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Jhanvi : What are you saying Aliya ?

Tej : Ridhesh is hospitalized ? But why ?

Aliya : I am glad you haven’t forgot my husband’s name also

Abhi : Buwa please stop it and tell clearly where is Phoopha ?

Aliya : So you all wants to see Ridesh , right ?

Aliya gives a crooked smile

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Aliya : Fine then be ready. Darling please come forward

Ridesh comes inside and sits on the sofa. He placed one of his leg over the other leg and looked every one.

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Ridesh : Why these people are staring me like these, Aliya ?

Aliya : Ridesh they are worried for you.

Tej : What’s going on here ? Aliya you said Ridesh is hospitalized , then how he came here ?

Ridesh : Oh Aliya why are you making these kind of lies to your brother ? It will hurt him a lot.

Jhanvi : What ? It’s a lie ? Aliya why are you doing these to us ? We gave everything to you , then why ?

Aliya : I was just enjoying the worried and tensed faces of my brother and his wife. And guess what whenever I sees it I gets immense pleasure because I don’t want you both should live happily.

Tej : Why Aliya , why you became like these ?

Aliya : Do I need to tell you who are you Tej ? What’s your status ?

Jhanvi : Aliya , he is your big brother . Why are you behaving like these ?

Aliya : Don’t interfere in between me and Tej. Your husband Tej is an orphan.

All are shocked to hear this.

Abhi : This cheap woman has crossed all limits today. I won’t allow her to stay her here for a single minute.

Tej : Abhi, control yourself. Aliya said the bitter truth of my life only.

Jhanvi : Tej!!!

Tej : This was very confidential among my parents only. My dad told this to me during the last days when he was bed ridden. My parents didn’t had a baby even after 6 years of marriage and they thought to adopt a baby from orphanage and it was me only Jhanvi. Then after my arrival my dad said his business was developed, he believed me as a lucky charm since when my Mom became pregnant when I was at the age of five. She trusted that because of my arrival only this house became alive and she got the happiness of giving birth to a baby.  But mom never show any sort of discrimination between me and Aliya. I came to know that I am a orphan only when I was grown up only. I never felt sad for that .

Aliya : You thought it can be hidden from me , won’t you ? I came to know this from our family advocate . You just gave a home at bangalore and half of the property only, I need the whole one . I need this house at my name.

Tej : Aliya this house was given to me by our Dad only. It’s registered in my name and you have no rights to snatch it from me

Ridesh ; The surname Mehra which you are handling is not yours Tej bhai.

Aliya : My dad was mad to adopt any one from an orphanage , who knows who is your real mother ? And who knows who is your father , Tej ? There is a word which is been used for addressing those children who doesn’t have the identity of a father. Shall I call you that ?

Naani’s anger went to peak level and she slapped Aliya

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Naani ; Khabardar mere bete ke baare mein kuch bola toh, Uskee maa zinda hein. Mein uski sirf saasu maa nahin, uski maa hun. Mujhe apne bete par garv hein .

Tej : Maa

Naani : Bas abb mujhe mat roko Tej. Aliya nikal jawon iss ghar se abhi issi waqt.

Abhi : Haven’t you heard what Naani said, Buwa ? Just leave . And there is no need of any clarification from you to see who is my Dad.

Aliya ; I will snatch this house from you Tej bhaiya.

Jhanvi : You are a habitat of snatching everything Aliya , earlier also you did it and how shamelessly you put the blame of your baby’s death at my son Abhi ?

Aliya stared Abhi in anger.

Abhi : Even if the whole world can disbelieve me also my Mom will never stop trusting me and that’s enough for me, Vamp buwa.

Aliya : As all things are open to you , I agree this , I myself floatted oil on the floor and my leg slipped intentionally .

Jhanvi : What ?

Ridesh : Aliya,

Ridesh came near her and hold her hand tightly. He whispered in her ear …..”Don’t confess everything in over flowing emotions. ”

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Aliya started pretending tears

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Ridesh : You all made her to cry. She was pregnant that time and why she will do that ? Come Aliya let’s leave from here.

Ridesh and Aliya leaves

Sekhar ; Yeh sab kya hein Tej ? Why your sister Aliya is these much bad ?

Tej : It’s our fate , she is blood related to my dad and I am ….

Jhanvi : Tej!!!

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Abhi : Dad that woman would have uttered stupidities and we are not fools to believe it. Dad please don’t cry

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Jhanvi : You are my husband and my soulmate, I don’t care what others say ,Tej.

Tej hugged Abhi and Jhanvi and burst out tears.

Tej : My Wife and my son are my strength. They are with me , I don’t need anything else. God has gifted me them.

Naani : Jhanvi puthar take care off Tej  , Abhi , baby and you yourself. I need to leave now.

Jhanvi : Maa

Naani : Jhanvi , I am in that village with my husband’s soul. I can’t leave that home beta. Whenever you need me just make a phone call, I will come.

Jhanvi : Ji

Sekhar : Tej

Tej ; I am sorry Sekhar, you and Vedashree came with Pragya . We all were very happy but happiness are like glimpses only, it scattered so soon.

Sekhar : You think friends are just for standing in celebrations only ? Tej, I knows you and I have seen you, your wife, your growth and and your son. My love towards you can never change.

Tej holds Sekhar’s hand

Tej :Thanks for trusting me .

Vedashree : Jhanvi ji you have to be more strong , you should take care of three people so well- Tej bhai saab is weeping like a child only,yours care can only heal him. Take care of Abhi and your baby also.

Vedashree hugged Jhanvi and pat her back.

Pragya and Abhi looked each other emotionally.

Pragya : Abhi

Abhi : Pragya, please you may leave with your parents. We will meet in college .

Pragya nodded her head.

As all left Tej holds Abhi’s hand

Tej : Promise me Abhi, you will never separate this baby from you

Abhi : Dad , why are you saying so ?

Tej : I fears if anything will happen to our baby ?

Jhanvi : No Tej, please don’t say so.

Abhi :I am baby’s bro dad and I will always remain like that Dad.

Three of them hugged each other

Time passed and the final days of college was over, though Abhigya were together they were much conscious about Jhanvi’s baby and their studies only. Both of them were adamant to acheive better scores in exams as well as to establish themselves in their career. Finally the day was arrived when Jhanvi was taken hospital and she give birth to a baby girl. All rushed inside and see the little baby girl .

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Tej : My princess has arrived.

Abhi ; I have became BroDad.

Pragya : And I am a Sis Mom

Abhigya gently touched baby’s forehead and kissed. Tej’s eyes went teary .

Naani : Yeh Kyaa Tej ? Yeh toh khushi kee baat hein ? Mata rani ne mannat puri kee , bacchi bina kisi duvidha se abb duniya mein aayi hein.

Tej touched Jhanvi’s forehead and kissed on her forehead.

Sekhar : Congrats Tej

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Vedashree : Abhi congrats  for you also becoming a BroDad.

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Abhi : Thank you Aunty.

Tej : Thanks a lot Sekhar

As per Pragya’s wish they named baby as Rhea only.

After one year.

Naani : Jhanvi, maine mannat mangi dee Durga maa sein kee baccha sahi salamat aaye. Yeh laal vastra aur tambe ke sikee maata rani ke pawon pe chadana hein. Tum aur tej ko iss ke liye Kolkatta ke Dakshineshwar Mandir jaana padega . Mannat ko adhure nahi chodne chahiye.

Jhanvi : Fine , I will tell Tej.

Tej : As Maa is telling we have to do it.

Tej : Abhi we are going Kolkatta Dakshineshwar temple. We will return back within two days only. Actually from there we had to go for other temples also.  Rhea has become one year old now, you have to take care off her very well.

Abhi : Ji Dad , don’t worry. Princess Rhea will be now spending some time exclusively with her Bro dad , hey naa ?

Jhanvi : Abhi take care off her well.

Tej gives some papers and documents to Abhi.

Abhi : What’s this dad ?

Tej :I have regsitered the whole business and our company to your name Abhi. Now you should run that. And this house also. The second file is actually a property which is registered at the name of Rhea.

Abhi : But dad so soon. I mean just now I finished studies.

Tej : Abhi, be responsible now . I am sure you will take our company to next level. I will be with you always as guiding you , but yeh karna zarrori hein. And this home , now you are it;s guardian.

Abhi ; Dad!! Yeh aapka ghar hein. Why you did it ?

Tej : Abhi some responsibilities are done to be earlier and I am doing that . I am securing your future too beta. Please don’t refuse it.

Jhanvi hugged Rhea ,meanwhile Rhea was crying.

Jhanvi : Oh No!!

Abhi : Mom, I will take care , You both leave

Khanna : Car is ready sir.

Tej : Actually we are going in train, Khanna. It’s a long journey .

Khanna : Whenever you goes to station or airport I drops you sir

Jhanvi : We know it, but Khanna you have to drop my Maa to her home . So please do that.

Naani : Jhanvi, Tej – Apna khayal rakhna , Abhi tum apna aur bacchi kaa khayal rakhna

Naani leaves in car, Tejvi also bids bye and leaves .

Abhi took Rhea to room

Abhi : Now bro dad will tell you story , and baby you have to sleep well.

Pragya ; Can I get in ?

Abhi : Thank god , you came in right time.Now handle Rhea . Mujhse nahi ho raha hein.

Pragya : Abhi we both have to handle her .

Abhi ; See she is not stopping crying.

Pragya :Let me take the baby

Pragya lifted baby and pampered her, after a while baby was happy . Abhigya sat in swing chair and started swinging gently with baby. Rhea was feeling fun.

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After a while Abhigya made Rhea to sleep in a craddle.

Abhi and Pragya looked each other and smiled

Pragya : We never expected these much happiness will come to our life Abhi.

Abhi : Yeah Pragya. Now Mom dad should visit all temples and they should return soon.

Pragya ; Yeah Abhi.

Meanwhile they switch on tv and a flash news was going and it was about a bomb blast on Kolkatta’s passenger train .

Abhi gets shocked.

Abhi : Dad and Mom left Kolkatta at that train only.

Pragya : What ?

Present time 

Abhi was weeping in tears as he was unable to tell further more. Pragya pat his shoulder

Pragya : That was the last day when Abhi saw Tej uncle and Jhanvi Aunty. We heard that most of the people were dead at that bomb blast. Some dead bodies were burned so serverly that it’s hard to recognize who was that person. We complained to the authorities, we went Kolkatta, but there was no ray of hope. All said they have passed away at that bomb blast. We are still in search of them as we knows they will come back.

Rhea : And what about you both ? How you both were separated ?

Pragya : Time was passing, bearing the biggest pain Abhi started taking care of you as a dad. When you grow a little he made your admission at shcool. Those days are unforgettable when we both cared you to the core

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Abhi became the CEO of Mehra industries whereas I started working as Professor in a College. In fact we both were parents to you and we cared you that much and we never took time for our special moments, but our hearts always beated each other and we waited to tell you about us when you grows up little more and also we were dreaming about our marriage too. Things were going smooth in the absence of Tej uncle and Jhanvi aunty too, but the vamp woman Aliya buwa again entered our lives and this time what she did was really terrible.

At Sekhar’s company

Sekhar : Abhi, I don’t have any problem if you succeed in your career. But through this way I never expected it.

Abhi ;Uncle what are you saying ?

Sekahr :Both of our companies had a combined deal. You never failed to give the stocks in time. But this time you have manipulated it.

Abhi : What ?

Sekhar : The satin clothes which were imported from your company are of less quality, customers complained it. Some one had rashes and allergies after wearing it. I never had this disname on my textile company Abhi

Abhi : Uncle I will check and ensure things

Sekhar : Do it fast.

Abhi questions all workers, subordiantes and staffs. But he didn’t get any details.

At a Business meet 

“We thought Arora industries are good, but whatever things you supplied are of less quality. So we are cancelling the deals.”

Sekhar was upset with happenings.

Abhi : Uncle

Sekhar ; I asked you a favor in business because my company was in a financial crisis , production was very less . I thought by getting imported cloths from your mill everything can be sort out. But Abhi everytime your staff gave the cheap clothes and today all the deals got cancelled. My company has went to a loss.

Abhi : Uncle I swear I don’t know about it.

Sekhar : Stop it. Being a head you have to know all activities of your staff .

Abhi : Uncle I will surely find whoever is playing behind this . Then only I will come to meet you.

At Abhi’s Office 

Abhi : Oh Tanu, you are leaving naa ? I forgot. I wish in Delhi your married and professional both lives should grow up well. Haapy marriage day in advance.

Tanu : I am very much nervous Sir.

Abhi : For what ?

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Tanu : Sir tomorrow is engagement and after  a week my marriage . I am hell nervous. When he will put finger on my ring I just hope I won’t faint.

Abhi laughs

Abhi : Are you crazy ? Aisa kuch bhi nahi hoga. Relax….

Tanu : Aapka kya hein ? Sir my marriage is an arranged one and thing is we met very less and when he will touch my hand I will feel awkward.

Abhi : Tanu you are over tensed, see everything will be okay.

Tanu : I just want to know how could I feel. Sir please help me

Abhi : How can I ?

Tanu removes her finger ring and gives it to Abhi.

Tanu :Abhi sir please wear it on my mid finger, I mean not in reality . I just wants to over come stress. Please

Abhi : Okay

Abhi takes the ring and wears it on her mid finger

Next day Abhi goes to Sekhar’s house 

Sekhar shows the photograph of Tanu with Abhi.

Sekhar : Abhi , you have became so cheap,I didn’t expect this from you.

Abhi : Uncle, she was my P. A. Tanu . Trust me this is not real .

Sekhar : I don’t want any explanation Abhi. You cheated me, my business I forgot everything. But you cheated my daughter also- Pragya who loves you madly . For you, your family, for Rhea she is sacrificing her life. And you have became so much merciless that you cheated your love also ?

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Abhi : This is not true, Uncle . I agree that I put ring , but

Nazar: Dayan Mohana and Vedeshree are real sisters a drastic storm to hit  Rathods into hell

Vedashree : Abhi don’t you feel ashame to say this ? When people were saying stories about you and Pragya and Pragya’s relationship we always convinced them that Pragya is your Fiancee. You will marry her soon and today you broke our trust.

Abhi : Aunty this is wrong. You please call Pragya. I wants to talk to her.

Vedashree : Enough. I can’t let my daughter any more with you.You are selfish and it’s a shame to say that you are the son of Tej bhai saab and Jhanvi ji. You are a curse to their names.

Sekhar : Aaj ke baad meri beti se milne kabhi mat aana. Tumhare aur hamare saare rishtey khatam . It’s over Abhi. Get out from my house.

Abhi with a devastated heart walks from there.

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