Rupali Ganguly’s dialogue from Anupamaa goes viral

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After OTT and television, the next big entertainment portal is social media, especially the reels and shorts that have become a rage. With content being produced across all genres, some of the famous dialogues on screen also get the limelight where they are recreated by thousands of people.

Now a dialogue by Rupali Ganguly from Anupamaa has gone viral. Though it was an intense scene, it is now paving way for a flood of memes where Rupali’s monologue is taking the internet by storm. In the original video, Rupali can be seen saying, “Main Ghumu, Firu, Nachu, Gao, Hasu, Khelu, Bahar Jao, Akeli Jao, Kisi Aur Ke saath jao, jab jao, jaise bhi jao, Aapko kya?”

Even Delhi Police shared the video on COVID featuring Anupama’s dialogue, raising awareness of the use of masks. Soon the post went viral on Twitter. This trend took the internet by storm with not just fans and followers but also celebs from Bollywood recreating Anupama’s video.

Actress Vidya Balan, Janhvi Kapoor, Urfi Javed, Mahhi Vij, Charu Asopa, Simran Budharup & many more have performed on Anupama’s dialogue in the viral video.


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