Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 48

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Pragya finally got an idea and she went to the kitchen to execute it! Pragya while doing something thought, This is the best way to prove him that I won’t leave him! After finishing what she planned to do, she made her way to the dining table and did the garnishing for the food that she prepared. Abhi was also there by then and looked at her. Abhi “So how is your thinking process so far?” Pragya “Come here and read this letter I have written…” Abhi “Ok…” He sat down and ate the food she prepared and read the letter while eating. Abhi could only smile inwardly seeing her idea to prove him. Pragya had written, All my life I will make your favourite mango pudding for that I have to live with u forever……

Abhi “Hmm…good!” Pragya “Good ah? So I proved u right? I know I will prove u that I won’t leave u anymore!” Abhi “Hold on! Hold on! I said good for the mango pudding not for what u have written in this letter!” Pragya “What?? I know it tastes good but u don’t believe that I proved u?” Abhi “Look Pragya….even Robin can make better mango puddings than this….do u think u making mango puddings all your life is a reason for u not to leave me? Does it make sense? What if u find a girl who makes better mango pudding than u….then u can leave me by letting her stay here right?” Pragya in shock “What?? How can I even think like that? You are mine AB!” Abhi with a smirk said “That I know but who knows for how long u will think like that?” Pragya in a furious tone “I won’t change my mindset in that!” Abhi “Prove me! Think again!” Pragya “Huh? Think again? Do u know how long I thought for this…..” Abhi “Maybe there is not much of depth in your thinking….” By saying that he walked towards the staircase with the bowl of mango pudding. Pragya with a frown said “I hate mango pudding now!” Abhi in a loud voice said “I love u mango pudding!”

Pragya was now restless in thinking how to prove him….she even asked Abhi’s parents for help but they too didn’t helped her much as Abhi already told them not to help Pragya…..
Pragya, What is this in whatever way I think it’s not working….He wants depth? What depth can I find to prove him that I won’t leave him? She suddenly thought of an idea that made her very excited and looked at one of her saree….
Pragya, Yes this one will definitely work! I have full confidence!

Pragya went outside his room in a green saree and called him “AB! Look at me!” Abhi “Wow! In saree now…what’s special today?” Pragya blushed and said “Are u free? Shall we go out for a while?” Abhi “Oh….You know right since u agreed for marriage….I am a bit busy in preparing the arrangements for the rituals! How can I come now?” Pragya “I know but that is 1 month later na…” Abhi “Excuse me…still I have to keep track of all the arrangements even though I have assigned people to take care of it!” Pragya “Uncle is also keeping track of it na….just for a while can u come?” Abhi “He is getting old Pragya…By the way What are u doing ah? I just ask u to think to prove me right? But u never even do that!” Pragya in low tone said “That’s why I am asking u to come…I will prove u today!” Abhi “Oh really? Ok then give me second as I need to call the decorators regarding the designs…” Pragya “Okok I will wait!” Pragya was so excited that she can finally prove him!

After a while, Abhigya sat inside the car. Pragya took a piece of cloth to blindfold Abhi. Abhi in shock asked “What are u doing?” Pragya “Blindfold u!”Abhi “How can I drive if I have my eyes blindfolded?” Pragya “ Oh ya…I thought to surprise u by bringing u there with your eyes blindfolded…” Abhi “We can have our driver to drive there!” Pragya “No! Only u and me….I will bring u there!” Abhi “Then u drive!” Pragya “I don’t know how to drive….” Abhi “Then what u want to do now? You are just wasting my time to see how u are going to prove!” Pragya “Okok don’t get irritated… you close your eyes and I will tell u the directions so that u will drive to the place!” Abhi gave a shocked look and said “Are u serious? Already there are so many accidents happening even if people are driving with their eyes widely opened!” Pragya “Then how??” Abhi “Change your plan to prove! It again failed! Just to remind u…this is your second attempt to prove!” Pragya “Huh? Again? That’s why I said I can’t think to prove….” Abhi “Don’t give up! Come on Chasmish! You can do it!” Pragya gave a sad pout said “I am really trying hard to make u believe AB but don’t know why everything gets messed up in the last minute….” Abhi couldn’t help and just gave her a side hug and said “No worries…no hurries too! Think slowly…Ok?” Pragya “Ok…but I should make u believe before our engagement na?” Abhi “Before marriage LF…Looking at your condition I am giving u time extension!” Pragya hearing that smiled widely and said “Thank u so much! You are the best AB!” Abhi smiled and thought, She is so funny and at the same time fantastic to me!

Pragya “Then….it means we can go back to house!” Abhi “Oh dear…don’t be upset LF…Let’s go somewhere that u like!” Pragya “Really? Ok can but I am sorry that I can’t prove u today too!” Abhi just smiled and started to drive to the place she like……

Abhi “Here we are! The place u like a lot!” Pragya “Wonderful! You know I like this mandhir?” Abhi “Hmm…it’s the same place that u left me some time back….” Pragya was worried thinking that and Abhi sensed that. Abhi “It’s ok…now u are not planning to leave me right?” Pragya “No! Never ever in my life!” Abhi “That’s great then let’s go together!” Pragya “You are also coming?” Abhi in surprise asked “Why I shouldn’t is it?” Pragya “You don’t believe me right? That’s why u want to accompany me right?” Abhi “Not like that Pragya…If I thought like that I wouldn’t even brought u here remembering the day that u left me….I just want to come along with u wherever u go….” Pragya hearing that smiled and thought, I also want to come along with u forever in your life…..

Pragya “Fine then I am leaving!” Abhi with a smirk “You said u won’t leave me right?” Pragya “That is different and this is different!” Abhi “All is the same….” Pragya breathing heavily in anger said “You are cheating me! You are just trapping me always!” Abhi “Cheat u? Can anyone do that? I agree maybe I have trapped u….but not cheated u!” Pragya “Liar! How can u even lie like that?” Abhi “Just to trap u baby….” Pragya slapped him, in return Abhi hold her hand and kissed it making Pragya even more furious at him…..Pragya with stammering “You……” Abhi with a smirk Me…me…what?” Pragya “Annoying Abhi!” Abhi “Not bad….I like the name u gave me Pretty Pragya….”

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