Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 44

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Pragya walked inside the hall and the person who followed her left by closing the doors. She was now in a dark place and was very scared. Pragya in a shaking voice “Are u here? I am not scared of darkness but where…. are u? It’s so…so…dark here!” Abhi still didn’t replied. Pragya, Oh god! What is this? I should have at least called him before following that bamboo stick to this place! Suddenly, spotlights were on…Pragya was shocked looking at the sight in front of her!
Pragya, Oh my goodness….why is he standing like this? How can he be here when the party is still going on?
Abhi was standing with his arms widely open just like Sharukh khan’s way of standing.
Pragya, Is he trying to be Sharukh khan or what?
She walked towards where he was standing and walked around him where his face was shining under the white spotlight.

Pragya “Why are u standing like this and that too like a statue?” Abhi still never responded. He signaled through his eyes to look at his shirt’s pocket.
Pragya looked at it and saw a paper in it. She picked up the letter and start to read it.

In the paper:
I am lost in love now to the extent that I am frozen in your love….so….will u break my frozen position?
Pragya after reading it was trying her best to control her smile. Pragya “So u are frozen in my love? Or is this place too cold that you are frozen?” Abhi shook his head in response to say no. Pragya “Now u are moving na…Liar!” Abhi again shook his head in response to no….
Pragya “What is this yaar? Just don’t play like this! You left the party to this? “ Abhi signaled her to look below and she looked below. Pragya, another letter! Now what is in this?

She read the letter…..
Look LF, I am trying to play with u! So why do I have to care about some party? I know u will tell like this and that’s why I have written this in advance!
Pragya chuckled reading that and looked at him. Pragya “So u want to play with me?” Abhi nodded his head up and down in excitement. Pragya “So cute! But how long are u going to stand in this position?” Abhi made a sad face with a pout showing that he also don’t know. Pragya “Acha baba…I will do something to make u come out of this position!” Abhi gave a look as he was like curious. Pragya again walked around him and looked up and down. Now she was in front of him and caressed his face. Abhi, Oh no! I didn’t expect her to this but I know she will do this….

Pragya “Hmm…u look handsome from the start of today….that actually…..I want to…..” Abhi was shivering in her touch where she is touching his cheek in a seductive manner…..
Pragya “Let me do what I want to do!” She now hugged him and making Abhi feeling a bit relaxed as she didn’t kissed him. Abhi moved a bit and told “Leave me!” Pragya “Leave u or love u?” Abhi “No…now leave me! Why are u hugging as if I am your teddy bear? It’s so tight!” Pragya “You are my teddy bear….” Abhi “I want to play with u and not to be played by you!” Pragya “What is with this playing thing? Just let me enjoy my hug!” Abhi “No! If u never leave then I have to push you away!” Pragya “Really?” Abhi “Haan it’s real that I will push u away!” By saying that he pushed her away and she was about to fall in the forceful push. Abhi grabbed her by the waist before she was about to fall. Pragya looked stunned and was lost for words…..Abhi “I will push u but never let u fall!” Pragya “I can’t understand u…why are u doing all this?” Abhi pleadingly said “How do I tell you? Day by day I am lost in you that I am being like you in my way of thinking…..I want you so badly Pragya….Please don’t leave me….” Pragya hearing that tried to move but his grip was so tight that she could only move along with him….Abhi “I won’t let u leave….just sway with me in my way….I can hold u like this all my life but for that u shouldn’t leave me….” Pragya “Leave me now first then we can talk about this later….” Abhi “No I want a decision from u today! It’s final Pragya….Do u really want me or not?” Pragya, how can I tell u that I don’t want u? You are my everything that I have now…..Abhi “Tell something Pragya…your silence is killing me!” Pragya “Ok I want u but….” Abhi “But u are feeling not safe with me?” Pragya “No….it’s not like that….” Abhi “Then like what?” Pragya “I feel my presence in your life is not safe!” Abhi was shocked and he made her stand and asked “What??” Pragya “Haan….My presence can affect your life….”

Pragya looking at Abhi and asked “Why are u silent? At least tell me something….now your silence kills me badly….” Abhi looked at her and walked away with disturbed thoughts…..

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