Romil becomes the winner of Sultani Akhada, Sreesanth shocks everyone by his dance moves, Surbhi and Pearl act like Dipika and Sreesanth, and other Bigg Boss updates

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MUMBAI: For all you Bigg Boss lovers, here are some interesting updates. Take a look- Deepak asks for forgiveness from MeghaThe Weekend Ka War with Salman Khan was very interesting. Salman was upset with Megha and Deepika for their behaviour in the last episode. After hearing the explanation from Salman, Deepak felt bad. He was found crying in the bedroom, while Surbhi and Romil were trying to console him. Megha went up to Deepak and told him to be chill as it was for their betterment. Deepak cried and then asked for forgiveness from Megha. Even Megha apologized to Deepak for her behaviour. Salman says that Megha should be grateful as contestants are good in season 12 In the episode of Weekend Ka War with Salman, the caller spoke with Megha.  The caller said that the level of the show has degraded because of her bad behaviour in last week. In reply, Megha said that she behaved that way because the contestants of current season are not good. On hearing her comment, Salman said that she should be grateful as the contestants of current season are better than previous season. Megha agreed with Salman and realised her mistake. Romil becomes the winner of Sultani AkhadaSultani Akhada saw Romil and Karanvir face each other. Romil took the challenge to prove himself a worthy contestant, while Surbhi commented that he is overconfident and proud. Romil finally won the Sultani Akhada against Karanvir. Both the rounds were won by Romil. Sreesanth shocks everyone by his dance moves The last episode saw TV stars like Pearl Puri, Surbhi Jyoti, Anita Hassanandani, and Kamaya Panjabi enter the Bigg Boss house. Sreesanth danced on the song Muqabla, and judges Anita, Surbhi and Kamaya were stunned by his dancing prowess. In fact, Anita told Karanvir that Sreesanth stole the show. All the housemates were also surprised to see Sreesanth’s dance.Kamya and Shivin enact as Megha and Deepak respectively The house of Bigg Boss was full of guests; cast of Naagin 3 and others had joined the Weekend Ka War. The episode had Kamya and Shivin disguised as Megha and Deepak respectively. They enacted activities and behaviour of Megha and Deepak. The episode was full of fun as it was loaded with a lot of drama and interesting activities.  Surbhi and Pearl act like Dipika and Sreesanth respectively Pearl acted like Sreesanth, while Surbhi took the role of Dipika. They took the challenge to enact them. It was fun to see them enact the contestants and deliver their famous dialogues. It was interesting as well as funny to see these TV stars in the disguise of the contestants in the last episode of Bigg Boss. Deepak, Dipika and Karanvir safe from eliminationsThe nominated contestants were Deepak, Dipika, Karanvir, Srishty, Megha, Jasleen and Rohit, but Salman announced that Deepak, Karanvir and Dipika were safe from eliminations. However, Jasleen, Megha, Rohit, and Srishty were unsafe as the weekend ended. Srishty was evicted as she got fewer votes for the week in the previous episode.  Salman Khan accuses Deepak of behaving badly with Megha Salman Khan accused Deepak for his bad behaviour towards Megha. Deepak used wrong words like Chal Chalan for Megha. Salman added that Deepak acted oversmart and thought that he can be safe after using such words for women. Deepak defended himself by explaining that he didn’t mean her character but her behaviour at that time. Salman told him not to irritate and think before doing something.  

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