Sanam Re …O my beloved… Abhigya SS Part 3 Confession and romance

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Sanam Re …O my beloved… Part3
Abhi was drowning.He was screaming.Pragya was shocked.
Pragya:You don’t know swimming?
Pragya was shocked.
Pragya swam towards him and held his hand.She swam towards the shore with him.She struggled hard to carry him to the shore and keep him down.She pressed his belly and water flowed out of his mouth.He was unconscious.

Pragya patted him to wake him up.
He did’nt open his eyes.She got scared.
She cupped his face in his hands:Wake up Abhi.

There was no response from Abhi.
Pragya cried:Oh God..please help God.

She saw him not moving.She was in tears.
Pra:Please forgive me.I have no other option.
She moved her mouth towards his mouth.Mouth to mouth respiration was happening.

Kya tujhe ab ye dil bataye
Tujhpe kitna mujhe pyaar aaye

Slowly Abhi opened his eyes.Pragya was relieved.
Pra:You woke up.Thank God.I got scared.
Abhi was shocked to see her so close to him.
Pragya came back to senses and moved backward.Abhi got up.
Pra:I am sorry.You were not breathing.So I gave you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.Please don’t misunderstand me.

Abhi:I am the doctor,But you became doctor and saved my life.You are great Pragya.
She smiled with relief.
Pra:You don’t even know swimming and then why did you behave like a stubborn kid to do boating in rain?
Abhi:How did I reach the shore?You brought me here?You know swimming?
Pra:Yes.Since childhood I have been swimming in ponds for fun.But I never thought that I will ever swim to save someone’s life..that also your life.
Abhi looked at her deeply.
Abhi:Why did you save me?

Aansuon se main likh doon tujhko
Koi mere bin padh hi naa paaye

Pra:What a question?When someone drowns and cries for life how can I ignore it?
Abhi:You saved me only because of humanity or something else?
Pragya was stunned by his question.She was silent.

Yoon rahun chup, kuch bhi na bolun
Barson lambi neendein so loon

Abhi thought:Why do I feel something else too in Pragya’s eyes?

Jin aankhon mein tu rehta hain
Sadiyon tak wo aakhen na kholun

Pragya turned back.

He held her hand.She looked at him.
Abhi:I want to confess you something.

Mere ander khudko bhar de
Mujhko mujhse khaali kar de (x2)

Pragya thought:Is he going to confess his love to me?
Abhi:You know that our families are discussing about getting us married to each other?
Pragya nodded.
Abhi:I felt that you were a nice girl.I liked you.But to be frank I never considered you as my life partner.I was scared to reject you in front of all.

Pragya was shattered.
She tried to hide her pain.
She thought:It’s my fault to expect him to love me.The truth is that a stupid village girl does’nt suit a NRI doctor like him.
Abhi:But you did what no other girl would have done for me.We are not even lovers.Still you saved me.If it was any other modern girl like I dreamt of as my life partner she would have left me to die.But you saved me.The moment I realized that I fell in love with you.
Pragya was stunned.She stared at him in disbelief.

Jis shaam tu naa mile
Woh shaam dhalti nahi
Aadat si tu ban gayi hai
Aadat badalti nahi..

Her lips shivered:What did you say?
Abhi held her hand.
Abhi:I love you Pragya.

Kya tujhe ab ye dil bataye
Tere bina kyun saans naa aaye

She smiled emotionally.

Aansuon se main likh doon tujhko
Koi mere bin padh hi naa paaye

Abhi:I thought love can’t happen fast.But now I realize that love can happen in a moment.

Mere ander khudko bhar de
Mujhko mujhse khaali kar de (x3)

She smiled emotionally:You asked me if I saved you only out of humanity.The truth is that I saved you because you are a special person in my life.

Hathon se girne lagi
Har aarzu har duaa

Abhi became happy:Means?
Pra:I am a simple girl who considers the man chosen by my parents as Pati Dev.You came home as my future husband.I considered you as my future husband without thinking whether you will like me or not.So you always had a special place in my heart.Gradually while spending time with you..when you took care of me…when you cared for my parents’ health…when you sang beautifully looking at me I fell in love with you.I love you Abhi.

Sajde se main uth gaya
Jis pal tu mera hua (x2)

They both smiled at each other emotionally.

Kya tujhe ab ye dil bataye
Kyun teri baahon mein hi chain aaye
Aansuon se main likh doon tujhko
Koi mere bin padh hi naa paaye

A beautiful eye lock was shared with each other.

Mere ander khudko bhar de
Mujhko mujhse khaali kar de (x3)

Aa… o..(Sanam re).

Santhosh rang up Abhi on whatsapp.They were on video call
San:Hi son.
Abhi:Hi dad…
San:How is your stay over there?
Abhi:It is very nice.
San:No wonder.Raghu always takes care of his guests.
Now coming to the point.Did you see Pragya?
San:How is she?
Abhi smiled:She is a very simple sweet girl.

Abhi’s mother Radhika interrupted:Tell us frankly.Did you like her?Are you willing to marry her?
Abhi was shy:Yes…I have fallen in love with her.
Santhosh Radhika were excited.
San:This is the most happiest news beta.
Radhi:Yes Abhi.We are very happy for you.I am sure that you got the best girl.

Abhi:Yes mom.Pragya is the best girl.
They smiled.

Santhosh rang up Raghuvir.
San:Happy news.My son Abhi is in love with your daughter Pragya.
Raghuvir was excited:Really?This is such a happy news.
Sarla:Thank God for making Abhi and Pragya for each other.

Abhi walked towards Raghuvir Sarla with Pragya.
Abhi:Uncle…I want to confess that….
Abhi could’nt continue due to shyness.
Raghu Sarla felt like laughing.
Raghu:Tell Abhi.We have no time.We are busy.
Abhi was silent.
Raghu Sarla pretended to go away.
Suddenly Abhi said:Your daughter Pragya is a gem.
Abhi:I love her.Will you hand over her to me?
Raghu Sarla became very happy.
Raghu pretended to be serious:I can’t simply hand over her to you.
Everyone became dull.
Suddenly Raghu smiled:I will give you my daughter if you marry her.

Abhi smiled:Yes…I want to marry her.
Raghu smiled patting his shoulder.
Sarla:We are lucky to have a boy like you Abhi.

Abhi:I am lucky to have a wonderful family like this.
They all were very happy.
Raghu Sarla hugged Abhi and Pragya.

Pragya was putting the sheet properly on Abhi’s bed.Abhi came.
Abhi:What is the need of doing all this?
Pra:It’s my future husband’s bed.It’s my duty to do this.
Abhi:No need of doing this Pragya.I will do it by myself.
Pra:When I am there you don’t need to.
He smiled.
While moving both of them bumped into each other and fell over the bed.

Abhi was on top of Pragya.

They shared a passionate eye lock.

hua hai aaj pehli baar
jo aise muskuraya hoon
tumhe dekha to jaana ye
ke kyun duniya mein aaya hoon

He leaned towards her face.She pushed him blushing and got up from the bed.

ye jaan lekar ke jaan meri
tumhe jeene main aaya hoon

He held her hand.She was shy.

main tumse ishq karne ki
ijaazat rab se laaya hoon

He moved closer to her and caressed her face sensually with his finger.She was forgetting herself in his touch and held the door tightly.

zameen se aasmaan tak
hum DhoonDh aaye jahaan saara

She came back to senses and opened her eyes.
She said blushing:Stop it Abhi.Not now.After marriage.
Abhi:You think I don’t know Indian culture?I will never cross my limit Pragya.

She smiled.

bana paaya nahi ab tak
khuda tumse koi pyaara

Abhi:But one kiss is a must as our marriage is fixed.
She became shy.

baaton mein teri hain badmashiyaan
sab bewajah ki hain taareefiyaan

Slowly she moved towards his cheek and pecked there.

main likh doon aasmaan par ye
ke paDh lega jahaan saara

Abhi:Wow…so sweet.First kiss is always special.
She blushed.

hua na hoga ab koi
yahaan hum do sa dobaara

He looked at the mirror and saw lipstick mark.
Abhi:Lipstick mark.
Pra:It’s my kiss.

Abhi:Yes…The symbol of your love.
She was blushing.

main duniya bhar ki taareefein
tere sajde mein laaya hoon

Abhi:Can I go to your parents’ room now and show what their daughter has done to me.
Pragya started hitting him frowning.
They ended up laughing.

main tumse ishq karne ki
ijaazat rab se laaya hoon

Abhi:Since you kissed me it’s my duty to kiss you back.Right?
Pragya was shy.

tu hai jo roobaroo mere
bada mehfooz rehta hoon

He walked towards her looking at her deeply.Pragya moved backwards blushing with nervousness.

tere milne ka shukraana
khuda se roz karta hoon

He reached near her.
They looked at each other passionately.

humko pata hai ye naadaaniyaan hain
aawara dil ki hai aawaariyan

He moved towards her cheek romantically.

ye dil paagal bana baiTha
ise ab tu hi samjha de

Suddenly she pushed him.
Pra:No need of fulfilling your duty now.

dikhe tujhme meri duniya
meri duniya tu ban ja re

Abhi:Oh no..I need to wait a lot.
Pra:Waiting is sweeter.
Abhi:Ok..I will wait for that sweet moment.
She became shy.

hoon khushkismat jo kismat se
tumhe aise main paaya hoon

Abhi:But still I will give you kiss.
Pragya was confused.
He gave her a flying kiss.
With a sweet romantic smile she pretended to catch his kiss and keep it in her bosom.
They smiled at each other.

main tumse ishq karne ki
ijaazat rab se laaya hoon(Sanam Re).

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