and Abhi “What are u thinking now?” Pragya “It means u can act easily in front of me right!” Abhi “I don’t know….” Pragya “How can u not know? You just said that it’s difficult to act in front of loved ones…and I am not your loved one which means u can act in front of me easily na…” Abhi with a smile said “I don’t know…” Pragya in a confused tone asked “You don’t know whether I am your loved one or you don’t know how to act?” Abhi still looking at her walked backwards slowly was saying “I don’t know whether I know…” Pragya “Why are u confusing me again?” Abhi “I don’t know too…” He was now slowly walking up the stairs in the backward direction. Pragya then realized he is telling the same way as she had replied before in their phone conversation. Pragya “It means u still remember whatever we talked before….” Abhi “I don’t know…” Pragya “I know what your don’t know means now…” Abhi stopped walking and asked “What u know?” Pragya with blushing said “I don’t know…” Abhi winked and said “Bye Leiko…I know this have to end now if not I don’t know how long this will take!” Pragya with a wide smile said “Bye!” By saying that Abhi went up the stairs smiling all the way and looked at Pragya who was as beautiful like a leiko (little flower) in her blushing.

Pragya in frustration looked at Abhi and poured a glass of water on his face!
Abhi wiping his face with a cloth said “Is this the time to play Leiko? If u want to play by splashing water…then I can buy for u water gun! Do u want that?” Pragya “Stop it! I am very angry with u!” Abhi “Why is that so?” Pragya in an anger tone said “Go and see your room then u will know!” Abhi wondered what was in his room that made her angry. Abhi went to his room and saw how his idea worked out very well. Abhi was praising himself, Well done Abhi! You are such a genius and u did it!

Thank u everyone for reading! Thank u to both silent and non-silent readers and I have replied in the last two updates! As for real kkb my hopes for it is just hopeless whenever I read the written updates… I have lost interest in watching the show for a long time but now I think even reading that is also irritating….Just felt like sharing my point of view…But it’s ok certain things turn out to be the way we never expect…

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