Sanam Re …O my beloved… Abhigya SS Part 6

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Sanam Re …O my beloved… Part 6

Pragya ran towards her parents and hugged them.
Sarla:What happened Pragya?

Prag:I did a big mistake by not listening to your words and deciding to marry Abhi.That Abhi is a cheater.
Raghu:Tell us what Abhi did.

Raghu and Sarla were shocked:What?
Pragya explained everything to them.They became upset.
They caressed her tearfully.

Abhi was crying in his room.
Abhi:Thanks Tanu for coming herefrom London on my request to help me play this drama before Pragya.
Tanu:Why to thank me Abhi?You are my best friend.Right?I really felt sad for both of you.You both love each other so much.Then why are you separating yourself from Pragya filling her heart with hatred for you.
Abhi:Pragya has to hate me.Otherwise she will stick onto me.She will never leave me.And if she does’nt leave her life can be in danger.
Tanu:You may be the first person to wish for the beloved to leave you.
Abhi:I don’t want Pragya to leave me.But it’s unfortunate that I had to wish for Pragya to leave me.If she does’nt leave me she will lose her life.Nothing is more important than her life for me.I love her a lot.But I am a jinx for her.It’s my fate.
Tanu became emotional:I pray that no lovers should have this fate.

Abhi shed tears.Tanu was upset.

Raghuvir :Poor Abhi damaged his own image in front of Pragya for keeping his promise to us.
Sarla:It’s sad that Abhi had to present himself as a villain to make Pragya hate him.
Radhika:As a mother my heart is breaking as Pragya whom Abhi loves the most is hating him now because of misunderstanding.
Sarla:Sorry..we are responsible for that.We only begged Abhi to leave Pragya.So he made Pragya hate him by playing a drama.
Santhosh:I too feel sad as a father.But it’s all for a good cause.

Flash back…

Abhi was called to Raghuvir’s room through a message.Abhi went there.
Abhi:Uncle…why did you call me secretly?
Santhosh Radhika Sarla came from behind.
Santh:We too are here.
Raghu:Abhi…I called you to request you to leave Pragya.
Abhi was shocked:What are you saying uncle?How can I leave Pragya?I did’nt hold her hand to leave her.
Raghu:Please try to understand.If you marry Pragya we won’t be able to sleep peacefully.We will be always worried about her life.
Abhi:But what’s so sure that astrology is right?It can be wrong too.
Santhosh:Astrology can be wrong.But Astrology can be right also.What if astrology is right in Pragya’s case?
Abhi was in a dilemma. say that you love Pragya more than your life.So you need to protect her life.Right?
Santhosh:If you marry Pragya her life can be in danger.
Sarla cried:Only you can save Pragya’s life beta.Please…we request you.

Raghu held Abhi’s hand and cried:Please Abhi..forget Pragya.I beg of you.
Abhi’s heart was pricked.
Santhosh:If you really love Pragya please leave her beta.See Pragya’s father’s tears.
Sarla cried:It’s a mother’s request.Please be away from Pragya’s life.
Abhi’s eyes got welled up with tears.
Abhi thought:True love is not getting the girl you love.True love is sacrifice.
Abhi remembered telling Pragya during the engagement that he can do anything for her.
Abhi thought:Yes..I can do anything for my Pragya.I can even sacrifice her for her safety.
He shed tears.
Abhi:You all don’t request me.I am a doctor.I can’t risk anyone’s life.I will not let Pragya’s life in danger.I will stay away from her.
Raghu Sarla were relieved.
Sarla:Thank you beta.God bless you.You did a great thing.
Raghu:Thank you so much Abhi beta.God bless you.You will get true love in your life.

Abhi thought:My true love is only Pragya.I can never get blessed to have her with me.I am an unlucky person.
Radhika was upset:Abhi beta…I know you are in pain.Still you did it for your beloved.It’s a great thing beta.

Santhosh:We are proud of you.

Abhi hugged his parents and cried:I can do anything for my Pragya.
Raghu Sarla cried seeing Abhi’s pain and felt guilty and helpless.


Pragya was standing at the doorstep and hearing everything with a shock.
They all were shocked to see her there.
Pragya:It means it was a well planned drama to separate me from Abhi?And I was misunderstanding my Abhi?Oh My God!How much pain he must have gone through while making me hate him.Papa..Maa…how can you be so cruel to Abhi?
Santhosh Uncle…Radhika aunty…though Abhi is your own son you both too supported my parents to do this dirty game.

They all were sad and embarrassed.
Pragya shed tears:I never expected this from you all.
Raghu wept:It was our helplessness beta.Please forgive me.
Sarla cried:When you become a parent you will understand our situation.

Santhosh:We too are sad Pragya beta.But we did the right thing.

Radhika:We are not selfish enough to risk your life to make our son happy.

Prag:Whatever…Pragya is only Abhi’s and we will always stay together.I am going to my Abhi.
Prag:If you object…I will end my life.Do you want your daughter dying before you?
Raghu Sarla cried:Pragya!
Pragya ran to Abhi’s room.He was not found there.
Prag:Abhi..where are you?
Oh me where my Abhi is.

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