Salman Khan will host Ganpati at his sisters place in Bandra

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Salman Khan as a host of Ganpati Bappa

Annual Ganesh hosting at Salman Khan’s house will be shifted to his sisters place in Bandra

Salman Khans house at Bandra is undergoing renovation. This time it will be difficult for the family to host a Ganpati as usual as there will be no space in the house. The family had decided to host the festival at Salman Khans farmhouse at Panvel.


However they had to drop the idea later due to sheer fact that the place is too far from the main city of Mumbai. It is located almost on the outskirts of the Metro. So for all the people who visit the Ganpati mandal for darshan will find it difficult to reach the place. Especially for the people residing at Bandra it is almost impossible to move to-and-fro to Panvel.


Another reason that was quoted was that there was large probability that local people will reach to see Salman Khan – and not Ganpati and will create huge crowd. This would have caused trouble for the management to keep things in control. It would have been extremely difficult to control local Salman Khan fans once they knew that Salman was around.


The solution came when Khan Family decided to shift hosting to Salman Khan’s youngest sister Alvira’s house at Bandra. It is Alvira who has started the tradition of hosting Ganpati at home in Khan Family. Since past 12 years they are regularly hosting Ganesh idol.


Salim Khan, Salman Khans father said, “Arpita is in charge again and the celebrations which start today will continue for one-and-a-half days.”

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