Rise of the Dark Shade… Chapter 4… The Shadow (Kumkum Bhagya)

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Chapter 4

The Shadow…

Years and years spends in maintaining the aroma of of your personality to spread it everywhere, every time the existence is not needed sometimes just your name describes what and who you are… and what is happening with you, people know what is happening in your life when you manage to obtain that aroma… Same happened with Abhi, he was living a social life so the news of Raj being arested spread everywhere and the question by media were fired like a bomb…. when in front of his company Abhi moved out of the car media was already there….
” sir sir sir… is it true that your brother once kidnapped your wife and tried to kill her too…”
“sir… is it true that your family thinks that you are snake who is protecting the property which belongs to everyone”
“sir… the accusation has been made that your brother was a con… is it true”
“sir… sir sir the rumors are that your brother tried to kill your in laws brutally is it true…”
The questions were being asked like a rapid fire round and Abhi left quietly ignoring media and the questions… after attending the meeting he went police station and there he tried to convince the police about the case but instead he was warned against the same and asked to bring the orders of court regarding the same… when Abhi insisted alot requesting them, then policeman told him that they were helpless for the same because this case was reopened on the basis of some proofs which were sent to them by an unknown person… they declared the person unknown as the parcel was received by them in the police van while it was vacant. Abhi left the place with hopeless mind as it was unknown who reopened the case and the proofs were so strong that it was hard enough to get Raj rid of jail.
Abhi returned home and as usual being concerned Mitali asked “did you find a way to get him bailed, did you got him bailed !!! answer me damn it…” Abhi’s silence was the answer to Mitali and she said with a smirk “Oh sorry the person who wan’t able to recognize his wife’s real face how can that person find out that my husband is innocent…” the words were enough to behave like a arrow shot from a bow by a very trained hunter that the prey can’t find any way to escape….
Abhi was in his room thinking about Mitali’s words rounding a ring in his hand which he closed under his fist sooner…
Abhi’s Monologue
Every aspect of life is not easy… sometimes you have to choose, between right or wrong… if you choose right then problems comes with that right for sure and if you choose wrong then you loose the right of being happy and raise a finger on someone… Like I did, to save the right from being blamed I chosen wrong and my happiness found its way to leave me, seven years ago she didn’t left my house but it was more like spring left the garden and drought covered it with no hope of water in it… years later one hope came in my life named Kiara, hope that she will bring that spring in my garden, but it seems fall will come before the spring… she is so angry and I know I am the reason… but she can’t fall so low that she start doing all this just to win the case and win Kiara’s custody!!”
He was lost in his thoughts when a scream came from the hall “Abhi…..” he ran towards the hall…
It was Dasi… On asking she replied that Tanu faced a major accident while returning towards home from the party… “what?!” Abhi exclaimed and they all rushed towards hospital… there police was investigating the issue and when Abhi reached there they told him every single thing which they noticed and the case of hit was turned out to be void because she was found highly drunk when admitted here in the state… they told him that they found a letter in her car beside her head, let them know if he know anything about the same… and they left the place then. Abhi opened the letter and there was written “SAVE HER… SHE HAS SO MUCH TO PAY AND IT WAS JUST A BEGINNING” Abhi was confused with the same he snapped the letter through his phone because it was the evidence found on crime spot so police have to take it back…
There family members asked about Tanu from Doctor and the claimed a major injury specially in leg she won’t be able to walk for few months…
There when Abhi was returning to join family members he saw a shadow suspicious, he followed it and found another note after the shadow got vanished “Protect her… many scores to settle” Abhi was hell confused…
Here Pragya can be seen in the hospital along with King, talking to the doctor about his fever and he told them that it is seasonal viral nothing to worry about… while returning towards exit gate King and Pragya saw Mehra family and smirking on them Pragya moved ignoring them along with King”
Dark Room..
Lights against the board again turned on and the person marking dot on the photograph of Tanu said “Not so easily… poison effects slowly so will I”

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