Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 29-30; Last chapters!

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The last two chapters of SOMETIMES:

Purab “It’s a torture not seeing you when we are so close to each other.” Bulbul “Same here!” Purab “At least take a selfie & send me yaar!”

Bulbul “Impossible. My friends are here. They are already teasing me for continuously calling you.” Purab in a teasing tone “Very soon I will be teasing you!” Bulbul smiles in shyness.

Purab “You are smiling now!! I am missing that sight!!!” Bulbul chuckled hearing him getting impatient to see her.

Purab “Oh…forgot to tell you. Since morning, I didn’t see Bhai!” Bulbul “I didn’t see Pragya either.” Both remains silent for a while in thoughts.

Bulbul “Did they like left the house?” Purab “Bhai won’t leave at this time. He knows he needs to be there for me.” Bulbul “But Pragya can leave right?” Purab “Oh ya….then my best man Rinku is also not around.” Bulbul “Haan Purab…..he is also missing. He said he will come to my room to call Bubble in the morning”

Purab “Something is wrong. I don’t want my Bhai to miss my wedding. After all he is the one who plan for all this knowing that we are in love with each other.” Bulbul “Don’t worry, still there is couple of hours for our marriage to happen.” Purab “I have been trying to call him. But there is no response.” Bulbul “I did called Pragya. Her phone is switched off.”

Purab & Bulbul hoped all was well with Abhi, Pragya & Rinku. They didn’t want them to miss their wedding.

Meanwhile Abhi was driving with thoughts of Pragya.

He stopped the car seeing his mother calling him.

Abhi “Hello Ma….” He said by attending the call.
His mother “I can’t hear you clearly Abhi.” Abhi “Seems signal is weak here. Wait Ma….” He says by getting out of the car.

Realizing the car had stopped Rinku & Rocky came out from their hidden position at the back of the car.

Rinku “Looks like Papa went out to search for Mumma.” Rocky “But I heard he is talking to Dadi.” Rinku “You never hear clearly! It was so noisy when the car moves. I never hear anything”.

Rocky felt offended by Rinku’s words. He looked sad. Rinku “Sorry Rocky….” Rocky “You always scold me.” Rinku “I will buy for you Christmas gift Rocky. Now let’s go!” Rocky’s face brightened hearing Christmas gift. He happily got down of the car but Rinku pulled him in saying they need to go secretly behind Papa.

Now Rocky & Rinku were hIding behind a tree. They were seeing from there to observe where Abhi was moving to.

Rocky remembers last time they also hide behind a tree.

Rocky “What if this time also we get lost?” Rinku glares at him. Rocky “ I just ask na…” Rinku “That’s different Rocky! Let me look at Papa!”

Rinku still sees Papa talking in phone.

His mother “I have something important to tell you.” Abhi “What is that Ma?” His mother “I think Rinku & Rocky saw you going out.” Abhi in a worried tone “Don’t say they followed me.” His mother “I don’t know Abhi but they are not here.” Abhi “Did he took your mobile phone like last time?” His mother “Abhi! I am talking through my phone now.” Abhi “All because of that Rocky….he is the one every time doing this!!”

Rocky got distracted by the sight of squirrel which was hopping here & there.

Rocky saw Rinku closely looking at his Papa. He thought why not for a while he can follow the squirrel.

He slowly moved to see the squirrel.

Following the squirrel, he realized it was very fast. He finally managed to see it jumping to a tree branch.

Rocky “Hey Squirry! Come down!! I need to show you to my friend Rinku!”

He jerked when someone patted his shoulder. He turned back to see who it was.

It was Rinku!! Rinku “What is this Rocky? Who ask you to come alone here?” Rocky “Sorry Rinku! See!! Up there is a squirrel!!” Rinku looked up to the direction he pointed but he couldn’t see anything except for branches with leaves.

Rocky “It was here only….” He said in a low tone.

Rinku hold his hand said “Come let’s go before Papa goes away! We will see squirrel in on YouTube!”

Rocky nods his head being upset that squirrel was missing.

Coming back to the position they were, it was shocking to them seeing both Abhi & his car are missing.

Rinku “We saw Papa going this way na.” Rocky “Yes….but where did he disappear?”
Rinku “The car also missing.” Rocky gets scared thinking of what if this time also police chase them. Rocky “Can we go back home?” Rinku “No Rocky. If Papa go out means he is looking for Mumma. So we have to search for Papa.”

Rocky had no choice but to follow Rinku. Rinku thinks what are the places that Papa can go to search Mumma.

Rinku “Hostel!!!” He says loudly which made Rocky taken aback.

Rinku said he feels Papa would have gone to hostel. Both walked a certain distance until they found an autorickshaw.

Meanwhile, Abhi reached the hostel.

He was checking with receptionist for Pragya’s room number when the hostel warden informed him that she is not here. She said she left today saying a man would come in search of her. Pragya had asked her to inform him that she is very sorry for whatever inconvenience she had caused in his life.

Abhi couldn’t believe she would leave from here.

He received another call from his mother.

His mother “Any news of her?” Abhi in a low tone “She left Ma….” He said walking out of the hostel with heavy heart.

His mother “ Did you check with the people at hostel?” Abhi “Haan Ma…. sometimes I feel why she came across my life when I was living my own life with Rinku & you….” His mother “Oh Abhi. You don’t lose hope & think like this.”

Abhi “Hmm….” His mother “You are getting my bahu & Rinku’s mother back.” Abhi “Ma….if she can leave my love behind then don’t you think it’s difficult get her love back?”

His mother “Did you check properly? I mean it’s all verbal statements of the hostel warden saying she left!!” Abhi “What do you mean Ma?” His mother “I am saying Did you check for yourself that she is not there!!” Abhi “No!” His mother “Then do that before talking like this!!”
She said that ending the call making Abhi going back in to find Pragya’s friend talking to the receptionist. She was the same person who he had seen before helping Pragya to come down the stairs.

Once she saw him, she quickly tried to go away when Abhi blocked her way.

Abhi “Pragya is here right?” Her friend “No!” Abhi “Please don’t lie. I need her. My family needs her. Won’t you feel happy if your friend have a family to be loved?” Her friend “‘You know she is stubborn. She won’t listen to all this”

Abhi “I know but I am even more stubborn than her. She knows that. Just tell me where she is. I will make her understand today that she is needed in our lives!” Her friend was still hesitant to tell where Pragya was.

Abhi “At least for my son, he needs his mother. He is already emotional of not having his Ma.”

Her friend asked him to follow her. He followed hoping to see Pragya.

Her friend “She is inside this room. It’s not locked as she is doing painting.” Abhi remembers Rinku painting. He now knows where that trait comes from.

Abhi thanked her for helping. Abhi opened the door slowly not making any sound as Pragya’s a friend left from there.

He was amazed to see him in her painting. She was doing final touch ups to it.

He stood there froze in amazement how beautifully she had drawn him.

Pragya “Sometimes this is what I can do to make you closer to me.”

She says by looking at Abhi in her painting.

Abhi closes the door. Hearing the sound, Pragya turns back and is shocked to see him.

Pragya “You are here???” Abhi “Pragya, this is the limit!” Pragya “I have told you yesterday. It’s impossible.” She said by looking down.

Abhi walking towards her “Stop lying to yourself! You love me so much that you can draw me with so much of love!”

“This painting have nothing to do with love. It’s just my talent.” She replied.

Abhi “You won’t change right? For everything I say you have something to reply!”

Pragya “Why can’t you understand it? I am saying stop loving me!”

Abhi walking towards her “Can you do that Pragya?” She had no answer to reply.

He pulling her close to him “You have been loving me, is it easy to stop loving me? If you say yes then I will also do that!”

Pragya closing her eyes “It’s not about me. It’s about you!”

Abhi “It’s about us Pragya….it’s about you, me, Ma & most importantly Rinku. Can’t you see how much he loves you? Don’t you feel he deserves your motherly love? Even now he is finding for us. He is finding for his parents love. If he just wanted the love of mine, he would have stayed back at home.”

Pragya opened her eyes in shock.

“What do you mean by he is finding for us?” She asked.

Abhi “Rocky & him left to search for us as we are missing from house.” Pragya “Why are you being careless? How can you be here when he is out there searching for us? Does he have a phone with him? Make a call to him now. I will talk to him!”

Abhi “No Pragya….he didn’t even took a phone with him.” Pragya “What are you saying? Come let’s go & find him!”

She said by getting out from his grip. She saw him still standing there.

Pragya “What are you waiting for? Let’s go! We can’t waste time. We must find the kids!”

Abhi “I am not coming until you change!”

Pragya “Abhi…we can talk about us later. Now let’s go!” She said looking at him frantically.

Abhi remains silent. Pragya “Please Abhi…..
I beg you to come now…” She says looking at him.

Abhi “What’s the use Pragya? We will find him now then he will again go in search of his mother’s love!” Pragya “I will talk to him. He will understand that your love is more than a mother’s love.”

Abhi laughs hearing that. Pragya see it was looking clueless.

Abhi “He will understand? I don’t think so when now he is thinking that you will give him the motherly love he needs.”

Pragya “No….he never thinks that way. You are lying!” Abhi “Oh I am lying right? Wait!! Let me show you something!” Abhi took out his phone & showed her a picture.

Abhi “See for yourself. What’s written on it.” Pragya holding his phone couldn’t believe Rinku had made a sketch of her. He also had written on it as MY PYAARI PRAGIE MA…..

Pragya was in tears seeing it. She couldn’t stop herself from touching the screen.

Abhi “This is what he have been thinking of you. But you are saying you are his well-wisher & best friend….what else will you say Pragya? School friend, Chota gang member? Anything else?”

Pragya “I didn’t know he will think like this about me.” She says by crying uncontrollably.

Abhi “You have started to make my son think of you as his mother. Think Pragya of the times how he bond with you. Can’t you see how much he loves you? How much he yearns for your love to stay forever? When u left after a few days he got hurt, you did saw how uncontrollably he cried! Do you consider all that as a lie?”

Pragya “I never said all that is a lie!” Abhi “Then why are you lying that you are just a best friend to him?”

Pragya passing his phone said “I want him to get the best Mum, that’s not me.”

Abhi “No Mum will claim I am the best in the world. It’s the child who claim their mum is the best!”

Pragya “Abhi….” Abhi “Pragya, what’s wrong in being his mother?”

Pragya “What if something wrong happens to him?” Abhi covering her mouth with his hand said “Nothing will be wrong as long you are with him to protect. Something wrong will happen only if you are not with him. Just like how my Ma is with me all this while. Nothing wrong went with me as long she is there to protect me from all odds in my life!”

Pragya unable to control her emotions hugged him.

Abhi “Pragya….you are the only one who can be, will be & must be Rinku’s mother.”

They remained in the hug until Rinku opened the door.

He was out of breath after running up the stairs.

Rinku “May I come in??” He asked still finding himself breathing heavily.

Abhi & Pragya broke their hug seeing Rinku.

Pragya “Rinku!!” She ran to him. She kneeled down.

Pragya seeing him couldn’t speak anything. She just hugged him and gave kisses all over his face.

Pragya “Don’t ever do this again! You know how scared I was hearing that you left to search us!”

Rinku was overwhelmed by her hug & kisses. He was just looking at how worried his Mumma was.

Abhi seeing them smiled wiping his tears.

Pragya “I’m sorry for leaving all of a sudden without informing you. I promise I won’t do this again. Rinku, you also promise me you won’t leave like this again.”

Rinku “ I promise Pragie. I won’t do like this again.” Pragya “Sure?” Rinku “Very sure Pragie!” Pragya “Just Pragie or is it Pragie Ma?”

Rinku looks at Abhi. He nods his head as a sign of Pragya remembered that she was his mother.

Rinku hugged her back by exclaiming “Ma…I love you!!!” Pragya “I love you too Rinku!”

They were then having mother-son moment by Pragya carrying Rinku.

Rinku was extremely happy until he forgot Abhi was there. Pragya was telling Rinku, it’s her good luck that she got him as a child.

Abhi “Excuse me, can I have some attention here?”

Both looked at him raising his eyebrows.

Pragya “Yes Mr Abhi. What do you want?”

Abhi “Again Mr Abhi??” Pragya “Yes you are Mr Abhi right?” Abhi “I thought you have changed. You called me Abhi just now too….” Pragya “Mr Abhi… what’s your problem now?” Abhi “let me clarify, you are ready to be my wife right?”

Pragya “When did I say that?” Abhi “What? If you are Rinku’s mother now, doesn’t that mean you are my wife?”

Pragya “How’s that possible Mr Abhi? Being a wife & mother is two different things na….”

Abhi looked away unable to stand her now.

Pragya smiled inwardly thinking how cute he looks in frustration.

Rinku seeing all this was worried what if Pragie won’t stay with her.

Rinku “Papa….I think I stay with Pragie here.” Abhi looking in shock “Oye Rinku! You are ready to leave Papa for your new Mumma ah? How bad is that!!”

Pragya smiles seeing Rinku. Pragya “That’s also a good idea Rinku. You can leave old Papa to spend time with this new Mumma.”

Abhi “Stop this Pragya! I know you are making fun of me.” Pragya “I am not. I am very serious Mr Abhi.”

Abhi “Oh…if that’s so….You take care of Rinku. I can be a free bird now! I can do whatever I wish. My girls, Jiya, Helena, Rathi are waiting for me.” He says looking very excited.

Pragya letting Rinku down walked towards Abhi.

Pragya “I wanted to ask you last time itself,who are these girls?” Abhi “How does that matter to Rinku’s mother?” He asked looking at her mockingly.

Pragya “It doesn’t matter to Rinku’s mother but it matters to Mr Abhi’s wife.”

Abhi grinned looking away. Pragya “This is not the answer I want. Tell me who they are now.”

Abhi looked at Rinku. Rinku looked sheepishly. Pragya looking at Rinku.

Pragya asked firmly “Do you know who they are Rinku?”

Rinku looked at all directions unable to answer.

Abhi holding Pragya closer to him said “He was the one taught me those names!” Pragya was taken aback by both his gesture & words.

Pragya softly “Leave me….look Rinku turned behind seeing you doing like this.” She blushed as he said “Rinku, Can I carry your mother like she carried you just now?”

Rinku “Ok Papa! Then we can bring her to our house!!!”

Abhi chuckled seeing Pragya hide her face in his chest.

Rinku turned back to check whether Papa really carried Mumma. He smiled seeing they were happily hugging each other. He too went near them. Abhi carried him saying “Finally it happened Rinku!!!” Pragya “Finally both of you happened in my life.” She said looking at them. In response Abhi made Rinku kissed her cheek.

Abhi “I will have my turn in private. As my wife had told to behave decently in front of kids.” Pragya blushed badly in response.

Rinku suddenly shrieked “Oh no!!!” Abhi “What happen Rinku?” Rinku “Let me down Papa!!!” He said repeatedly. Abhi let him down. He asked them to follow him.

Both followed him clueless of his sudden shock.

Rinku reached out of the hostel to see Rocky inside the autorickshaw.

Rinku “So sorry Rocky, Papa & Mumma are together now. We were talking a lot until I forgot you.” Rocky in anger “You forgot your best friend?” Abhi “Maybe he never consider you as a best friend to remember.”

Rocky in response frown at Abhi. Pragya coming to Rocky “Ignore what he says. You are such a good boy who always helps your friend, Rinku.” Rocky smiles hearing that. Abhi then pays the ride fare to the driver.

He says “Rocky next time I see you bringing Rinku out like this, I will pack you inside a box & throw away into the sea.”

Rocky hearing that cries which make Pragya console him not to cry.

Pragya “Don’t you know how to talk to a kid? It’s not only his fault. Even Rinku is in fault. You can see both the times Rinku seeks help from Rocky. He knows it’s not safe to go alone so he brings Rocky along. As a best friend he is helping Rinku.” She says in support of Rocky.

Rinku “Yes Mumma is right.” Rocky added “Your Papa is always wrong.” Abhi “Rocky…come here…” He says very politely. Rocky “No way! I know you will beat my back like last time”.
Abhi “No darling. Just come near me na….” Rocky gets scared and hides behind Pragya. Abhi gestures her to make him come closer to him.

Pragya “First let’s leave. There’s just 2 hours left for Purab’s wedding. If we never leave now, then we will miss it.” She reminded him.

Abhi looked at his watch. Abhi “Ok let’s go! Let me call Ma too.” Pragya “Let me talk to her first. I know she is the one who make you come all the way here. I need to thank her.”

Abhi smiles by passing the phone to her.

They got on to the car. With Abhi driving, Pragya made the call to his mother.

His mother hearing they are coming back & Pragya accepts to be Abhi’s wife & Rinku’s mother, could only feel overwhelmed in happiness.

Then Abhi with his family attended his brother’s wedding with full of happiness.

At the same time, Pragya was feeling grateful to the way things turn out in her life. She didn’t expect she will accept him & Rinku in her life as her insecurities has always been an obstacle to overcome. Abhi’s mindset that nothing goes wrong with true & pure love for others changed her mindset. She also understood she have to stop think too much SOMETIMES!

Most importantly, She realized SOMETIMES you just need the right person at the right time to change you. Her right person is obviously Abhi!

Rinku was feeling finally a happy family had happened in his life. Now he can say to his friends that he also have Ma with him. He doesn’t have to feel low anymore when others ask him about his Ma. He knows his Ma is much more talented than others. She can dance, paint & even talk to kids like him very friendly. She is never strict all the time like others. SOMETIMES, he feels very proud of having the best Mum in the world.

As for Abhi, he knew all this will happen. He just didn’t know when will be the time. His love for Pragya first started as an attraction, then an addiction & now finally it’s all affection towards her. Affection for whatever she had done for him. He didn’t want her to know that he knows what she done for him. As he had decided before, he want to start a fresh life with Pragya leaving the past behind. He did by staying strongly following his words. He did it by loving his family…his world immensely. He realized SOMETIMES in life, times of some situations have to happen for love to be stronger and deeper. He understood all the moments of pain, sadness, disappointment, guilt & times he need to wait happened in his life to make his love for Pragya stronger and deeper. With Pragya in their lives, he was feeling blessed at all times.


Thank you for a your love & support for this ff. Hope the ending was satisfying to all of you. If not I am sorry. Thank you once again to each & every person for reading this ff, liking it & also commenting. I would also like to thank those who disliked it as it motivated me to write better. Finally, with this ff coming to an end I have decided to stop writing. I don’t want to bother you all by telling my reasons for stop writing. It’s a decision made a long ago. Thank you so much for all the support for the past 580 updates of different ffs of mine. It really means alot to me. With a lot of fond memories, I am leaving from here. Thank you to kkb, abhigya, all my friends & siblings in TU for giving me a wonderful and fruitful experience. Thank you to god & destiny for making me come across this beautiful site to make me read & write stories. Will always cherish the experiences & the people known over here. Thank you once again.

Bye bye friends! Will miss you all. (I have already told about this happening earlier). Thank you so much once again. I wish all reading this to have happiness & wonderful life ahead. Ok that’s all! Bye again!

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