Sold by Him (Episode 1)

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She look around in amazement how beautiful the world around is.she smiles while seeing butterfly taking nectar from flowers.she slowly slides her hands through plants and screams. She suck wound created by throns on the plant through which blood oozes out.

Suddenly the place which she stayed become wither away. A red mark is seen near her wrist,she look at it in darkness tears brim down through his eyes…
SOLD..she become someones property,no..his private property…

Hey babz..get ready soon..he started to reach you.

The girl who is sitting infront of the dressing table just nods as her reply.

Wait i will help you..

No,preethi i can manage myself. I knew his likes and dislikes.

Okay.preethi leaves.

She continue her dressing ,while she heard his horn.he reached. The buyer who brought her arrived to see his property,to claim it as his. She once again check herself in mirror and wait for him on his cozy bed.

When she heard his footstep,tear drops escaped from her eyes .she wipe down as soon it touch her cheeks.
This tears have no more place in your life pragya,because your are hus property,you are sold to him.

She felt an intense gaze on her.Those two eyes will engulf her fully,the piercing look of his eyes burn her skin.He step towards her and pull her towards him.

This is why i brought you,no one can replace you one impress me as you are that much unique.

She closed her eyes as she knew he will slam his lips on her.

i really miss you alot baby,even while doing my works too you disturbs me are going bear punishment for that ,he smriks.

She gets up by wrapping herself in a blanket and rush inside the wash aches when water flows through her,she get ready soon and wake him.


Are you ready?


Then sit,he place his arms on her face and open his eyes…

Good morning,baby he smiles.she handover his coffee…

Is it your coffee.?she nods.

He take a sip.thanks for this morning booster. She gave a week smile.

Soon he get ready and have his breakfast which is made by her..

Pragyaa….he shouts..

Soon she rush outside and get inside by walking opposite to him.he smiles at her.

Dont ever forget to be there while i leave ,he whispers and kissed her cheek .

She watch him leaving with tears on her eyes.


How is it ??
Any idea about the plot ??

Its just a short story with 3 or 5 shots.

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