Shiny Doshi embraces the end of a memorable journey on Pandya Store

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Shiny Doshi embraces the end of a memorable journey on Pandya Store

Television show Pandya Store is set to take a leap, leading to the departure of the entire cast, except Kruttika Desai. In a recent interview, Shiny Doshi, who portrayed the lead character Dhara, expressed her emotions about the show’s conclusion. Although not disappointed, she admits to feeling sentimental. Shiny shares, “It has been a tremendous journey, and if I were to continue in the show, my character would need to age on screen, which I wasn’t keen on. I have accomplished everything I set out to do on this show, and all good things must come to an end. I will miss the entire cast dearly.”

Reflecting on her time on the show, Shiny emphasizes that she has no regrets or disappointments. She believes she has done justice to her character and fulfilled her aspirations within the storyline. Shiny holds a special place in her heart for Pandya Store as it garnered immense love and attention from the audience. She also acknowledges the significant challenges she faced in portraying Dhara. While it will be an emotional transition, she accepts that the journey has reached its conclusion.

When asked if she plans to take a break, Shiny reveals her desire to raise the bar higher after portraying Dhara. She hopes that the industry makers will offer her more intriguing roles, considering her diverse range of previous roles. Shiny eagerly anticipate new opportunities and remains optimistic that something exciting will come her way soon.

The actress admits that she hasn’t taken an extended vacation in quite some time. She explains that when the lead actor goes on a long holiday, the script needs to undergo numerous changes. Recently, Shiny took a brief three-day trip to Goa with her nephew. However, post her exit from the show, she intends to plan a well-deserved and enjoyable holiday.

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