Someone like you (Episode -2)

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Bulbul was scared speechless at the sight of the college’s principal and Mr. Mehra…who she had just happened to be imitating at the time. They didn’t look too happy…especially the Principal who wore a angry look on his face. Finally the Principal spoke.
“All of you back to your classes right away!” he shouted. “Miss Arora, my office…now!”
“Yes Sir!” she replied and then everyone dispersed.
“Bulbul, you have really done it now!” Purvi remarked. “The Principal is not gonna spare you this time!” “You know you could just try to help me instead of reminding me of how much trouble I’m in!” Bulbul exclaimed. “Did I tell you to imitate the staff?” Purvi asked sarcastically.
“No” Bulbul replied. “But you could have atleast warned me they were there.”
“Even I didn’t see them until you did!” she argued.
Bulbul blew out a breath.
“Ok fine, lets leave it. Arguing with you won’t get me out of this mess!” she said. “I’ll just have to take my punishment like a big girl.” Bulbul then headed to the Principal’s office.

On the other side, Professor Mehra was trying his best to save Bulbul from the Principal’s wrath.
“Sir, I know what she did was not proper student conduct, but, it was all in fun.” He said. “Mocking the teaching faculty is not acceptable Mr. Mehra!” The Principal said.
“I know Sir, but I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by it.” he said.
“Maybe not, but I can’t have her going around behaving in this manner, disrespecting members of staff.” he said. “Soon, other students would follow in her footsteps and then there would be no respect for authority!” “Yes Sir, I understand, but she is — ”
“I’m sorry Mr. Mehra, but her antics have reached a new level now and it’s high time she stop this childish nonsense!” It seemed as though the principal was firm in his decision to punish Bulbul and it was not going to change.

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There was a knock on the door.
“Come in” The Principal said and Bulbul walked in.
“You wanted to see me, Sir?” she asked innocently.
Bulbul looked at the Principal and turned her gaze slightly to the other occupant of the room, Mr. Mehra. What is he doing here? Bulbul wondered, turning her gaze back the Principal. He’s probably trying to turn Mr. Patel’s mind against me!
“Ah! Miss Arora, have a seat.” Mr. Patel said. “Mr. Mehra and I were just talking about you.
Yeah, Bulbul thought, mentally rolling her eyes. Like I didn’t know that already!
“I am sure you know why I called you here.” he said.
Bulbul nodded.
“And would you like to give any explanation in your defense?”
“No Sir.” she replied, shaking her head.
She really had no plausible explanation for her behavior.
The ones she did have would not work out in her favor.
So it was best to say nothing at all.
“Nothing at all to say?” he asked.
“No Sir” she replied once again.
“Then that leaves me with no option but to put you on two weeks suspension.” he said.

Both Abhi and Bulbul were shocked at his pronouncement.
Suspension? Wasn’t that a bit harsh? Abhi thought.
Two weeks suspension?! For just imitating teachers? No wonder he was referred to as every students nightmare! Bulbul exclaimed in her mind.
“You may leave now.” he said and Bulbul nodded and left.
How the hell am I going to explain that I got suspended to Di and Maa? She grimaced. Ma will ring my ear for sure!

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Outside the office, Purvi was waiting for her.
“So…how did it go?”She asked.
“Bad, really bad.” She replied.
They both turned and walked down the hallway. “How bad?” Purvi asked, bracing herself for the answer.
“I got suspended.” Bulbul told her.
“You got suspended?!” she asked raising her voice. “Sarla Maa will kill you!”
“You don’t think I know that?!” Bulbul exclaimed.
“What exactly did he say?” She asked.
Bulbul explained the whole conversation…which wasn’t much to begin with. Just a demand for an explanation and then pronouncement of her punishment.
Bulbul gathered her things and was about to leave when Ronnie, a student in their class came up to her. “Bulbul, Mr, Patel wants to see you.” he said.
For what? He just suspended her, didn’t he? Bulbul thought. What more could he possibly have to say to her? Did he want to up her punishment to a year instead of just two weeks?
“What do you think he wants?” asked Purvi.
“I don’t know.” Bulbul replied. “Maybe he wants to expel me this time.”
“Well you won’t find out till you go to his office.” Purvi said.
Bulbul rolled her eyes at Purvi and headed to the Principal’s office.

Bulbul knocked on the door once again.
“Come in” she she the principal say.
She entered and saw Mr. Patel sitting at his desk and this time Mr. Mehra was not around.
He gestured for her to have a seat.
“It has come to my attention that the punishment given somewhat exceeds the crime. So I have another idea in mind.” Mr. Patel then related his idea to her.
What?! Bulbul exclaimed in her mind. No thank you! I rather take my two weeks suspension! “But Sir” she tried to protest. “How can I do this? I know nothing about these things!”
“You will have others there to guide you.” he said. “But the final decisions will be taken by you both.” I’m should have known this was somehow his stupid idea!
“I know you are not too crazy about this, Miss Arora, but you need to learn discipline and how to use your time in a more constructive manner.” he said. “All these pranks and fooling around will not help you in any way. Atleast with this, you will learn some valuable lessons like team work and feeling a sense of accomplishment in your duties.” After feeling like he’d said enough, Mr. Patel then dismissed her.

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Bulbul walked out of his office once again, thinking about what she had gotten herself into.
She walked over to Purvi who was sitting on one of the benches outside.
Purvi looked up her.
“I have good news and bad news.” Bulbul said. “Which would you like to hear first?”
Purvi thought about it a little and said, “The good news.”
“Well, the good news is I’m not suspended anymore.”
Purvi smiled. “And the bad?”
“The bad news is…I’m planning our graduation party with Mr. Boring Mehra.”

Thank you all so much for reading. Hope you liked it. Let me know what you think in the comment section.
Till next time…take care!

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