Shyama to face more trouble in Zee Bangla's Krishnakoli

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News Shyama to face more trouble in Zee Bangla’s Krishnakoli

KOLKATA: It’s time for an update for the viewers of the serial Krishnakoli, which airs on Zee Bangla!

The audience would know that the festival of Durga Puja begins with great enthusiasm at the Chowdhury Bari. Everyone is happy. Shyama’s (Tiyasha) family also participates in the celebrations. But Shyama’s happiness is short-lived.

Why? Well, it’s because of Rukmini and Disha. Their evil plans and Parbati’s greed once again create trouble between Shyama and the Chowdhury family.

What will be Shyama’s next step? Will she be able to fight against injustice and

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