Someone like you (Episode -1)

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Hey guys!
My name is sumisha acrai and I am new here.
I came up with a new story on our lovely couple abhigya!Hope you guys like it.

Episode 1:
“Nooooo…!” A girl shouted. “It’s mine and you can’t have it!” “Bulbul!” Someone shook her. “Bulbul! Wake up!”
“Bulbul!” the voice said. “Wake up! You’re dreaming!”
“Two more minutes, Maa!” she said and drifted back to sleep.
Then Bulbul felt her body being shaken vigorously. “Get up!”
Bulbul Arora finally opened her eyes.
“What?!” She shouted at the person who obviously had nothing better to do than disturb her rest.
Her head turned, to take in her surroundings, and slowly realized she wasn’t in her bed! She was in school…Math class to be precise….and was horrified to see the entire class staring at her, most of them trying to contain their laughter.
OMG Bulbul! You fell asleep in class again!
She gave them a somewhat goofy, embarrassed smile and then turned to glare at Purvi, her best friend, who was suppressing a smile.
“Good Morning, Miss Arora!” Someone said to her. “Now that ‘Sleeping Beauty’ has gotten her rest, would it be possible for her to stay awake for the remainder of this class?”
Bulbul turned toward the voice.

Professor Abhishek Mehra stood at the front, staring at the student in his class with the shortest attention span.
He had been lecturing here for five years now and not once had he ever come across a student like her…easily bored and always getting into some trouble or the other.
She was a good-natured, spirited girl but in his opinion, she needed to apply some of that spirit into her education!
She wasn’t totally delinquent when it came to her studies, but she could use a little improvement on her “just good enough to graduate” grades.
“Yes Sir” she assured him. “I am well rested now.”
“Good” he replied and went back to teaching.
This was about the third time she had been caught sleeping in his class, Bulbul thought.It wasn’t her fault.
His lectures were really boring!
She didn’t hate him or anything.
It’s just that, when he started his lectures, she tended to go into “Lullaby Mode”.
She couldn’t help it!
His teaching just had that effect on her …and Math was never really a subject she was interested in.
Bulbul didn’t even know how she ended up taking this class!
So it was double boring for her!
Then she remembered Purvi, who had waited until she was dreaming to wake her in front of the entire class!
I won’t spare her! Bulbul thought gritting her teeth.

As Professor Mehra continued, Bulbul tried to give her full attention to what he was saying. She blinked her eyes rapidly and shook her head slightly, trying to remove whatever sleepy feelings she had, but the soft, ‘sing-song’ tone of his voice was making it hard for her. She supported her head by propping her chin with her hand. She tried to visualize his words in her mind and hadn’t realized she was dozing off yet again! The sound of the class bell rang like a siren in Bulbul’s ear, shocking her out of her sleepy state. What th-? Oh, thank goodness! Bulbul thought, as she realised it was the period bell. Math was now over!

After completing his class, which was his last for the day, Abhi went inside the teacher’s lounge. He was greeted by some of the other professors and then settled at his desk. He started taking a new book and started planning lessons for the next day. He didn’t like it when his work load piled up. While he was grading papers, his phone rang. Looking at the caller id, he answered. “Hey Purab!” he said into the phone.
“Hello everyone!” Bulbul shouted into the school’s microphone after climbing up on the podium near the college’s playing field.
“Hello Everyone!” She said to them.
“Hey Bulbul!” Some of them responded.
“What are you doing there?” one student asked.
OMG! What is this mad girl up to now? Purvi wondered.
“I was a bored so I thought we could have a little fun! Let’s play a game!” she suggested. “What would you all like to play?”
“Why don’t you do your celebrity famous impressions!” someone suggested.
“That sounds great!” she said to the crowd. “You suggest and I will do the imitation.” Bulbul did impressions of movie stars, singers and cricketers, but got bored with it. Then an idea came to her. “Would you like to see my impression of the Chemistry teacher?” she asked. “Yeah!” They shouted.
”Ok chill!” she said to them and then proceeded to imitate their 45 year-old- female teacher.
Almost half the student body had gathered there now and everyone laughed and hooted at her antics.

Abhi was still on the phone a couple minutes later when he heard an uproar taking place outside.
“Purab, I’ll call you back!” he said and hung up.
He was sure Bulbul Arora was up to some mischief again!
“Do Professor Abhi now!” Someone yelled.
“Ha! Too easy!” she said and went ahead with her impression.
She adjusted her imaginary tie and tilted the glasses she had borrowed from another student upward and gave them the Professor’s famous stare-down.
This action earned her a round of applause as she was spot on with her mimicry and in her best impersonation of Professor Abhi’s voice, she spoke.
“Good Morning, Miss Arora!” She said, copying his words from class today. “Now that you have gotten your rest, would it be possible for —–?”
Bulbul words were cut short as she noticed the crowd had gotten quiet.

Everyone stopped laughing and were looking behind them.
She lifted her gaze past them and saw the reason for their silence.
The Principal stood there with none other than Professor Abhishek Mehra, who was looking at her with a most interesting expression on his face.
She couldn’t tell if it was anger or amusement.
The Principal, on the other hand was clearly not amused.
Oh Oh! Bulbul, you are screwed!

How was it?Share your views.
Hope you guys will give this story a chance.
Sumisha acrai.

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