Sometimes…..(KKB) Teaser

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Rinku “Tell me now Papa!!! I want to see Ma today!!! Everyone have their Ma!!! Why I don’t have!!!!” He asks Abhi loudly in front of Pragya. Pragya tries her best to hide her emotions of his son’s outburst.

Rinku “Pragie! You also ask him!!! He have Ma too but why I don’t have!!!”

Pragya remains silent looking at Abhi. She knows how hard it is for Abhi to make Rinku understand.

Abhi looks back at Rinku. He tries to carry him but he moves away in such a way that Abhi can’t carry him.

Abhi “You want to know where is your Ma right?”

Rinku “Yes Papa! Now I want to know!!!” He said stubbornly.

Abhi “Okay then but which Ma you want? Old one or new one?” He asks making Rinku & Pragya to look in confusion.

Abhi “What’s your opinion Pragya? Shall I show him new one or old one?”

Pragya looks blankly. Abhi looks on seeing the confused faces of Pragya & Rinku.

Sorry everyone. Too tired to update a long one so here is the teaser. Hope u all find it interesting. If so thank u….if not sorry. Bye bye !!

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