Sanam Re …O my beloved… Abhigya SS Part2

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Sanam Re …O my beloved… Part2
Abhi did Raghuvir’s check up.
Abhi:BP is normal.Sugar level…you need to control more Uncle.

Sarla:I always tell him to avoid sweets.But he does’nt listen to me.

Raghu:What to do?I lose my control seeing sweets.
They laughed.
Abhi did Sarla’s check up.
Abhi:Everything is normal.But aunty…you need to do more exercise and have a control over your diet.This much weight is not good for health.
Sarla was embarrassed.
Raghu:How many times did I tell her not to eat too much.But being a foody she is ready to even eat this house.

They laughed.
Sarla:Close your mouth Raghuvirji.
Pragya came that way smiling.
She thought:Abhi bothers about my parents’ health also.If he is like this now how will he be to my parents when he becomes their son in law?
She smiled.

Pragya went to Abhi’s room with tea.He was exercising.She got lost in him for a few moments.
She thought:How fit he is?
He looked at her.She came back to her senses.
Pra:You are exercising very well to maintain looks.
Abhi:This is not just to maintain looks but also for good health.Health comes first.People think that exercise is only for good physique.But actually its for good health too.Being a doctor I give importance to it.
She smiled.
She gave him tea:Tea.
Abhi:Actually I don’t drink tea.I mean tea is not really good for health.
Pra:Oh..that’s a new knowledge for me.

Abhi:I prefer green tea.
Pra:Ok.Then next day onwards I will bring green tea for you.

Abhi:It’s ok.Anyways you made it for me.So I will drink this.

She became happy.He took it from her and sipped it.
Abhi:What was the need to make tea for me?
Pra:You took care of me when I got hurt.Then why can’t I look after you?
He smiled:That’s so sweet of you.
Pragya became happy and blushed.She thought:He called me sweet.

The next day…

Pragya brought green tea for Abhi.He sipped it.
Abhi:Wow..this is better than the green tea I usually have.
Pragya smiled:Thank you.
Abhi:No need to thank me as I said the sweetest truth.
They both smiled.
Abhi:Pragya…how do you feel now?Pain is there?
Pragya:Not really.I feel alright now.
Abhi:Guess the wound is healed.The bandage can be removed.I will remove it.
He removed the bandage slowly.
Abhi:You felt discomfort.Right?

Abhi:It’s normal when we remove plaster.
He caressed her dry wounded area.She blushed staring at his face.
Raghuvir Sarla who watched this from behind smiled.
Sarla:Abhi is so caring towards Pragya now itself.Now itself if he is life this how will he be after marriage?
Raghu smiled:Guess both started liking each other.
They smiled.

In the evening…

All were sitting together and chatting.

Raghu:Abhi…we heard that you are not only a doctor but also a singer.
Abhi:Singing is my passion.So I sing for my own happiness though I am not a professional singer.
Sarla:Then please sing here also.
Pragya was excited:Please sing.Can’t wait to hear you sing.
Raghu:Pragya too loves singing.So she is eager to hear you sing.
Abhi was surprised:Really?Pragya too sings?
Pragya nodded smiling.
Abhi:Then join me in singing.
Pragya was shy.
Sarla:Ya..both of you sing together.
Pragya smiled.
Abhi took the guitar and started singing.Pragya too sang along with him.

Tu hi ye mujh ko bataa de
Chaahoon main yaa naa
Apne tu dil ka pataa de
Chaahoon main yaa naa

Itna bata doon tujh ko
Chaahat pe apni mujh ko
Yoon to nahi ikhtiyaar
Phir bhi yeh sochaa dil ne
Ab jo lagaa hoon milne
Poochhoon tujhe ek baar

Tu hi ye mujh ko bataa de
Chaahoon main yaa naa
Apne tu dil ka pataa de
Chaahoon main yaa naa

Aisee kabhee pehle hui naa thi khwaahishein
O.. kisee se bhi milne ki
Naa ki thi koshishein
Uljhan meri suljhaa de
Chaahoon main yaa naa
Aankhon aankhon mein jataa dey
Chaahoon main yaa naa

Mere chhote chhote khwaab hain
Khwaabon mein geet hain
Geeton mein zindagi hai
Chaahat hai, preet hai
Abhi main na dekhoon khwaab wo
Jin mein na tu mile
Le kholey honth maine
Ab tak the jo sile

Mujh ko na jitna mujh pe
Utna is dil ko tujh pe
Hone laga aetbaar
Tanhaa lamhon mein apne
Bunti hoon tere sapne
Tujh se hua mujh ko pyaar..

Poochungi tujh ko kabhi naa
Chaahoon main yaa naa..
Tere khwaabon mein ab jeena
Chaahoon main kyun naa..(Aashiqui2).

They all enjoyed.
Sarla whispered to Raghuvir:They look like an adorable jodi while singing together.

Raghu:Exactly.May God make them a couple.
Raghu:What a nice singing!

Sarla:It looked like we were listening to a concert.
Abhi Pragya smiled.
Abhi:You sang beautifully Pragya.Really a nightingale.
Pragya smiled:You sang like a rock star.
They both smiled.
Abhi thought:Like dad said Pragya is a nice girl.Well behaved…caring…pretty…interested in singing like me.But how can I tell dad that I expect a modern girl as my life partner and not traditional like Pragya?Guess Raghuvir uncle and Sarla aunty like me this much as they are hoping me to be their son in law.How will they react if I reject Pragya?Hope Pragya does’nt mind.

The next evening…

Abhi:I want to go boating.
Pragya:You must have gone boating in London too.Right?Then why?
Abhi:Ya…But I want to try wooden boat like you all.I want to enjoy maximum.
Pragya:Ok…then I will take you for boating.


They went near the river where there was a wooden boat.

It started raining.
Pra:It’s raining.I doubt if it’s safe to go boating now.
Abhi:Wow Rain…it will be cool.Let us go.
Pra:But Abhi…
Abhi:Hey come on Pragya.
They both sat on the wooden boat.Pragya was running it.The boat was floating.Rain became heavier and heavier.The boat started shaking,They both got shocked.The boat started drowning.
They started screaming.

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