Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 47

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Abhi waked up difficulty as he was facing hangover from last night. Abhi tried to remember the last night and could only have flashes of what he did but were not clear to him…..He looked around and saw Pragya sitting on the couch looking at him. Abhi “You are here?” Pragya “I am always here…here in your heart….” Abhi “What are u saying?” He tried to wake up from the bed and was holding his head due to the pain he was facing…..Pragya “Have this! U will feel better!” Abhi “You even know what to drink after being drunk?” Pragya “No! I don’t drink…aunty asked to give this!” Abhi in a low tone after drinking the glass of lemon juice said “So Ma knows that I was drunk…..” Pragya “Arrey u no need to worry about this as she is not worried about this…” Abhi “Who knows her better? You or me?” Pragya smiled hearing that as even Shanti Ma told her this yesterday….

Abhi “Why are u keep on smiling like this?” Pragya “Like how?” Abhi “Like how means…like as if u are not affected by what u told me yesterday!” Pragya “Whatever I told u yesterday have no meaning….” Abhi in shock “What?? No meaning???” He walked closer to her unable to believe what she said. Abhi “Are u sure of what u are saying? You don’t play with me again!” Pragya “Playing with u? I have better games to play with u in life…to play that I have to live with u!” Abhi was taken aback by her words….Abhi, What is she trying to tell ah? Yesterday she asked me to leave her and today she is saying live with her?
Pragya “Why are u silent? Aren’t u happy about me living with u?” She gave a pout and looked at him. Abhi scratching his head in confusion asked “Am I dreaming?” Pragya hugged him and said “No! You are not! Do u believe me now?” Abhi still couldn’t believe…..

Abhi broke from the hug and asked “So u realized that u want to live with me from yesterday night?” Pragya nodded her head in response. Abhi “It means… So u want to live with me now?” Pragya in an excited tone “ No matter how many times u asked…It is haan as always I want to live with u!” Abhi “What’s the guarantee that u will not have the thought of leaving me again?” Pragya looked confused now and asked “U want me to prove ah?” Abhi with a smirk “Why not? But how are u going to prove that?”

Pragya was now in deep thoughts by walking back and forth in the room and Abhi smiled at her. Abhi “By the way I have completed my challenge with u!” Pragya “Huh? What challenge?” Abhi “You forgot ah? A week challenge that u had with me! I said I will change your mindset of leaving and as for your thoughts and feelings….you have already revealed to me everything yesterday….So I have successfully completed my challenge!” Pragya “Oh my god! Why did I never realize this??” Abhi “Because you know I always win challenges…”Pragya “Very funny! It’s not like that….did u do all this to win the challenge?” Abhi “Only if u challenged me…as I don’t want u to challenge me….I want u to change me for better not challenge me….” Pragya hearing that was lost again in his love….What is he made of ah? How can he even think like this? I was almost going to change him to the worst….but he wants me to change him for better….Abhi “I am telling u something and u are standing like a statue!!” Pragya “Huh?” Abhi “You never heard me?” Pragya “Huh? Abhi in a loud voice“Oh no! Again this huh huh from u!!” Abhi shook her and came back to senses….

Pragya with a pleasing look said “Sorry….I was just…” Abhi “Lost! Pragya…let me tell u if u are always lost in some land then I have to find for you every time!” Pragya giggled hearing that and said “Ok I won’t be lost again unless u can stop making me lost in your words…” Abhi “I think we are going out of track….” Pragya “What??” Abhi “Prove!!! Prove that u won’t have the thoughts of leaving me again!” Pragya in sad look asked “But how?”Abhi “Don’t try to cheat me with this sad face! You have to think as u are the one who needs to prove me!” Pragya “But….” Abhi “All the best!” By saying that he walked towards his closet leaving Pragya even more puzzled…Abhi from closet said “May be u have to change location to think! Why not you go to your room and think?” Pragya “I hate u! Why can’t u just believe me that I want to live with u?” Abhi “Did u believe me when I tried to persuade u? No right? Then how can I believe u so easily? I am not saying I never believe u at all! I am just saying prove me to make me believe better!” Pragya in a frustrated tone “Bye!” Abhi with a chuckle said “Bye LF!”

Pragya in her room was keep on walking and thinking….Pragya, Why is it so difficult to think of a way to prove? Shall I just kiss him many times to make him believe? Chee…it’s as if I am seducing him…Think Pragya! How about this? Maybe I hug him tightly and say I will never let u leave me? Huh? Like seriously I have hugged him so many times now…how will it prove?

While walking, and thinking, Pragya never realized that she was walking on top of bed now….
Abhi came to her room and was at the doorstep. He saw her walking on the bed in circles….Abhi laughed loud looking at her way of thinking….Pragya realized he was there by his loud laughter. Pragya “You are here?” Abhi “Ya but I guess I don’t want to come in to disturb your thinking process…” Pragya “Why? And Why did u laugh just now?” Abhi “Now u have stopped what u did just now…as usual u wouldn’t have realized what u did just now!” Pragya “I never do anything…I was just walking and thinking!” Abhi “Ya that’s fine but on where? Did u realize that?” Pragya looked around and knew it was her room….Abhi “Don’t u think u are looking tall today?” Pragya “Ya I was also thinking that way…I can’t believe that I feel I am taller than u now!” Abhi trying to control his laughter said “Look down…” Pragya looked down and finally realized she was walking on bed! Pragya quickly sat on the bed and smiled sheepishly….Abhi “That’s better now u think in this position! And don’t walk in circles!” Pragya “I walked in circles?” Abhi “Yes round and round again….but it was cute!” Pragya with a blush said “Thanks….” Abhi “I don’t want your thanks…I want you to think!”

He walked away from there smiling away thinking how adorable she is when she is trying to think….Let her think now as she made me all this while to think!
Pragya was now again thinking but was smiling thinking of Abhi telling her as cute! Pragya, Stop smiling now Pragya! And start thinking! It’s all because of him….he always ask me to stop thinking and now he is asking me to think! How to think? How??

Abhi “How can I drive if I have my eyes blindfolded?” Pragya “ Oh ya…I thought to surprise u by bringing u there with your eyes blindfolded…” Abhi “We can have our driver to drive there!” Pragya “No! Only u and me….I will bring u there!” Abhi “Then u drive!” Pragya “I don’t know how to drive….” Abhi “Then what u want to do now? You are just wasting my time to see how u are going to prove!” Pragya “Okok don’t get irritated… you close your eyes and I will tell u the directions so that u will drive to the place!” Abhi gave a shocked look and said “Are u serious? Already there are so many accidents happening even if people are driving with their eyes widely opened!” Pragya “Then how??” Abhi “Change your plan to prove! It again failed! Just to remind u…this is your second attempt to prove!” Pragya “Huh? Again? That’s why I said I can’t think to prove….” Abhi “Don’t give up! Come on Chasmish! You can do it!” Pragya gave a sad pout said “I am really trying hard to make u believe AB but don’t know why everything gets messed up in the last minute….” Abhi couldn’t help and just gave her a side hug and said “No worries…no hurries too! Think slowly…Ok?” Pragya “Ok…but I should make u believe before our engagement na?” Abhi “Before marriage LF…Looking at your condition I am giving u time extension!” Pragya hearing that smiled widely and said “Thank u so much! You are the best AB!” Abhi smiled and thought, She is so funny and at the same time fantastic to me!

Ok guys I think the precap is like damn long haha! I just typed it and don’t know where to pause it lol! Hope u all like this update and I miss some of your comments but I know some of u all are facing the crisis from cyclone in Chennai…then some of u all busy in work…some of u all busy in exams…It’s okay guys just read this whenever u all are free and that’s what really means a lot to me….Keep reading and as usual thank u for all the support so far….

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