Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 20

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Note: Thank you everyone for reading. Will end this ff soon, probably by next week. So enjoy the back to back updates of this ?

Abhi was getting upset as now Pragya was not even turning up to meet Rinku. He knew he had spoke a lot that day. But after that, she wasn’t texting Rinku. He even tried to call her but there was no response at all. He even tried using another number but hearing his voice, she ends the call abruptly. Rinku never said anything about not meeting her too. It’s been a week that she is not turning up. He decided to ask Rinku whether he had stopped his chota gang meetings.

Rinku was painting a beautiful house in the midst of a forest on his drawing paper.

Abhi “Rinku…” Rinku “Yes Papa. What do you want?” Abhi sat beside him. He first said “Hey, it’s such a nice painting. The house really looks like a real one.” Rinku smiled widely to his compliment.

Abhi “What’s this painting for?” Rinku “Just for fun Papa. Pragie said don’t use Papa’s phone to play game in your free time.” Abhi “So she asked to do painting?” Rinku “Haan Papa, I feel happy doing this too.”

Abhi, She is very concerned about Rinku’s eyesight. I had only warned him not to use phone too much but she gave another alternative. This is what I like about her. She really acts like a mother.

Rinku “Papa….why are you quiet?” Abhi “Nothing, was just wondering how’s chota gang going.” Rinku “Good Papa. We are going to an old age home to celebrate Christmas.” Abhi “Oh that’s great. How’s the preparations going? Why are you not meeting up with your members? Not even using the WhatsApp group too.” Rinku “We are meeting Papa. After school at the park.” Abhi “Oh…” Rinku “Ya Papa, if we are in WhatsApp na we talk a lot. Pragie say it’s not good as we spend a lot of time in it. So we now daily meet at park for a while. You know Pragie also bring her laptop so we faster finish our plans as she notes down our ideas.”

Abhi, Now it makes sense. It’s all her plan not to have meetings at house. A way not to meet me.

Rinku “Ok Papa, I need to finish this painting.” Abhi smiled before saying carry on to him.

Abhi walked back to his room with thoughts of meeting Pragya.

Rinku, Papa….I know Pragie is my Mumma….but why both of you separated? When I ask Dadi, she said she also don’t know. She ask me not to ask about that to both of you. She made me promise to her. But it’s ok…I will find out why now both of you behave as strangers.

He continues to paint with his mind having him & his parents, Abhi & Pragya living in the house he painted.

Pragya on the other hand was feeling relieved of not meeting Abhi for a week. It was not easy for her but she doesn’t want to complicate things. Yes his words was affecting her badly every single day. She couldn’t deny that. However, she have to do this as love in her life is a lie.

Pragya called Nia. Pragya “It’s too hard for me here. I can’t say no to him at the same time I can’t say yes to him. Instead of being stuck in this dilemma, sometimes I feel It’s better to run away from where I am. But I can’t….I want to be with Rinku. You are the one who told me Rinku is yearning for his Ma. I thought of just seeing him from a distance but now the distance had reduced so much that I am unable to distance myself from him. Then Abhi….he is just too stubborn of changing his feelings. I really don’t know what should I do.”

In response the Nia said “So it means you are loving Abhi?” Pragya “Oh god! Not at all! What am I saying & what are you saying?” Nia “You are loving him. From Mr Abhi it changed to Abhi….that’s the proof of your love for him.” Pragya realizes this & doesn’t know how to reply. Nia “Ok fine, loving him is not your fault as he would have the qualities that made you fall for him.” Pragya stammered “No….I…don’t….” Nia “You don’t have to get scared for this. I know you tried ways to show yourself in love. I also know your effort to make him love your friend. All flopped na….” Pragya in a low tone “Yes…”
Nia “Ok listen to this carefully, if you want his feelings to change, then you have to do something bad. Like be bad in front of him. Because now you are now good to his eyes.” Pragya “Bad?” She asked with hesitation. Nia “Bad means not that bad…” Pragya “Oh…” Nia tells what she have to do to be bad in front of Abhi. Pragya “This sounds bad but what if Rinku thinks bad of me too?” She puts her concern forward.

Nia “I am here na…I will convince Rinku. That’s not an issue here.”

Pragya “Okay. I will call you back once I am done.” Their conversation ended.

Nia ending the call turns around with a victorious smile. She is then shocked to see Abhi in front of her.

To be continued…..

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