Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 23

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Nia “Yes Mr Abhi. If you hadn’t insist the doctor to make her give birth to your child on the specified date, she wouldn’t have faced the complications.”

Abhi “Can you tell me clearly?” Nia reveals that Rinku was supposed to be born two weeks later than he was born. Since Abhi insisted that Rinku should be born on a specified date which coincides with his Ma’s birthday, doctors did Caesarean for Pragya. Unfortunately, it was complicated for Pragya to the extent that it damaged her health. In addition, she had the complications of not being able to conceive.

Abhi hearing that was shocked. He felt guilty that he was in a way responsible for her state now.

Nia “She could have denied doing that. But she did it for you.” Abhi “I feel bad of myself now.” Nia “No Mr Abhi, I am not telling for you to feel bad. I am telling all this as she made a very big sacrifice just for you.”

Abhi “I wasn’t selfish. I wasn’t informed that she would face complications….if I had known I would have denied to do that.” Nia “Yes Mr Abhi, but you could have asked them if any problem would arise. You know nowadays some doctors are very much money minded. You insisted & said you will spend whatever amount it takes for Rinku to be born on that day. That’s all those doctors need to do what you want….” Abhi looks away in disgust thinking of how could those doctors do like that.

Nia “whatever had happened we can’t change. But Do you still want to know why Pragya agreed to be surrogate mother to your child?” Abhi “Ms Nia, as far as I know, we don’t know each other before.It’s all confidential, then how do u say she agreed as if she did it for me?”

Nia “She knows you before. In fact, once she got to know that you are planning to have a child by surrogacy, she decided she will be the mum.”

Abhi “How’s that possible?” Nia “She was your staff’s sister. Do you remember Ram?” Abhi “Haan, he is no more now….” Nia “Yes…Pragya is his sister. I guess you have shared to him about your plan to have a child through surrogacy.”

Abhi “Yes I did as he was my trusted friend too. Don’t say he asked Pragya to be a surrogate mother”.

Nia “No Mr Abhi, it was completely her own choice. She was actually in love with you without seeing you in person. His brother used to tell highly of you to her. Just by his words, Pragya was impressed by you. She was more of a silent admirer.”

Abhi “It’s impossible being a silent admirer of me she would have agreed to do this.”

Nia “I told you she was in love with you….her silent love for you made her take this huge step. After the demise of her brother, she didn’t have a purpose to live for. But she had heard his brother saying you want to have a child through surrogacy. She didn’t know how to approach you directly to be the surrogate mother. So she somehow manage to be the surrogate mother after convincing the doctors.”

Abhi “If she love me then why doesn’t she love me now? I mean she love me so much that she was ready to do something not everyone will do. Usually being surrogate mother is done for money. If she did it out of love, then why is she now hesitating to love me?”

Nia “She still loves you… was never her priority. She did used that money to form a dance school & teach the less privileged kids. Her hesitancy now is because of Rinku. She is scared that what if one day Rinku knows about his birth. She don’t mind him knowing it when he gets older as then he will have the maturity to understand. But now if he knows at this tender age, it’s not good. She doesn’t want it to be complicated.”

Abhi “I can understand her feelings now. I know what to make her believe nothing is complicated. I am glad that you made this effort for Pragya reaching out to us. Thank you so much for that. But from now on… must follow my instructions.”

Nia “Mr Abhi, I will follow whatever you say. But as promised you shouldn’t reveal to her that you know all this. It will be terrible if she knows that.” Abhi “I want her to forget whatever happened too. I want to make a fresh start with her”.

Nia smiled as she signalled that Rinku is running towards them.

After a few days,
Pragya was preparing herself to be bad in front of Abhi. She sighed seeing her again back at his house after a week.

Pragya “Robin….where is everyone?” She asked him as nobody was around at house.

Robin smiled. He was shy to tell her. Pragya “I am asking you Robin. Why are you smiling?” Robin “Madam is in room. But sir & Rinku…..” Pragya “But sir & rinku?” Robin “They are partying at swimming pool.” Pragya “What? At this time when the day is of scorching heat?” Robin “I don’t know that mam. They are dancing too. Nobody is allowed over there”.

Pragya, Oh private party ah? So what? I will see them secretly!

She asked Robin not to tell she is seeing them.
Robin hesitated first but Pragya pleaded more. So he agreed to her.

Pragya hid behind a pillar. She saw father & son dancing to loud music of party all night.

Pragya laughed as it was night to for them to dance to that song. What made her spell-struck was Abhi. He was not wearing his shirt. He was in his shorts.

Pragya, What a body he has. He doesn’t look like he is in late 30s. His abs are so breathtaking.

Unknowingly her eyes were mostly on Abhi. Her senses were lost in admiring his physique. Instead of looking at Rinku being carried by Abhi, she was looking how strong arms Abhi had.

She smiled, blushed & was turning red thinking of how would it be like being carried by Abhi.

Pragya came back to senses when Robin tapped her shoulder. Robin “Mam, their party is ending soon…so….” Pragya took a while to register in her mind what he was saying.

Pragya “Haan Robin…” She said by walking back into the living room, still unable to recover from her sight on Abhi.

Pragya, What’s this? Why am I getting disturbed seeing his physique. Yes I know I love him but isn’t it too much of looking at his body this way? Stop your silly thoughts Pragya! You have to be focused on your aim. My aim….what’s that? Oh my aim is touching his abs.

She thought by smiling before she realized what she had thought of.

Pragya, Nonsense! What am I thinking until i forgot my aim & thinking of something else! Ok Pragya! Stop thinking itself. It’s getting worse now.

Abhi & Rinku were back after a shower. They saw her in surprise.

Rinku was keep on calling her but she can’t hear as she was lost in seeing Abhi. Rinku got fed up & asked Abhi what’s wrong with her? Why was she just looking at him?

Abhi could only smile in return by shrugging his shoulder as a sign that he doesn’t know the reason as well.

Pragya finally came back to senses when Rinku pinched her.

Abhi “Hi…” Pragya in a dreamy tone “Hi…” Abhi was saying something but for some reason she couldn’t hear him. All she could see was his chest. His chest that looks tantalizing to her.

Pragya before saying anything ran away which made Abhi & Rinku look clueless.

His mother who came by smiled at Abhi. Abhi “What’s wrong with her Ma? Why she didn’t even greet you? She was not even saying a single word except for looking at us.” She corrected saying “Not looking at us, it’s only looking at you.” Rinku “Why Pragie only look at Papa?” His Mother “Oh my grandson, don’t act as if you don’t know why Pragie only looks at your Papa?” Abhi “Ma….” His mother “Are you both acting or really acting as if u all don’t know?” Abhi & Rinku looked at each other before bursting into laughter.

His mother “She love you na….that’s why she is only looking at you.” Abhi blushed as Rinku said “Papa! It’s your wife looking at you not some girl.” Abhi “Oye Rinku! When u fall in love you will also blush when a girl continuously looks at you.” His mother “Oh Abhi, is this the way you talk to him? He is still young!” Abhi “Who? Him? He have a girlfriend at this age itself.” His mother looks shocked while Rinku frowns. Rinku “She is just a friend Papa. Don’t think too much.” Abhi “Oh I see, which friend will give flying kiss to each other before leaving school?” Rinku looks away in getting caught. His mother “Rinku, who is this girl? Why you never tell me?” Rinku “I had told my Mumma!!!! She was ok as she laughed at me.” He said that & ran up to his room.

Abhi “Rinku!! Don’t run too fast! You might fall!!!!” His mother “So naughty like you. I am glad that you told him Pragya is his Mum.” Abhi “What’s the use Ma? Both of you already know it. I am thankful to you for making him not aware of surrogacy.” His mother “Someday he might now but for now it’s important that we get back Pragya as his Ma in his life.”

She smiled in response after saying it’s her responsibility as his mother to make sure everything goes smooth.

Abhi after knowing the truth from Nia, had told his mother. His mother surprised him by saying she knows all this before. She also informed Abhi that Rinku is aware of being Pragya is his mum as Rocky helped him to find out from the hospital. He is curious to know why both of you are not together & behaving like strangers. Abhi was then thinking what to tell Rinku for their reason of not being together now.

His mother suggested that he should say she had forgotten the past due to an accident.

Abhi “Ma…you are watching kumkum bhagya, it doesn’t mean you can use one of their plots in my life!” His mother “Do you have any other better idea to start everything fresh? No right? If you use this memory loss idea, then Rinku will be convinced. He will pity on both of you. He will also understand why you at times enquire about Pragya.” Abhi “Oh ya….by the way now it sounds good. But if Pragya knows this then our plan will be a utter flop.” His mother “Oh Abhi, be positive, we haven’t even initiate our plan.” Abhi “Okay Ma….I will talk to Rinku.” His mother “I will also be there….let it be me who told you that he is aware that Pragya is his mum.” Abhi agreed to her.

Eventually, the trio are now working together to get Pragya join their family.

Abhi looks innocently as Pragya looks at Rinku. Pragya kneeling down “Rinku….this is not possible….he can’t be here.” Rinku looking pleadingly asked “please Pragie….” Pragya shook her head as no. Rinku “Not even for me Pragie?” Pragya was considering as she felt pity for Rinku. At the same time, Abhi was back hugged by a lady. Pragya seeing it was shocked.

Thank you everyone for reading, liking and commenting. I understand that some of you feel upset that I am ending this soon. Basically, I have no choice as I don’t want to elongate this and make it boring. I realize I work better with ff of lesser updates. Moreover this story doesn’t have much to tell except for how Pragya gets united with Abhi and Rinku. Sorry if I make u all feel bad for the early ending. Thank you once again for all your love and support every single time. It means a lot to me to write crazily.

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