Sonali will judge new reality TV show for kids on Life’s OK Channel

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Sonali Bendre will judge a chilrens show on Life OK channel

Sonali Bendre will judge a chilrens show on Life OK channel

These days there are plenty of reality TV shows airing on television on different channels. Most of them are some sort of competition shows like singing, dancing or comedy. This competition has not spared the small children. The urge for publicity and fame in early childhood fetches these young kids onto the stage. Parents force their wards to show off their talent and expect them to return as a winner.


Very few are concerned of the fact that this is indeed an act of injustice for the small kids. In the age of play and learn, they are pushed in front of camera and forced to perform with the burden of expectations on their head. No one knows what happens with these innocent children when they loose and are thrown out of the competition. This becomes a mental trauma and a tragedy of lifetime for them.


Sonali Bendre who is playing a judge on India’s Got Talent has come up with a new reality show to be aired on Life OK channel where she has made a sincere effort to change the attributes of this trade. The concept of her new TV reality show is quite different than others. It will be a show based on children where kids from the age group of 5 to 15 years will face the stage and show their talent. Children can sing, dance, act or do whatever they want. Interesting isn’t it? However the key here is that it will not be a sort of competition where they are made to fight with each other!

The format of the show is such that every kid on the show is a winner. He/ she will come, perform, get reward and will return happily. This way – Sonali – feels, we will be able to make justice with the emotions of these little hearts and at the same time help them groom their skills.


We really appreciate Sonali’s initiative and are looking forward for the show on Life OK!

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