Shivi OS : Mine Forever

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Hey Everyone, Mehak here.

How are you all doing? Hope you are doing great. Well, I am back with another interesting story, Shivi OS: Mine Forever. Hope you find it amazing. But before this I would like to inform you that the dialogues are written in Hindi as well as in English. For English, it is written in the brackets.

Let’s Begin…

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15th May 2021,

Recently, Shiva has gone out of town for some work. It was supposed to take four days, but Shiva finished his work in half the time and rushed back home. It was like an urgency, that he has to reach before 16th May. Well, it is an emergency, soon you will know too.

Krish opens the door for him, and Shiva signs him not to yell in excitement. Shiva wants to surprise everyone. Shiva walks into the Pandya House, though it is more like dragging himself as he is tired from his 5 hours straight ride. Now all he wants is some comforting food and a bed.

He walks towards Dhara Bhabhi’s room, to surprise her. But when he reaches the entrance, he hears something which shocks him to the core.

Shiva overhears Dhara saying to Gautam and Maa, “Mujhe lagta hai ki ye bilkul theek time hai Dev ki shaadi karne ka. Vaise bhi Dev ko Raavi achi lagti hai aur Raavi ko bhi Dev pasand hai. Raavi ke liye ye bilkul perfect gift hoga [I think this is the perfect time to get Dev married. Dev likes Raavi and Raavi too likes Dev. This would be the perfect present for Raavi]” and she squeals in excitement.

Shiva couldn’t believe what he heard. It is as if the ground has slipped beneath his feet. He feels as if his heartbeat has stopped. As if everything stills.

Gautam likes the idea, but doesn’t feel so sure about it. There is something that bothers him but he couldn’t point it out. He says “Theek hai Dhara, tu keh rhi hai to tu sahi bol rhi hogi par ek baar puch to le un dono se bhi [Okay Dhara, if you are proposing this then it would be for better but we should confirm it before jumping onto conclusions]”

Without hearing the conversation further, Shiva’s feet automatically move backward.

He murmurs ” Kya? Ye nhi ho sakta. Mujhe hi kuch karna padega [What! How can it happen. No, this can’t happen. I won’t let this happen. I have to do something] “

The fear of losing her fills Shiva with anger; so much so that it can lead to chaos. Shiva is burning with rage and he looks ready to murder anyone who comes in his way. His eyes are blood shot red, his teeth grinding, his hand fisted and veins popping out; he resembles Lucifer. No one has ever seen Shiva’s this avatar. Krish has noticed Shiva’s expression and it makes him wonder about the relation Shiva shares with Raavi.

Shiva walks to the bike and speeds it up. He is out on the mission to eradicate the root cause of this problem, that is Dev.

Scene Change – In the park

Dev is there with someone and then something catches his sight. On seeing carefully, he sees Shiva coming towards them. He gets scared that he would be caught. But two questions bother him, first, how has Shiva returned so early and second, how did he find him.

Dev in his shaky voice says “Shiva aa rha hai!!! Tum jao yaha se [Shiva is coming, you have to leave now]”

The girl tries to protest and says “Par Dev, uska bhi to right hai jaane ka, aakhir hum shaadi karne vale hai [But Dev, he has the right to know about me, after all we are getting married]”

Dev panics as the distance is decreasing between them. He holds her by her arms and says “Ha Rishita but ye sahi waqt nhi hai aur agar shiva ne hum dono ko ek saath dekh liye to bahut bura ho jaega [Yeah Rishita but it is not the right time. If he found us together than it would be a chaos]”

She finally understands and says “Ha theek hai Dev me jaa rhi hu [Its fine Dev, I am leaving]”. And she walks away after hugging Dev.

Dev takes a sigh of relief.

Shiva comes closer to him, Dev smiles and pretends to be normal and says “Are Shiva tu yaha, tu to 2 din baad aane [Ah Shiva, you are here, weren’t you supposed to come after 2 ]” Before he could complete, Shiva punches him straight on his nose.

Dev feels pain and his nose bleeds, this happens so quickly that he doesn’t get the time to process what is happening but it makes him wonder, what in the world could anger him so much. Except Raavi no one can make him angry, so how come he is so angry with him.

This reason unveils as Shiva speaks the words, before that he holds Dev by his collar and says “Tu Raavi se shaadi nhi kar sakta hai, samjh aaya [You won’t get married to Raavi, Am I clear?]”

Shiva’s words shock Dev as he has never in his wildest dreams has thought to get married to Raavi. Then why is Shiva talking about marriage all of a sudden is a mystery to him. Dev is unable to comprehend Shiva, neither his words nor his anger. Is his anger, his concern for him or something else? Though he wants to stick to the first reason but his heart is believing the second one. Though neither reason seems logical to Dev. If Shiva is concerned then the prey of his anger should be Raavi and not him. As Dev knows Shiva’s equation with Raavi, so there couldn’t be any emotion other than of hatred between them. So the second reason is also cancelled out.

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Dev asked “Ye tu kya bol raha hai Shiva [What are you saying Shiva?]”

Shiva furiously says “Ek baar me samjh nhi aa rha [Don’t you get it]”

Fearing another attack, Dev thinks to clear Shiva’s doubt before clearing his, and says “Me aur Raavi shadi kyo karenge, Pagal ho gaya hai kya, esa kuch nhi ho sakta hai [Why would we get married? Are you crazy? It is impossible ]”

As the words sinks in, it gives Shiva some sort of relief but he still is not calm.

Dev tries to clarify his doubt and asks “Par Shiva tujhe kya hua hai, tu kyo itne gusse me hai is shadi ki baat ki vajha se [But Shiva why are you so angry because of this wedding]”, finding Shiva giving deadly glares, and dev gulps. He prays to god for his welfare. Seems like the god is with Dev as Shiva didn’t hit him again, rather he speaks.

Shiva emphasises on each word as he says “Kyoki Raavi sirf aur sirf Shiva ki hai [Because Raavi is only mine]”.

Anger, insecurity, jealousy and fear made him say those words.

Dev is surprised as he has never expected this but he recomposes himself and says “Bhai me to vaise bhi Rishita se shaadi karna chahta hu. Chod de mujhe Shiva, Mujhe Raavi se shaadi nhi karni aur na me karonga [Shiva, I love Rishita, so please leave me. Shiva I neither wanna marry Raavi and nor I will, ever]”

Shiva loses his grip on Dev.

Shiva warns him “Good. Ab jaa aur bol de Dhara bhabhi ko yahi baat. Kyoki vohi soch rahi teri shadi ki baare me. Aur ha agar mujhe pata chala ki tune nhi bola to dekh liyo Dev mujhse bura koi nhi hoga [Good, now go and tell this to Dhara Bhabhi and bring her out of her delusion. If I get to know that you haven’t talked to her then I will be the death of you Dev]”

Dev smiles nervously and tries to assure him. He says “Shiva tension mat le Raavi sirf teri hai [Shiva don’t worry, Raavi is yours]”.

Though Dev is scared of Shiva’s possessiveness but he still cares for Raavi. So he gathers courage and he continues “Par shiva ek baar Raavi se bhi to puch le ki vo kya chahti hai [But Shiva at least ask Raavi about it too]”. Dev thought about the ‘what if’s’. What if Raavi doesn’t reciprocate Shiva’s feeling? What chaos will Shiva cause. The thought makes him shiver.

This makes Shiva furious and he grabs his collar again and says “Raavi bhi yahi chahti hai Dev, aur tu humare matter me aana band kar [Raavi feels the same Dev so don’t you dare interfere in our personal matter]”

Sensing that Shiva’s anger is still there, Dev decides to leave the matter and nods. He goes from there.

Dev’s question has shaken up Shiva, he doesn’t know what Raavi feels about him. As there is no confession till now, but he can sense her love. But Dev’s words has filled him with fear and doubts. He thinks “Agar Raavi ko sach me Dev pasand hua to, jaise Dhara Bhabhi ko lag rha hai. Nhi Nhi Shiva ye tu kya soch rha hai aisa kuch nhi hai tu Raavi ko ache se jaanta hai.[What if Raavi really likes Dev? No Shiva what are you thinking. Its nothing like that. Don’t you trust your instincts]” Shiva scolds himself for thinking negative and decides to get this problem resolved. As the thought itself frightens him to death.

Scene Change – In the Garden

He knows where he could find Raavi. He goes to her favourite garden and finds her near the flower bed, playing with flowers. She is sitting on the ground with her back towards him. There are many flower petals spread around her. She is holding a flower in her hands and she plucks one petal and says “Vo aaega [He will come]” and then the other and she says “Vo nhi aaega [He won’t come]”. It is Raavi’s version of ‘He loves me’ and ‘He loves me not’.

As she plucks the last petal, she says “Vo aaega [He will come]” and she squeals in happiness.

Shiva chuckles at her gesture. Shiva thinks ‘Mere baare me hi hai ye [I know it’s about me]’. Then changes his expression to normal and he says “Aye tu yaha kya kar rahi hai. Ab inhe bhi pareshan karna hai [Ah what are you doing here, troubling them as well]”

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Raavi in irritation says “Shiva tang mat kar mujhe. Jaa yaha se [Shiva don’t irritate me and go from here].”

Raavi is a little lost in her own world. So, without paying much attention she replies. But when she realises that it is actually Shiva whom she has replied, she feels happy. He wasn’t supposed to be there until day after tomorrow and to find him back a day before her birthday, fills her heart with joy. She turns to find him sitting besides her and she gives him the warmest smile. Raavi thinks ‘Vo aagaya [He came]’.

Shiva smirks and says “Haa Haa chala jaunga usse pehle tujhe kuch batana hai [Yeah, I will go but before that I wanna tell you something]”

Raavi wonders and asks “Kya? Jaldi bata mere paas time nhi Hai [What? Hurry up and tell me ]” If Shiva is giving her attitude than how can Raavi stay behind.

Shiva says “Dhara bhabhi tere rishte ki baat kar rahi hai [Dhara Bhabhi is talking about your marriage proposal]”

Raavi murmurs “Mere rishte ki [ My marriage proposal]”, there is a tiny spark in her eyes which is not hidden from Shiva. A faint blush with shy smile and sparkling eyes is enough to show her joy.

Shiva knows what she is feeling and to tease her, he says “Haa Dev se [Yeah with Dev]”, suddenly the spark is lost and the smile vanishes. Her happiness is replaced with gloominess in that instant.

Raavi couldn’t believe it. It is as if her heart has broken into pieces. But Shiva, he is jubilant. Well, no one can believe that Raavi who had always praised and adored Dev is not happy right now when she got a chance to be with him.

Shiva continues his act and asks “Kya hua? Tu khush nhi hai [ What happened? Are you not happy]” and he is praying that he gets his answer soon.

Raavi tries to maintain her happy expression and says “Me, me bahut khush hu dikh nhi rha [Can’t you see I am happy]” Alas her effort goes in vain. Her sadness is apparent, her smile has faded, her eyes has lost its sparkle and her voice has lost its chirpiness. He smiles and thinks ‘Ye kitni masoom hai, isse lagta hai ye mujhe pagal bana sakti hai. Bilkul jhalli hai [ How naïve is she. She thinks that she can fool me. Oh you silly girl]’ Well every time, she is able to maintain her expressions perfectly but this time her expressions have betrayed her so he need not peak through her soul.

Shiva states “Nhi dikh rha hai [Well it is not visible]”

Raavi is taken aback but tries another thing, that is pushing Shiva away so that he is unable to see her vulnerability, which he already has. She says “Par tujhe kya [But what is it to you]”

Shiva knows her trick and plays along saying “Me to khush hu [I am happy]”

Raavi gets confused and asks “Tu kaise khush hai Shiva [How come you are happy]”. This shocks her more than the wedding news. It crushes her heart.

Shiva teases her, as it is the only way to get her feelings out. He thinks ‘Ye ladki bhi ajeeb hai sidhi tarha kuch nhi bolti hai, humesha aisa hi karna padhta hai mujhe [Why is she like this? Cant she simply state everything. I always have to talk like this]’ and says “Kyoki tu dukhi hai is liye [Because you are sad]”

In the childhood, Krish and Dev always tried to ask her but she never use to share anything. After a try, Dev used to leave the matter but Krish used to try for some more time. But all efforts used to go in vain. It was only Shiva who could get her to share her problems, but that made him the bad guy. As he used to tease her and taunt her to know her problem.

Raavi looks at him in bewilderment and hurt and says “Kitna bura hai tu Shiva mere dukhi hone par khush hai tu. [Shiva you are so mean, you are happy seeing me sad]”. As his trick works again, he smirks

Shiva says “Aakhir mana to sahi tune ki tu dukhi hai [At last you accepted that you are sad]”

Realising it, Raavi is shocked as she doesn’t know how she blurt it out again. She chides herself ‘Offo Raavi tu phir se fas gai iski trick me [Oh Raavi how can you fall for his trick again]‘ She tries to say something but nothing comes out from her mouth except a word “Vo [Ah]”

Shiva’s expression changes to concern and he asks “Acha ab bata bhi de tu kyo dukhi hai [Now tell me why are you sad]”

It is the first time that he is sharing her pain, well not exactly the first time, Shiva has always been there with her but have never shown it to her. She decides to open up her heart, as it is now or never for Raavi.

The kind of relationship that Raavi and Shiva share is unique. It is full of unsaid feelings, and understanding. Raavi has never thought about how her relation with Shiva will progress. Hearing her marriage with Dev made her uneasy. In childhood, she used to tease Shiva and to get his attention she used to say that she would choose Dev. It did use to work. But now, when it can happen, it is some kind of restlessness that she is feeling like her heart is sinking, and she is feeling suffocated. It pains her heart and soul more than she could have ever thought. Without her acknowledgement, tears form in her eyes and threats to fall. She says “Shiva please meri madad kar, mujhe Dev se shaadi nahi karni hai [Shiva please help me, I don’t wanna get married to Dev]”

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Shiva breaths a sigh of relief. Though his heart aches seeing her hurt but the happiness and relief from her declaration has filled his heart with peace. He thinks ‘Me jaanta tha ki jo mene feel kiya hai jo dhokha nhi tha [I knew it, what I felt about your emotions for me is not an illusion]’. He gives her the warmest smile to bring her out of her grief and says “Me karne bhi nhi deta [I wont have let that happen anyway]”

This fills her heart with hope again, her fear vanishes. Raavi thinks to play his trick on him to know his feelings and says “Pata hai mujhe bachpan se bol rha hai tu [I know, you have been saying that since childhood]”

Shiva knows what she is up to, but he also plays along and says “Par pata hai kyo [But do you know why]”

Raavi pouts and says “Kyoki tujhe me nhi pasand is liye tu nhi chahta ki meri Dev se shadi hu [Because you don’t like me, so to safeguard your brother, you don’t want me to marry him]”

Shiva says “Nhi ye baat nhi hai [No that’s not true]”

Raavi hopes that the reason behind Shiva’s actions is what her heart wants. She blushes and curiously asks “To Phir [Then]”

Shiva looks deeply in her kohl filled hazel eyes and in his husky voice he says these words giving emphasis on each word, and as he speaks each word he leans in and decreases the distance between them “Kyoki tu sirf Shiva ki hai [Because you are mine]”

She hears him but it took her some seconds to understand what he means. When it sinks in that he reciprocates her feelings there is no bound to her happiness. Her dream is happening in real life. She has imagined this, though in different style like a romantic proposal. But Shiva has his own style and that is one of the things that she loves about him. Meanwhile Shiva eagerly waits for her reply.

Raavi hugs him and whispers in his ears, “Aur tu sirf Raavi ka hai [And you are mine]”

Hearing her, Shiva is happy, his happiness knew no bounds. Shiva hugs her tightly. Then breaks the hug.

She is so happy that she gets up and starts jumping then she twirls. She is beaming, her cheeks have cherry hue, her eyes are glistening with tears of happiness. Shiva beams then he gets up. He holds her, wipes her tears and kisses her forehead.

Shiva keenly looks in her eyes and says “Chal [Lets go]”

Raavi is deeply looking in her brown eyes and curiously asks “Kaha [Where]”

Shiva grins and says “Ye sab theek karne [To fix everything]”, there is something different in his smile, it is not the same smile that she has witnessed . It is the smile of wishes fulfilling, of attaining love and peace. It is the happiness of finding love.

Raavi is unsure of the future events, as if might create a mess in their life, which is the last thing she wants in her life now. As she wants to live in the moment with her love. It is not as if she doesn’t want to fix it, but the fear of chaos is making her want to postpone it. She says “Par shiva [But Shiva]”

Shiva knows Raavi pretty well, and knows what she is thinking. But he can’t just wait, at least not now when he is sure of her feelings too. And also, because of his family’s misunderstanding of their relationship. It is not their fault as this is what Shiva portrayed his relation with Raavi like but that doesn’t imply them to fix her and Dev’s marriage. Does it? No, right. So, Shiva needs to fix it as soon as possible before it will create more chaos as he doesn’t trust Dev to be able to voice it out perfectly.

Shiva extends his hand as if saying ‘Vishwas hai na mujhpe [Trust me, don’t you]’ and she places her hand as if saying ‘Bahut zyada [Yes I do]’ and says “Chal [Lets go]”

Holding hands, with wide smile they walk towards their future.

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Well, that’s for today. Hope you find it amazing. Do comment and share your thoughts with me, I would love to hear. Like, Comment and Share. Do Follow me. Meet you with new story soon.

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