Sanam Re …O my beloved… Abhigya SS Part1

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Sanam Re …O my beloved… Part1

A beautiful village…

Raghuvir Arora entered his house.His wife Sarla brought him tea.
Raghu:I am so happy today.
Sarla:That’s nice.But what’s the reason?
Raghu:My best friend Santhosh Mehra had called me from London.His son Dr.Abhishek wants to see India.So he is coming here.He will be staying here for a few days.
Sarla:That’s really nice.
Raghu:One more thing he said.He would like Abhi to get hitched with our daughter Pragya.

Sarla was surprised:Really?Did he say so?
Sarla:But he has’nt even seen Pragya.
Raghu:Ya..but he is sure that our daughter will be cultured and well mannered like us.
Sarla:That’s so sweet.So Abhishek is coming here to see Pragya mainly.

Raghu smiled:May be.
Pragya heard it standing behind the wall.
Pragya:Oh my God..This Abhishek Mehra will be my future husband?I feel so nervous.

Raghuvir:Pragya beta…
Pragya:Yes papa..
Pragya came there.
Raghu:Papa’s best friend Santhosh’s son Abhishek is coming here to stay with us for a few days.
Sarla:And Santhoshji has found you as the life partner for Abhishek.
Pragya became shy.
Sarla:But he should like you.Only then this relationship will get fixed.
Raghu:The way to the man’s heart is through his stomach.So make nice food for him.
Pragya was shy:Ok.

Pragya cooked food.

Abhishek reached there.
Raghuvir Sarla went to the veranda with a confused face.
Abhi:Raghu uncle and Sarla aunty?
Abhi smiled:I am Abhishek …
Raghu:Santhosh’s son?
They became very happy.
Raghu hugged Abhi:Welcome Abhi..welcome.

They brought Abhi inside.Pragya hid behind the wall and watched him with a blush.
Abhi:Please call me Abhi.The people who are close to me call me Abhi.
Raghu Sarla smiled:Abhi…
Abhi smiled.
They chatted with Abhi for some time.
Sarla:Ok…let’s have lunch.It’s ready.
They all went to the dining room.
Abhi started having food.
Abhi:It’s so tasty.Once in a while only I get to have Indian food.I love it.
Raghuvir Sarla smiled.
Abhi:Auntyji…your cooking skill is great.
Sarla:It’s not cooked by me.It’s cooked by our daughter Pragya.

Abhi was surprised:Pragya?
Abhi thought:Dad sent me here to see Pragya.Where is she?I did’nt see her yet.
Raghu:Pragya beta…
Pragya came looking down.She was shy to face Abhi.
Abhi saw her face.
He was surprised to see her appearance.
Dressed in Ghagra…simple chain and earrings…tinkling bangles ..bindi…dots near her eyes..long hair plat…her nose ring adorned her.
Abhi:You are a nice cook.Food is very delicious.
Pragya raised her eye lashes and looked at him slowly blushing.She felt very happy.

She thought:Though he lived outside India he likes traditional Indian food.

After lunch…

Abhi:Uncle…I want to see this place.
Raghuvir:But it’s not possible to see the whole village in a whole day.
Abhi:That’s fine.I will be here for a few days.So I will see the rest of the place later.
Raghu:Ok…Pragya will show you the place.Enjoy visiting our beautiful Village.

Abhi Pragya looked at each other.

Pragya took Abhi out.She showed the area and described it.

chal paDe hain hum aisi raah pe
befikar hue ke ab jaana kahan
laapata hue saare raaste
DhoonDhega humein ye zamaana kahaan

Abhi:So beautiful.
Pragya:You are brought up outside India.Then how are you able to enjoy the beauty of Indian Village.
Abhi:Though I am brought up in a foreign country I am Indian at heart.I love India and it’s beauty.It’s so natural and green.
She smiled.
She thought:I was nervous how I will adjust with a typical foreigner.But he is a complete Indian.

ye samaa hai kaisa
muskuraane jaisa
dheemi baarishein hain har jagah
ye nasha hai kaisa
Doob jaane jaisa
jaagi khwaahishein hain har jagah

Abhi saw a mango tree.
Abhi:Wow!I want to take fruits from the tree like you all do.
Pragya threw stone at the mangoes.Abhi too threw stones and sticks at the fruits.
Some fruits fell down.Both took them from the ground.
Abhi noticed Pragya eating it licking and sucking it.
Seeing it with a smile Abhi too ate mango like that.
Pragya felt like laughing.

gazab ka hai ye din
gazab ka hai ye din
gazab ka hai yeh din dekho zara

Abhi played with river water splashing water.
Pragya smiled.

paani hoon paani main haan behne do mujhe
jaisa hoon waisa hi rehne do mujhe

Pra:You are playing like an innocent kid.

Abhi:Ya…I missed all these fun in London.So I want to enjoy what I could’nt enjoy in childhood.
She smiled seeing him enjoy.

duniya ki bandishon se mera naata hai kahaan
rukna Theherna mujhko aata hai kahaan

She showed him the fields.
Abhi:M God!I can’t walk here.I am scared.
Pra:You are scared?Seriously?I can’t believe it.

Why are you scared?It’s so simple.
Abhi:You are used to walking through this area.So for you its silly.But not for me.
Pra:Don’t get afraid like a kid and follow me.

Abhi:What?I need to follow you.
Pra:Yes.Follow me.
Abhi:Oh no…

Pragya walked fast while Abhi walked after her slowly and carefully.

ye sama hai kaisa
muskurane jaisa
dheemi baarishein hain har jagah
yeh nasha hai kaisa

Abhi:Though scary it’s thrilling and interesting.

doob jaane jaisa
jaagi khwaishein hain har jagah

But Pragya slipped and was fell down hurting herself.
Abhi:OH God!
He lifted her up in his arms.

She felt secure in his arms.
They both looked at each other.

gazab ka hai ye din
gazab ka hai ye din
gazab ka hai ye din dekho zara(Sanam Re).

Abhi:Are you ok?
Pragya nodded showing pain on her face.
Abhi carried her home.Raghuvir and Sarla got scared:What happened?
Abhi:Pragya fell down.

They became upset.
Abhi:Don’t worry.I will handle it.
Abhi placed Pragya on the bed.
Sarla caressed her:Good that Abhi was there with you.Otherwise…

Abhi cleaned her wound ..put ointment from the the first aid box and bandaged it.

Pragya was feeling pain.
Abhi:I know it’s still hurts you.But it’s a minor wound.It will go soon.

Pragya felt drowsy.
Abhi:But one thing Pragya.Now onwards don’t be over confident while walking through the field.Understand.Be careful.

Pragya was embarrassed.
Raghu:Good that a doctor is here now.
Sarla:Right.Now Abhi can look after us and give us the required treatment.
They all smiled.
Raghu Sarla went out of the room.
Pragya:Thank you Abhishekji.
Abhi:Don’t say thank you.It was my duty to take care of you.

Pragya smiled.
She thought:Now itself he considers me as his responsibility. That means he liked me?
Abhi:Don’t call me Abhishekji.Call me Abhi.
Pragya smiled:Ok Abhishekji…
Pra:I am sorry Abhi.
Abhi:Yep called me Abhi.That’s sweeter.

They both smiled at each other.
Abhi:Save my number.I have taken a SIM here.Call me whenever you feel any discomfort.
Abhi gave her his number and Pragya saved it.

Abhi:Take rest.Bye.
Abhi left the room.

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