Sometimes…..(KKB) Chapter 15

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Thank you everyone for reading, pls don’t say sorry at any point of time for not commenting. I am very humbled by the fact that you all read my stories in all your busy schedule so that itself is happiness. Thank you for that.And sorry for the confusion it’s supposed to be chapter 14 for last update. It was a typo error. Sorry about that.

Back to the chapter…..

Rinku “What’s the noise?” Rocky “Don’t know Rinku. It’s so weird….” They both sit close to each other in fear of the growing weird sound.

Rocky “I want to go toilet Rinku!!!” He says loudly which makes Rinku alarmed.

The weird sounds ended but their fear never ended.

“Hi kids!” Both turned to see whose voice was that. They were shocked to see Chota bheem there. Someone was in chota bheem attire.

Rinku & Rocky exclaimed seeing him. Although they knew it was someone in disguise but they couldn’t control their excitement of running towards to him to have a hug.

Rinku “Hi Bheem!” Rocky “Who are you? Your voice is exactly like Bheem. Do you practise a lot for his voice.”

“I do but sometimes it comes out naturally.” He said making the kids smile.

They had so many things to talk about from there. Their conversation had lots of fun. After sometime, Rocky break the truth of why they were here. Rinku stared at him for telling that. Upon hearing that, he said “Don’t stare at him Rinku! He is not your enemy to stare!”

Rinku “That’s right. Yes bheem we are here to see my mum. For that first we need to go sunshine hospital.”

Bheem “No problem! I know how to go there. I will bring you all there.” The kids couldn’t believe it. Is he telling the truth? They were so happy & all they could do is hug chota bheem again.

From there the trio went in a car that Bheem. hospital. It was a long trip which made the trio tired.

Meanwhile, Abhi & Pragya were travelling in car. At times he looked at her. He finds hope in her eyes. He doesn’t know is it the hope that they will reach out to Rinku soon or the hope that she will be his.

He knew it’s not the right time to think about she becoming his life partner but he couldn’t stop thinking as it was more like parents travelling in search of their son. The situation made him think this way.

Pragya interrupted his thoughts by asking “Why don’t you call your friend?”

Abhi “Huh? What did u say?” He asked in confusion.
Pragya “I asked why don’t you call your friend again? It’s quite some time you received any calls about Rinku.”

Abhi said ok by stopping the car in the road side.

Abhi, How concerned she is! Even I never thought of this. It’s good to have a person like her to remind you on things.

He then calls his friend.

Rinku “Bheem!!! Your phone is ringing!” Bheem “Pass me the phone! I will talk to the person.”

Rocky laughs seeing the name on the phone as Boocha!

Bheem “It’s Boocha!!! Then I need to talk. Wait for me friends. I need to stop driving now.”

The kids said ok & waited for him as he answered the call.

Abhi “Akash! How are they? Did you managed to see them?”

Bheem “I am with them! Come to Sunshine hospital!”

Abhi “Why? You mean you are with them?”

Bheem “I can’t explain everything to you now.”

Abhi “Alright, I will be there but why your voice is childish?”

Bheem “Because you are talking to Chota Bheem!”

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Abhi “Kya?? Chota bheem?? Does it mean you are not Akash? Then please pass the phone to Akash!” He says in confusion as Bheem laughs.

Pragya hearing that figured out what could have happened.

Pragya gestured him to end the call. Abhi didn’t want to as he wants to talk to Akash. Pragya snatched the phone from him & ended the call which made him shocked.

Pragya “Why can’t you understand a simple thing?”

Abhi “What I don’t understand? I need to talk to Akash if not how would I know how are the kids. Please pass me back my phone….”

Pragya sighed then said “He is dressed up as Chota Bheem. You know our kids are scared of police as they feel police might catch them & report to you. So your smart friend dressed up in disguise to make them not scared, make them feel happy through their favourite cartoon character.”

Abhi “Really? I never expected Akash will this smart….” He said making Pragya smile.

Pragya “So where are they heading to? I couldn’t hear that when you were speaking to him.”

Abhi “Sunshine hospital….”

Pragya hearing that went silent for a moment.

Abhi “What’s wrong?” Pragya “Can they really find information about your wife?”

Abhi “Wife??” Pragya looked at him for answer. Abhi remembers she doesn’t know he was not married.

Abhi “Oh…possible…but I guess she might not prefer it.” He thinks about what if Rinku’s mum would think. Most importantly, Rinku shouldn’t know how he was born.

Pragya “Doesn’t that mean we should reach there before they reach?”

Abhi “Yes you are right. I will text Akash to slow down his pace of reaching there. We have to be there before them.”

It happened as per their plan. Abhi & Pragya reached first. The trio reached a little late.

Abhi seeing Rinku got emotional. He cried a lot.
Rinku felt bad for Abhi. He also couldn’t see his Papa crying a lot. Rinku runs to him & cries as well.

Rocky seeing it yearned for the same kind of love.
As Rinku had forgotten about enquiring about his mum, Rocky managed to sneak in to ask the receptionist.

Rocky with his cuteness managed to ask the receptionist. The receptionist felt it’s nothing wrong to tell about his mum as he was keep on saying he is missing his mum.

The receptionist checked the database for the birth date. She finds out that he was born out of surrogacy. Now she was in a dilemma of whether to reveal his mum name as it is confidential according to the protocol in the hospital.

But by then Rocky made a scene by weeping. He acted being desperate to know about his mum. The receptionist bring him inside a room. She explained to him that his mum doesn’t want anyone to know where she is.

Rocky insisted at least she could say her name as his dad was so angry at his mum that he never even tells her name. Receptionist knows he is lying but she could understand why he is doing like this too. She felt she should at least say his mum’s name.

Receptionist “Okay I will tell her name but u shouldn’t tell this to your dad.”

He nodded his head obediently in response.

Receptionist “Her name is Pragya Arora…”
Rocky hearing that was shocked. He immediately run out to where Rinku & others were.

Rocky yelled “Rinku!!!!!! I found your Ma’s name!!!”

Abhi hearing it was shocked. Pragya was feeling tensed. She felt like disappearing at that moment.

Abhi in a loud voice “First you come here Rocky!”
Rocky was shivering as Abhi looked fiercely at him.

Rinku “Papa! Don’t look at him like this.”

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Abhi “Come here Rocky….” He said firmly.

He hid behind Pragya as he doesn’t want to get beaten from Abhi.

Abhi “Rocky…” He said by moving towards Pragya. Pragya shook her head as no. He didn’t want him to hurt a small boy.

Abhi smiled in return. Abhi “Rinku, if you want to know about your Mum then asks your friend to come in front.”

Rinku “But Papa….you cannot beat him. Ok?”
Abhi “Of course I won’t beat him my boy…” He says as he approaches Pragya.

Pragya “Mr Abhi, he is not at fault….” Abhi “I know that Ms Pragya, I just want to say thank you to him.”

Pragya looks at him. She feels Rocky is super nervous as he hold onto her dupatta in fear.

Abhi “Please ask him to come in front.” He says politely.

Rinku runs behind Pragya too & he tries to tell Rocky not to be nervous. But he is not willing to listen as from his past experience he knows how angry will Abhi be.

Pragya stops Abhi by saying “Listen Mr Abhi, he is a kid. He is very scared of you now. Please allow me to talk to him. After that u can talk to him.” She says it confidently.

Abhi smiled widely in response gesturing her to go ahead.

She carries Rocky, heading to the garden area to talk to Rocky. Rinku wanted to follow her too but Abhi stopped him by saying he needs to talk to his Dadi in phone first.

While Rinku was talking in phone to his Dadi, Abhi thanked his friend for the help & his strain in wearing a costume that is funny.

Akash said it was alright. He advised him to understand Rinku’s emotions & act according to it. It was fortunate that he is safe in the night as it is very common for child trafficking happening in nights.

Abhi again thanked him for his smart help. He too couldn’t think what would have happened if Rinku was in danger.

Akash then excused himself from there as he had some urgent work to do.

Abhi then walked towards Rinku.

Abhi “What did Dadi say?” He asked as he saw Rinku had finished talking in phone.

Rinku sadly “She cried Papa….I thought Dadi is very strong….

Abhi “She is strong only when u are with her….”
Rinku “Sorry Papa…I really wanted to see Ma…”
Abhi “I understand. I am sorry too. I should have understand you more. Will you forgive your Papa?”

Rinku asked him to kneel down. Abhi kneeled down.
Rinku kissed his cheek saying “I never get angry at you Papa. I was only sad of not seeing Ma.”

Abhi “Okay….now I know how much you want to see her. I will surely arrange a meeting with her soon.”

Rinku “She won’t come to see me?” Abhi “I don’t know where is she Rinku…in fact it’s many years already. Let me find where is she first then you can see her.”

Rinku felt upset that he still needs to wait to see his mum. But he felt better at least now his Papa making an effort to make him see his Ma.

A while later, Pragya calls Abhi through phone. He wonders why when she is just nearby.

He answers the call. She asks him to meet at the canteen area. Abhi together with Rinku went to the canteen area.

Pragya waved her hand to signal him. They reached where she was with Rocky. Rocky was eating noodles.

Rinku seeing it got hungry too. Abhi bought him noodles too. Abhi asked both to eat the food heartily as he want to talk to Pragya something.

Pragya was surprised as she also wants to tell him something.

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They were now both in a corner of the canteen where no one was around.

Abhi “I need your help….” Pragya “Help?”
Abhi “Yes Ms Pragya, Rinku is very desperate to see his mum….” Pragya “Yes I can see that in his eyes.”

Abhi “Let me tell the truth to you as I feel you are a very genuine person.” Pragya looks at him blankly.

Abhi “I got never married. Don’t mistake me but I was never interested in marriage before. But I did want a child. I love children. So what I did was have a child through surrogacy. My parents did warned me about its consequences. But I was very firm that I can raise a child being like his mother & father. I thought it will be easy…I was wrong. Although I did my duties as a father & mother….Rinku can’t see me as his mother. I know understand how important it is to have a mum in life. She is the person who showers her love in the most affectionate way that her child likes. Just like how my Ma did to me.”

Pragya hearing it was trying to fight her tears as she also badly wanted to shower her love to Rinku as his Ma.

Abhi “So…I have decided to show his mum.I need your help for that.”

Pragya got confused now. How can she help him?

Abhi “I know this is not the right time to tell this….but after seeing your concern towards Rinku when he was missing. The travel with you….all this made me fall in love with you. Actually I am in love with you from the time I saw you. It’s attraction at first but now it’s addiction. I can’t be myself without thinking of you for every single moment of my life. So will you be his mum? I mean I can say you are his mum but we were acting as strangers for some reason.”

Pragya was shell shocked. She wasn’t expecting this all of a sudden. She does know he was giving her hints of falling for her. To avoid this only she told a fake love story. But that didn’t bother him.

Abhi “Please Pragya….say yes! This is my first love. I NEVER EVEN EXPECT I WILL CONFESS MY LOVE NOW!!!”

Pragya couldn’t say anything. She was about to walk away when Abhi held her hand.

Pragya “Leave me Mr Abhi.” Abhi “Pragya, try to understand….I am in love with you….”

Pragya “Mr Abhi, I am sorry if I had given any wrong signals but I never think of you in that way. I love kids too. That’s why I got attached to Rinku. There is no other reason for me to talk to you or be part of chota gang.”

Abhi didn’t want her to leave. He holds Pragya closely to him. Pragya “You are not in your senses Mr Abhi. This is not you are supposed to be doing. Let go off me first!” Abhi never says anything except for looking deeply into her eyes. Just then Rinku shouts Papa loudly which makes him loosen his grip on Pragya. She runs away from there in tears.

Pragya, It’s all my fault. I have to move away from him. I never expect he would confess his love. This shouldn’t happen. After all, I am someone who live my life in loneliness. I prefer that way. Although, it sounds nice of the thought being part of their lives, I know it’s impossible if he knows the truth. Then he will think I am here for his money. He will even think I came across them for a stability in my life through his life. Whatever it is, I have decided to stay away from them.

To be continued….

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