Saif Ali Khan finds himself in trouble

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Saif Ali Khan and Natalie Portman

Saif Ali Khan finds himself in trouble after a statement about Natalie Portman

Saif Ali Khan must have found himself in pickle when the news of Natalie Portman‘s plan to sue him arrived. It all started when the actor casually gave a statement that he is signing Oscar winning actress Portman in his next film. This gave rise to a series of speculations and rumors as media hyped this news beyond a limit.


Later after realizing the consequences of his casual statements Saif has decided not to make any public quotes and has refrained from taking his cell phone which is ringing day in and night out for the further clarification from him.


One close associate of Saif has said that he is surprised by the way media has handled the entire episode. He is amused with the way media is spreading news about him – of his much awaited marriage with Kareena Kapoor. The news of their wedding date if flashed every two months. Everyone is asking him a question if he still wants to continue to play an image of a lover boy or would like to do some action rolls. Saif has found himself in the thick of the things. It was during such moment when a reporter had asked him about his future plans and Saif decided to have some fun by telling them a lie about Natalie Portman.


It all appears to be a joke wrongly handled by media and it seems that Saif has to pay the price for it. Nevertheless, Saif has given a clarification on the matter that it was a joke and said, “It was a joke. I’m sorry. I’m just annoyed with speculation on all aspects of my life. I might just start making up stories to entertain myself.”

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