Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 45

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Abhi “What are u blabbering? Your presence will affect my life? Who said like that?” Pragya “Nobody said that…I know it will be like this…just like how that day u had to face aunty having heart attack…” Abhi “That’s because she was already not feeling well….how can u take blame for that?” Pragya “No…you see it’s every time because of me…at first my family didn’t want me….then Tanya was gone…now…I can’t even thinking of losing u now….” Abhi holding her closer to him “Look Pragya! U are just overthinking! U are not the reason for whatever loss had happened before….they are just meant to happen that way….”

Pragya blurted out “Then why did I have to lose u to Tanya when she was around? I loved u and u even like me from our school days! U can’t disagree that right? You are the same senior who hide my belongings as I would come after u to search u! You like that right? And that made me love u too from school days!” Abhi was taken aback hearing that. He loosened his grip. Abhi in a confused look “You loved me from school days? I know u are the girl that I hide your things but I just liked teasing u with what I do….It was just my pass time….” Pragya “For u it was a pass time but not for me…I recognized u that day when I first met u in the elevator itself! All this while I was waiting that u will tell me….that u are the one….

I know u had a different name but I could identify that it was u….” Abhi “I was going to tell u today….but I never really loved u at that time…Come on Pragya! We were school kids then and how can we think about love and all?” Pragya “I know but when I first met u in the elevator….I had dreams of u being my love….and I had to lose u to Tanya as both of u loved each other…but now after a turn of events I am here with u!” Abhi “That means we are destined to be together right?” Pragya “No! We are destined to be a loss to each other….” Abhi “What??” Pragya ” Just leave me before we face more losses in our lives….”

Abhi ” So this is your final decision? Then what will u tell Ma? She is already in dreams of our marriage!” Pragya looked down in worry and said ” I will talk to her….” Abhi ” Then how will u talk to others who already know that we are together…just a few hours ago u have seen so many of them considering as husband and wife!” Pragya “That is common in the lives of business people right? Being engaged to someone and then married to a different person….let them think that way….” Abhi “Ok then why did u say u want me just now? It means u lied to me right?” Pragya ” I always want u….want u to be safe…want u to be with no worries….” Abhi “You want me to have all this without u? You know what Pragya nobody can change u! But do u really think u can live without me? I seriously feel that all your reasonings is just to leave me and not let me live!”

Pragya “You won’t understand as u never lived my life….” Abhi “Fine but where do u want to live now?” Pragya ” I am not leaving anywhere….I will live in your house for the time being until Aunty recovers completely…..” Abhi in a frustrated tone ” Your house? I always want u to say our house….Alright then! Leave now!” He never spoke anything as he turned behind now and Pragya tried to talk to him again but he remained silent….Pragya “At least tell me something like shall we leave from here together? Don’t be silent like this….Now your silent kills me…” Abhi didn’t respond anything and thought if she leave me then she won’t be talking to me but still she wants me to talk to her now…..What can I say about her for being so complicated? He walked away with disturbed thoughts…. with tears in his eyes that is unable to wipe off her worries…..

Pragya still standing there was feeling angry on herself….Pragya, Why am I like this? He loves me so much that he is ready to be with me always in all ways….but why do I keep on dwell on the past? Why? Is my past very important than my present that is filled with him? I love him but I always want to leave him…Is my love for him is complicated or am I making it complicated? She broke down to tears and stayed there and she cried….until her cries were unheard by herself.

Shanti ma “Where is Abhi?” Pragya in a panicking tone asked “He is not here yet? He left earlier than me!” Shanti ma “Did both of u argue on something? He won’t leave without u like this…He won’t do that….” Pragya look down in worried face and said in a low tone “Yes Aunty….we argued but not a big issue….it was…” Shanti ma interrupted ” Whatever it is you two have to solve it but now u go and check his room! Check whether the metal rod is there or not!” Pragya “Metal rod?” Shanti ma ” The same one that he hit the door with…if it’s there then there is no problem if not means that there is a big problem coming up!” Pragya was not able to understand what she meant and she just rushed to check his room.

What is with the metal rod? I just realized right after my exams that I never explain about the backstory of metal rod until now…. Hopefully in the next update it will be revealed as I am also thinking what is it about!

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