Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 7

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Pragya walks around in her room thinking of Abhi caressing her cheek.
Pragya, The way he looked make me feel that he wants to tell me something. Or am I imagining things? It should be that way. What would he want to tell me? I think he was feeling very guilty of slapping me. It is not at all good to slap a person and that too in front of Rinku. I think that’s why he looked at me that way but the way he touched was with a lot of emotions. I felt he didn’t want to stop touching me. What can I call that as?
Her friend looking at Pragya who was walking for the past 10 minutes asked “So is there any interesting thing that happened today? Oh….I heard from Neha that someone was touching someone!!”
Pragya hearing that fumed in anger and was about to leave the room. Her friend “Arrey! Why so much of anger? I just said a gossip that I heard from Neha.” Pragya “It was not a gossip. It’s true that he touched me but not like the way you think. He was feeling guilty that he slapped me without knowing what happened.” Her friend shrieked “What?? Abhi slapped you???” Pragya “Yes he did…but…” Her friend “How dare he did that? I will go and ask him now!!!”
Pragya holding her friend’s hand “Listen to me what happened first. You don’t be like him and jump into conclusions in a hurry too.”
Her friend nodded her head and listened to Pragya as she told what happened earlier that day.
Her friend “He is such a fool! How can he think you would feed Rinku with spicy food!” Pragya “It’s not like that. If I am in his place, I would have also reacted that way.”
Her friend smiled in a teasing way of how Pragya is supporting Abhi. Seeing that, Pragya understood the thoughts running in her mind.
Pragya “I don’t know what make you feel to think in the way u think. But I am very sure it’s impossible to happen!”
Her friend “We will see. Sometimes time will change in a way it will be INTERESTING!” She said that by emphasizing the word interesting.
Pragya shook her head in irritation. Just at the moment, she received a call from Rinku.
Pragya picked up the call with a wide smile. Rinku “Pragie!! Are you ok?” Pragya “Yes I am ok. Did you talk to your Papa?” Rinku “I have to talk na…if not who will give money for chota gang?” Pragya chuckled at his reply. Pragya “Don’t be angry on him. He did that out of the care and concern for you.” Rinku “I know Pragie….He is getting naughty but don’t worry I will change him!” Pragya “Okay….what are you doing now?” Rinku “Just finished my homework and now planning to have a meeting session for our chota gang.” Pragya “Oh when is it?” Rinku “It’s an urgent meeting. Can you come at evening 6 pm here?” Pragya “6 pm….I thought of going to temple….” She hesitated. Rinku “Then it’s ok Pragie. You can join us for next meeting!” Pragya “No I can come. I will go temple tomorrow. I love to come and see you all!” Rinku smiled hearing it. Rinku “Ok Papa is coming. I will talk to you later! Bye! Bye!”
Pragya also said bye before ending the call. Her friend looking at all this smirked and said “I never see anything INTERESTING!” Pragya irked “Stop it!”

Abhi taking his phone back from Rinku asked “So there is a meeting today?” Rinku “How you know Papa?” he asked in surprise.
Abhi, I was hoping there is a meeting so that i can meet Pragya.
He was smiling widely thinking of Pragya. Rinku screeched “Papaaaaa!!!!” Abhi came back to senses & looked at Rinku with a weird expression.
Rinku “Papa! Are you ok?” Abhi “Ya I am fine. Why u ask like that?” Rinku “Why you smile just now?” Abhi “It’s good to smile. It makes u a better person.”
Rinku “Really??” Abhi “Yes my boy!!” He said by carrying him.
Rinku “Papa, today members are coming. It’s an urgent meeting!” Abhi “Oh…everyone is coming?” Rinku “Haan Papa. Even Pragie is coming. She want to go temple today but she changed her plan.” Abhi “Oh really? That’s very sweet of her. She is such a sweet & cute girl na?” Rinku remained silent in response.
Rinku, Papa find Pragie sweet & cute. Does this mean he likes her?
Abhi “Now you are thinking deeply!” Rinku shook his head as no. Abhi “Ok. I will let you go now. I am going to change into a nice & cool T-shirt as your friends are coming.” He said by letting him down. Rinku looking at Abhi walking with excitement wondered why Papa looks very cheerful today.
Abhi reaching his wardrobe was making a mess on his bed by scattering all his t-shirts. He finds none of them to be nice enough for him.
Abhi, All seems so old & dull. Today she is coming & I have to wear something impressive.
A while later he looked at himself in the mirror. His smile faded into a serious look.
Abhi, What is this yaar? Like seriously you are excited like a teenager to meet his crush today. Is this right? Definitely not! You are a father of a child. How can u imagine yourself to be like this?

Abhi looked back at the bed of the mess he had done. He shook his head.
He set back his clothes in place & chose something simple to wear.
Abhi looking again at mirror, I am telling you that you have to change yourself. Remember you are Rinku’s father & not some roadside Romeo! Do you understand that?
As the door was not closed, Rinku who was standing outside his room was seeing all this. He was confused of Abhi’s reactions.
Rinku, What is happening Papa? Why he keeps on see the mirror?
Rinku walked away as he sensed Abhi was about to turn back.

After a few hours,
Everyone turned up except for Pragya. Abhi was looking around thinking why she was not coming.
Rinku said to everyone that today it is very important to be on time.
Pragya came in. She was sweating profusely.
Rinku & others looked at her in angry look. Rinku “Why are u late Pragie?” Pragya “Sorry, I was stuck in heavy traffic.” Rinku “You should have left early Pragie. It is very important to be on time.” He said with a serious look with other kids saying yes to him.
Pragya looked very apologetic. Seeing her Abhi felt bad for her. For a moment he was angry at Rinku for questioning Pragya in this way.
Rinku & others “ We are going to give punishment to u!” Pragya “But I said sorry na…” She said innocently.
Abhi “Yes guys, she is sorry for her mistake. It’s actually the mistake on traffic na…” Rinku “No Papa…you don’t interfere in this. This is official matters.” Abhi hearing it was irritated.
Pragya “Ok…what’s the punishment?” Rinku & other kids talked among themselves to decide on the punishment.
Rinku after discussion revealed that Pragya have to cook for them something delicious in one hour.
Abhi “That’s unfair. There is nothing much at home to cook!” Rinku “All that we don’t know! This is the punishment for Pragie. Are u ready to do the punishment?”
Pragya nodded her head as yes. Abhi looked in denial of their punishment. How will she be able to cook something when there is not much of things at the kitchen.
Pragya asked where was the kitchen. Abhi said the direction & she went there.

At the kitchen,
Pragya was looking what was available. With the things at the kitchen, she planned to do egg tart for all of them.
She was preparing the necessary things when Abhi entered the kitchen.
Abhi “They are really being unfair to you.” He said in a frustrated tone to which Pragya smiled.
Abhi “Anyways what are u preparing?” Pragya “Egg tarts! I hope it turns out to be good.” Abhi “Nice!! I have eaten that long time back.” Pragya “I know…” Abhi “You know?” He asked in surprise. She bit her lower lips thinking of how absent-mindedly, she says she knows.
Pragya “Err..I mean from the way you look I said I know.” Abhi “Oh…” Pragya turned away and was washing some of the bowls.
Abhi stood there admiring the way she was working. It was as if seeing a gentle breeze hitting his face.
Pragya smiled back as he smiled. Abhi smiled even more widely.
Pragya looked at him before doing what she wanted to do. But he was still standing there looking with a goofy smile.
Pragya “You want anything?” Abhi “Lovely….” Pragya “Huh?” Abhi “Simply superb!” He said by looking into her eyes. Pragya was puzzled looking at him.
Pragya waved her hand in front of him to get his attention. He following her hand movement grinned even more.
Pragya didn’t know what to do. She was back to doing her work when he himself came back to senses after hearing to the loud chuckles of the kids.
Abhi, Damn! What was I doing all this while? Smiling like a silly person? Or anything else? Oh man! I hope I never did anything wrong.
Pragya from the corner of her eyes saw Abhi ruffling his hair with a frustrated look. Pragya “Are you unwell?” Abhi “No…why are u asking?” Pragya “You were smiling for very long….I didn’t know what happened to u.”
Abhi, She would have thought i am a stupid smiling away. Abhi “You carry on Pragya. I have to make a call to my friend.”
Pragya smiled in returned as he left still looking confused of his feelings.

Pragya, Was he smiling at me or smiling thinking of something else? Why would he smile at me? I think he smiled thinking of something else.

Abhi’s heart beats faster as Pragya touches his face. Abhi doesn’t want to stop her from touching him at the same time he wants her stop.
Why is Pragya touching his face? Pls wait to know that.

One thing to be clarified, Pragya’s friend here will be only for few episodes. Not a very significant character in this story and that is the reason why I never mention a name for her.

This coming week I will be busy too. Again another week of irregular updates. I am very sorry for it. Hope u all won’t be angry for it. Thanks for reading, liking & commenting again.

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