Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 46

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First of all before going to the story, I hope my friends are fine and safe as I heard that there was cyclone at some parts of southern india. Hope everything will be fine soon…..

Now to the story…..
Pragya took an auto and reached the house. She now had a thousand of emotions running within her. She was worried for the kind of wavelength that she would now be having with Abhi. Every step she took towards the house was painful and she was really lost now on what to do!
While passing Shanti ma’s room, Pragya heard her calling and she went inside the room.
Shanti ma “Where is Abhi?” Pragya in a panicking tone asked “He is not here yet? He left earlier than me!” Shanti ma “Did both of u argue on something? He won’t leave without u like this…He won’t do that….” Pragya look down in worried face and said in a low tone “Yes Aunty….we argued but not a big issue….it was…” Shanti ma interrupted ” Whatever it is you two have to solve it but now u go and check his room! Check whether the metal rod is there or not!” Pragya “Metal rod?” Shanti ma” The same one that he hit the door with…if it’s there then there is no problem if not means that there is a big problem coming up!” Pragya was unable to understand what she meant and Pragya just rushed to check his room.
Pragya looked around the room and also checked behind the wardrobe that he used to place the metal rod…it was nowhere to be found. She returned to Shanti ma’s room and said “It’s not there aunty…” Shanti ma got worried now and said “I suspected this would happen….He actually came here before u while I was asleep….He was also not here to check on Abhi….Abhi…what can I say about him? He is too worried now…if not he wouldn’t have locked my door and took the metal rod with him…” Pragya “Aunty is it very serious?” Shanti ma” Wo…he was a….” Before she could complete her sentence Abhi came into the house shouting loudly “Pragya! Where are u? Come here now!” Pragya and Shanti ma got shocked hearing his loud voice. Pragya was even more scared as it was the first time hearing his voice that loud! Shanti ma “You stay here…he is drunk! That’s why he is this loud and that too from the hall….he would shout like this only when he is drunk….” Pragya “Drunk?” Shanti ma going in front slowly to lock the room’s door said “Yes when he is drunk he would shout and do more than u would expect….” Pragya “No Aunty…he didn’t do all this that day… he was drunk but….he never shouted at me…he was singing song….” Shanti ma giving a sarcastic smile said “Who knows him better? You or me? He should be acting that day….You can hear for yourself right he is keep on shouting your name and he is with the metal rod to hit whatever things that he sees!” Pragya was shocked to hear all this and was lost for words…She felt she was the reason for his behaviour now….Shanti ma “What’s the point of crying now Pragya? You know something he was actually a gangster during his teenage!” Pragya was stunned to hear that and couldn’t even imagine Abhi to be a gangster!
Shanti ma “Shocked right? We are not shocked…we are in some way responsible for him to be like that….we never really took good care of him when he needed us the most…we were always after money…that money is also for him….but it didn’t help him as he was after our care and concern….when we realized what he wanted, we changed ourselves and gave him all the care and concern he wanted….but it was very difficult for us to change his bad habits like consuming alcohol and having ciggrates….it took years of effort for him to change….when he completely changed he got Tanya… he is completely changing when he got u Pragya!” Pragya hearing all this felt very painful….her heart felt like bursting in pain….but it can’t also as her heart did not belong to her….By then Abhi reached outside the room and he was hitting the door with the metal rod. Abhi “I know u are here! You better come out now! Why are u hiding inside my Ma’s room? You have to leave from here now!” Shanti ma “Abhi! Who are u referring to?” Abhi “Ma open the door! She is a cheater who is just pretending to be crazy all the time!” Shanti ma “Abhi! I am telling u right…she is not here…you better go to your room and sleep…” Abhi “No! She is here! I heard her voice….” Shanti ma “Stop it Abhi!” Abhi emotionally asked “Why Ma…why are u also supporting her? You also like her na…is it that why u are doing this? I love her Ma….but why she always want to leave….I am tired Ma….tired of asking her….tired of telling her….tired of….tired….” Slowly his voice faded off as he was really tired of persuading Pragya and he sat outside the room leaning against the door….” Shanti Ma opened the door slowly and Pragya too helped her in bringing him to his room…..On his way he was keep on mumbling “She will leave just like Tanya….then I will be alone again…” Shanti ma “No Abhi…you see she is here holding u too…” Abhi looked at Pragya and asked “Is it true?” Pragya with tears welled up in her eyes nodded her head in response.

Both placed Abhi on bed and Shanti ma said to Pragya “Everybody have a past Pragya…he also has a past but he never dwells on it…he tries to move on from it…but now I am scared he will move back to his past if u are not in his present now! I hope u will understand!” She left from there leaving Pragya in the room….Pragya, Aunty is right…I am just confused all this while…confused with the past that made me felt weak…but I never thought of my present that is always making me positive….this present life of mine is filled with so much of his love towards me….how can I forgot his love that have all the capabilities to make me stronger? I don’t think I should care about the past that makes me weaker! I am sorry Abhi…seeing you this much being hurt makes me hurt too….I am sorry to realize all this now…
She went near Abhi and placed a kiss on his forehead. Pragya, this kiss is not enough to show how much I love u….I love u so much that I want to be the kiss that is placed on your forehead…

Abhi “So u want to live with me now?” Pragya in a excited tone “Haan as always!” Abhi “What’s the guarantee that u will not have the thought of leaving me again?” Pragya looked confused now and said “U want me to prove ah?” Abhi with a smirk “Why not? But how are u going to prove that?”

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