She taught me to live ~ Shot 3

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Recap: Abhigya first meet

Pragya and Mouni go to the hotel where Sanju and Shourya are giving bachelor party. They were stunned to see the attractive decorations and lightings adding the beauty of the night. “Wow Sanju… Shourya… you two are looking adorable… same colour dress… too lovely” complimented Mouni. “thank you my doll… today we wore same colour knowingly but in initial days we both used to wear same colour accidently… with that stupid reason he used to talk to me and made me fall for him… where two people wears same colours there is something something” Sanju says sweetly.

Just then Varun and Abhi comes… Abhi is wearing blue colour matching to Pragya… after noticing that Mouni and Sanju’s lips curves mischievous smile. “Sanju… think soon gonna get marry yaar” Mouni says naughtily. “Who is going to get marry” asks Abhi who just then entered. “Who else than you and Pragya?” Sanju says and Pragya coughs badly who was sipping the juice. “What the hell you both are blabbering?” Abhi asks sternly. “haan why do you both said like that?” Varun asked casually.

“voh just now Sanju said by matching colour dress they fall in love… same as them Abhigya also wore matching dress” said Mouni. “whats that Abhigya?” Pragya asked confused. “Its combination of your names Abhi and Pragya… Abhigya… sounds so cool na… what say Varun? It’s cool na” Shourya said with wide smile. “haan so sweet” Varun takes part in teasing session but gets killer glare from Abhi. Just then his phone beeps due to message and escapes from there in that excuse. “You are my saviour… at correct time you saved me from Abhi or else he will grind me like chutney… love you dear” Varun messages.

All enjoys the party as the arranged dancers too… place was filled with music and dance along with happiness. One of the dancers drags Shourya middle to dance… he dances few steps then drags Sanju too. Later they drag all of their friends to dance while Pragya refuses and other enjoys. After that the head dancer holds mike and says, “hi everyone… till now we did group performance and saw dance performance of bride and groom… now it’s time to make the guest rock the floor… so here we have written names of guest in small chits… two notes will be taken out of this bowl… whose names comes they have to dance together… that can be girl vs. girl or girl vs. boy or boy vs. boy… luck is up to you”

Sanju takes two chits out of bowl and Shourya reads it “Mouni and Varun” all claps and encourages… both dances for Sun saathiya song from ABCD 2. Both matches their steps but maintains their distance yet never failed to attract the audience. Their dance performance ends with good response then two girls’ dances for Nagada sang dol baje from Ram leela. Then one girl and boy dances for Tune maari entriyaan from Gunday while Shourya joins the dances and Sanju beat playfully and drags him out of Diaz.

“Ok next” the dancer says while Shourya takes chits and his eyes popped out when he saw the names. Sanju snatched the chit from his hand and she too shocked by seeing their reaction Varun got irked and saw the names… “Abhi and Pragya” uttered happily. “What?” Abhigya uttered shockingly. “No… I can’t” Pragya refuses while Abhi says, “haan… I can’t dance with this Fuggy” seeing Sanju’s face pale he decided to dance and winked at her. “Sanju she can’t… I’m hot like rock star and I’m expert in dance she can’t compete with me ya… leave her” Abhi said with attitude. “How dare you? I can’t compete with you… just wait and watch” she goes to dance floor, “if you have dare then come” she challenged while Abhi smiled as his plan worked.

Sanam re plays background… focus light fixed on them… he forwarded his hand while she placed her hand on his… he placed his hand on her waist softly that tough gave goose bump to her… both started to rock the floor with amazing dance moves… both shared eye lock and lost themselves in each other’s eyes… the performance was filled with love… soon they completed the dance and brought back to reality by the clapping sounds of audience.

Then next day they attend Sanju and Shourya marriage… handed gifts and taken lots of selfies and enjoyed their friend’s marriage.

Month passed like jet…

“Wow finally after this much marriage leave you came back” Mouni screeched while hugging Sanju at office cafeteria. “Must say you are looking like angel… just loved your saree… awww matching accessories… omg… I heard after marriage glow of face will increase but here only I saw in live” Mouni added. “Face glow may be… but saree credit goes to Abhi only… he only presented this as my marriage gift” she says pointing him. “Me… actually all the credit goes to this fuggy only” Abhi says with smile while all looks at him confused.

Screen freezes with confused face of all

To be continued…..

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