Right Date Gone Right – Abhigya OneShot

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‘Hey Diary, The namz Pragya and may I say that I am the perfect definition of hopeless romantic, no, no, don’t jump into any type of conclusion, because I don’t have a fiancee or boyfriend I am very single, very much alone, but my view of romance is just so so different from the world, why do I say so? You see I am in love, but I don’t who I am in love with, it’s not like I have met him to know him, truth be told, I have never met him, I have never even seen him before, crazy I know, but I know I am in love, and I will know The One when I see him, how will I know it’s him you ask? Well, my heart will tell me after all, the heart is never wrong. ’

“Pragya! Pragya! Pragya darling! ” her mother Sneha called her.

‘I better go before my mom gets here, will be back tomorrow again, don’t wait too long for me. ’ Pragya sighed closing her diary and went to me her mom downstairs in the living room.

“What mom? ”

“Pragya my darling daughter, you see, I have set you up on a blind date. ” Sneha said excitement dancing in her eyes.

“Not again mom, why do you keep setting me on these ridiculous blind dates? The last date I was on, the guy was some weird, geeky science freak, who couldn’t stop talking about atoms and planets. ” she felt a shiver in her spine not the good type remembering Suresh, the only thing the guy talked about was science, somehow he even managed to make a scientific equation of the food they had ordered.

“Well you can’t blame me, I set you up with a hot model, athlete body, before I set you up with Suresh but you rejected him. ”

“The only thing he talked about was himself, his hair, how he maintains his body, how hot he is and how he is the honey and women are the bees who chase after him just have to a sweet taste of him. ”

“Ill, was he that cheesy? ” Sneha asked her daughter as she furrowed her eyebrows in disgust.

“He was worse mom, the guy was just so full of himself, yes he was good looking, but arrogant as well. ”

“Oh my darling baby, I am so sorry, I didn’t know it would that bad, if I did, I wouldn’t have approached him, but on a much more happier note, this new guy, will be the perfect one for you. ”

Rolling her eyes at her mother Pragya said, “Not again mom. ” she was tired of her mother setting her up on blind dates.

“Listen to me young lady, this guy will be perfect for you, in fact he approached me to talk to you. ” Sneha said smiling in excitement.

“So this is not a blind date, because this Mr Perfecto knows me, but I don’t know him, so in short it’s a partial blind date? ” Pragya asked her mother with a raised eyebrow.

“You can say that. ” Sneha shrugged.

“why are you doing this mom? Always setting me up on blind dates? ” she never understood why her mother was so hell bent on finding her Mr Right.

Sneha sighed and held her daughter’s hand suddenly becoming serious, “I want you to experience love like I did, I don’t want to be like those old fashioned parents who force partners on their children, I want you to fall in love, get married and have your own kids, just like I experienced it with your father, I really miss him so much. ” Sneha said with a sad smile as she remembered her husband.

Pragya might have been young when her father died, she never remembered much about him, but by the way her mother spoke of him, she knew he was the best father.

“Oh mommy, please don’t cry, I am sure that dad wants to see you happy always. ” Pragya wiped the tears in her mother’s eyes giving her a hug. “Maybe I should set you up on a blind date so that I could get a new step dad, after all no one is hotter than my mom I am sure their are a lot of good looking men out there who want you all for themselves. ” Pragya teased her mother trying to lighten up the mood.

“Shut up you naughty girl, I already fell in love once, it won’t happen again, now I want my daughter to experience what I experienced – the beauty of love. ” Sneha told her daughter, “and don’t think I don’t know that you are trying to change the topic. ” Pragya get her mother a cute pout like a kid who had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Can I do anything to change your mind? ” she asked her mother with the best baby face she could make.

“No my baby, you can’t, you see it’s a mother’s dream to see her child happily in love and married. ”

“Well Sid is in love and married. ” she spoke of her brother.

“Yes, but Sid is my son, and you are my daughter, I want to go shopping for your wedding. Help pick out your dress. ”

“Didn’t you help Roshni pick out her wedding dress? ”

“Yes, but what I said didn’t really matter, you see Roshni’s mom is a designer. ”

“You are a designer as well. ”

“That I am, but I am into jewelry not clothing. ” Sneha said as Pragya nodded understanding what she means.

“Where is Sid and Roshni by the way? ” she suddenly asked noticing that they were no where to be seen.

“It’s their date night today, and tomorrow will be yours. ” Sneha said making emphasis on the yours.

“But mom!!! ” Pragya whined.

“No buts young lady you are going and that’s final. ”

“Okay fine, but if this is the last date you set me up on. ”

“Sure darling. ” Sneha agreed even though deep down she knew it was a lie.

Sneha told her daughter all the details about the date, the time the place but she left out the guy’s name only giving him his surname, when Pragya asked why she did not tell her his name, Sneha replied saying it was her job to find out what his name is and she was giving her something to talk about.


Pragya spent the whole day shopping with her mother and sister in law slash best friend Roshni searching for the perfect dress, this is what happened whenever her mother set her up on a date they would go shopping because she has to look perfect for her date, after three long hours of none stop searching for the perfect dress, they finally found the perfect dress, buying the dress they had a quick lunch and went back home and that’s how Pragya found herself sitting in front of a mirror, Roshni pulling her hair here and there as her mother doing her makeup.

“All done, now we will leave you alone, put on your dress and come downstairs once you are done, you don’t want to be late on your first date, it’s already 6:30 PM, you only have thirty minutes left hurry up Pragya. ” Sneha said in a panicked tone, she pulled Roshni out of Pragya’s room giving her some time to change.

Pragya took the dress Roshni and her mom picked out for, she normally would never wear something like this, she was more of the T-shirts and jeans type of girl not the dress up type, giving the dress one last glance, Pragya heaved a sigh and changed into it.

She stepped in front of the mirror to take a good look at herself and the woman she saw was definitely not her, from the way that Roshni styled her hair, to the way that her mother did her makeup, you wouldn’t know that she had makeup on, her mother was really the best, the dress they had chosen for her hugged her in all the right places, it brought out a figure she never knew she possessed. Pragya contemplated whether to wear her glasses or lenses, but after weighing the advantages and disadvantages she went with her glasses, looking at herself for one last time, Pragya made her was to the leaving room where she found her mother pacing back and forth clearly panicking.

“I am done. ” Pragya said making her presence known.

“Oh my angel, you look so beautiful, not that you don’t, you are beautiful after all I am your mom, but baby, this is beyond gorgeous. ”

“Yes Pragya, mother is right, I mean just look at you, why do you always have to hid yourself in those T-shirts and jeans? ” Roshni questioned her.

“I am comfortable in that. ” Pragya answered.

“But you sure don’t look this HAWT!!! ” Roshni said fanning herself.

“Roshni is right, and to be honest, I was against the glasses, but now, I am for them, they make you look hot and geeky, but in a good way, BWB. ” Sneha said giving her daughter in law a high five.

“BWB? ” Pragya furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. “What does that mean? ”

“Beauty with brains. How are you even my daughter? ” Sneha rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know. How are you even my mother? You should have the perfect answer because you birthed me? ” Pragya replied sarcastically.

“Just like your father. ” Sneha said with a satisfied smile, “Okay, now go, don’t keep the guy waiting to long, here are the car keys, drives safely baby. ”

“Okay mom. Good bye, I love you. ”

“I love you too my darling. ” Sneha said giving her daughter a kiss on the head.

Pragya drove herself to this fancy Italian restaurant, she remembered her mother telling her that the reservation was made under the name Mehra, Pragya was lead to the table under the reservation of Mehra by a fancy looking woman, thanking the polite lady, Pragya stopped in her tracks when she saw the person seated in front of her, if angels did fall from heaven, he was probably a fallen angel, from his dark hair to his perfect face, this is exactly how Pragya imagined her love to be, she knew it, he was ‘The One’ the man she had madly fallen for without even seeing it, she knew it as that was what her heart told her, and the heart is never wrong, yes she has met a lot of good looking men out there but non of them made her heart beat out of her chest, only he, the man in front of her did that, Pragya quickly took a seat as she didn’t want to look like an idiot staring at him, ‘Mother surely knows how to pick them. ’ Pragya thought.

The man in front of her looked from his phone shocked to see that he has some company.

“Oh, hi there, my name is Pragya, you spoke to my mom a few days ago about taking me out on a date, so here I am. ” Pragya didn’t even let the man say a word as she continued speaking. “You are really good looking you know? Excuse me for my bluntness but I am only stating facts here, you are so good looking, my mom surely out did herself and I love you. ” okay, that’s not what he expected to hear, who says that on the first date? Pragya does, he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, but later an amusing smirk formed on his face.

“How can you know you are in love with me when you know nothing about me? ” he asked still smirking in amusement.

“I just know, I have been in love with you for so long. ” Pragya said with a smile.

“How? Are you some type of stalker? ” he asked.

“No, you are the stalker. ” she answered innocently. “I was in love with you before I met you, so when I entered this room and saw you, I knew you are the one for me, you are just the very one for me, there is no other. ”

“Oh… Okay. ” was the only thing he could say.

They ordered their food as Pragya kept the conversation going by talking most of the time, he did talk, but Pragya spoke more, they finished their dinner and later ordered some dessert. Finishing up, he paid the bill and walked Pragya to her car, they exchanged numbers, but before Pragya got into her car, she surprised him by giving him a kiss on the cheek and taking a picture saying goodbye and not forgetting to declare her love once more, Pragya got into her car and drove away leaving him wondering about what just happened while touching his cheek.

Pragya reached home safe and sound smiling like a goof, when Sneha saw the smile on her daughter’s face, she knew she did a good job.

“So, how was it? ” Sneha asked with a playful smile on her face.

“Mom, you are the best, this was the best date ever. ” Pragya said jumping up and down in nothing but excitement.

“See, I knew that Nikhill is the perfect guy for you. ”

“Nikhill, that’s his name? ” that’s when Pragya remembered that she never even bothered to ask him his name.

“Yes, how come you don’t know? ”

“It might have slipped my mind to ask for his name. ” Pragya replied smiling sheepishly.

“It’s okay, as long as everything went well. Do you have his number? ”

“Yes and he has mine, he promised to call me. ”

“Okay, now go freshen up and have some much needed rest. ”

“Okay mom, I love you. ”

“I love you too baby. ”


Abhi entered his house feeling nothing but unspeakable joy, why? No reason at all, he was just happy for no particular reason. He entered the living room and found his two brothers having serious conversation and Nikhill looked troubled which automatically brought a smile to his face.

“What happened Nikhill? How did the date go? Did the girl reject you already. ” Abhi said with a smile, “You know why it is you can never get a girl, it’s because you are used to stealing other people’s fiancees. ”

Now it was Nikhill’s turn to smile, “What’s wrong baby brother? It’s not my fault you are so immature when it comes to making a woman happy, she has to come running to me. ” he said with a smirk. Now this caused Abhi’s blood to boil as he kept clenching and unclenching his hands.

“What, cat caught your tongue? You have nothing to say, do you know how your fiancee would come crying to me, because of you, you are so useless you can’t even keep your woman happy, I might not know how to get them, but I sure do know how to keep them satisfied, unlike you, so careful baby brother, because the next girl you get, might just come running to me, because I am so much better, and I know the tricks to- ” Nikhill didn’t finish what he was saying as a fist kissed his face, yes he was punched so hard he fell across the room.

“Abhi! ” Purab screamed holding Abhi back. “Calm down. Mom, dad and grandma don’t know why you two are fighting each other and they are tired of this, you need to move on from Tanu, she doesn’t deserve you. ” Abhi looked a Purab for a while and got himself out of his grip, running to his bed room.


Pragya entered her room only to find Roshni looking both anxious and excited.

“I know what you want to know, sit I will tell you everything, let me just freshen up and get changed. ” Pragya made her way to her bathroom, where she took a quick shower and changed into her night clothes.

“Tell me, how was it. ” Pragya told Roshni everything even how she declared her love to him, Roshni was shocked by her friend’s revelation, who does that? But this was Pragya, so she shouldn’t be so surprised.

“I love him Rosh. ” Pragya said once again.

“But you don’t even know him, what if he is a serial killer or human trafficker. ”

“I don’t mind, love looks beyond all wrongs. ” speechless, that’s how Pragya left her, speechless. “He said he would call me. ” she said dreamily, it was like he was thinking of her as well as her phone run. “Roshni, he called, what should I tell him? ” a panicking Pragya asked Roshni.

“Hello? ” Roshin said, more like questioned

“Is that all you could think of? Hello!! Seriously Roshni. ”

“At least I thought of something unlike you, now answer the phone. ”

Taking in deep breaths, Pragya answered her phone saying ‘hello’

‘hey Pragya, you okay? ’ he asked her.

‘yes I am fine, why do ask? ’

‘you just sound to quiet. This is so unlike you. ’

Pragya blushed why she was blushing she did not know.

‘I don’t have anything to say. ’

‘Oh so sad, I only called so I could listen to your beautiful melodious voice. ’

Now this was enough for her to blush ten times more than she already was.

‘What do you want me to say, I don’t have anything to say, I told you all about myself. ’

‘Mmmmh, why don’t we meet up tomorrow, where ever you want. ’

‘Really, you want us to meet? ’ Pragya asked not believing her ears.

‘I know I didn’t speak Greek, yes, I want us to meet tomorrow, I had fun tonight. ’

‘Okay, I will text you the place when I think of one. ’

‘good, okay, I believe you were getting ready for bed before I called you. ’

‘yes, good night, I love you. ’

‘Good night Angel. ’ he said the amusement not hidden in his voice.

Pragya hung up and begun jumping up and down, she told Roshni that she was going on her second date tomorrow and that was the reason for her joy, Roshni just shook her head on her best friend and sister’s in law childish behavior


Seconds, minuets, hours, days, weeks, and months had passed, Pragya’s love for Nikhill had grown even more, she was more happy and she behaved like herself in front of him, he did not judge her or call her crazy, instead he understood her better and loved her more, yes he had fallen in love with her and told her about his love for her, now that was an early Christmas for Pragya, she was so happy she screamed about how much she loved him in public, instead of feeling embarrassed he hugged her twirling her around earning cheers from the audience.

Now today was the day, he was to meet her mom, she knew they met before, but this time he was meeting her as her boyfriend.

“Pragya, what are we doing here? ” he asked when he saw that she had parked in front of her house.

“My home, come inside and meet my family. ”

“What? ” He asked in panic.

“Yes, my mom, brother and Roshni my friend slash sister in law. ” noticing his nervousness she cupped his face and said, “Don’t be so nervous, my mom loves you already now come. ” without waiting for a response, Pragya got out of the car and opened the passengers door pulling him out.

“Mother! Mom! I want you to meet someone. ” she said dragging him inside.

“Why are you yelling? ” Sneha shouted coming from the kitchen covered in flour.

“Mom, I want you to meet my boyfriend – Nikhill, I know you met already. ”

Sneha looked closely to the man in front of her saying, “Pragya darling, this is not the Nikhill I was talking about. ”

“What are you saying mom, this is Nikhill. ”

“Young man, who are you and what do you want with my daughter? ” she asked turning into mama bear mode.

He breathed in deeply and finally spoke saying, “I am not Nikhill, but Abhi. ” both Pragya and Sneha were shocked by this revelation.

“How? ” was all Pragya could ask, the hurt evident in her eyes.

“You met me, and thought I was Nikhill, when you started talking, I wanted to correct you, but for some reason I just wanted to hear your voice for the whole night. ”

“But why didn’t you tell me? ” Pragya asked.

“I was scared you would leave me. ”

“You fool, I would never leave my love, come what may, I was willing to be with you I could careless if you were a terrorist or a mad ma ” he looked at her with furrowed eyebrows, “I love you and I meant it the first day I told you, on our first date. ”

“All my baby is all grown up. ” Sneha said clapping her hands. “Welcome and I approve, please make yourself comfortable. ” she told Abhi.

“Thank you ma’am. ”

“Don’t call me that, you make me feel old, call me Sneha instead. ” she said winking at him.

“Mom did you just flirt with my boyfriend? ” Pragya asked in shock.

“No I was just making him comfortable. ” Sneha said and walked back to the kitchen.

“I am sorry about my mom. ”

“Why apologize, she was just making me comfortable. ” Abhi said as he pulled Pragya closer to him holding her by her waist.

“Abhi I love you and I approve of you, but no touchy touchy with my daughter at least not in my house. ” Sneha said as she came back with a tray of brownies.

Abhi moved from Pragya looking down embarrassed, “It’s okay, I understand, you are in love, but don’t cross your limits. ” Sneha warned them.

“Okay, ma- Sneha. ” Abhi said awkwardly.

He spent the whole day with Pragya and her family, he got to meet her brother and immediately they become best friends, Pragya was happy that the man she loved since the day she saw him was loved by his family.

A period of six months had passed and Abhi had asked Pragya to marry him, which she happily agreed, he was yet to introduce her to his family, the only thing feared was that Nikhill would manipulate her and take her away from him like he did with Tanu, but he saw the undying love she had for him, so today he was going to introduce her to his family as his fiancee. Everyone in his home knew that Abhi was seeing a girl, they also knew that he was engaged to her, but he did not tell them to whom he she was.

“You okay Abhi? ” Pragya asked as they were now standing in front of the door to Pragya’s house.

“Yes baby, I am fine, just a little nervous. ”

“You do know I am the one who should be nervous not you. ” Pragya told him with a smile.

“Is it weird? ” he asked.

“No, I know you love me, and you want your family to love me, so it’s okay to be nervous. ” he gave her a small kiss and said thank you, joining their hands together, they both entered the house where they met everyone seated anxiously waiting for Abhi and Pragya.

“Is she the girl? ” Deljeet, Abhi’s grandma was the first to ask.

“Yes, this is Pragya, Pragya meet my family, my grandmother, mother, father, young brother Purab, sister in law Disha and lastly my older brother Nikhill. ” Pragya said hello to them all with a soulful smile which they all returned except Nikhill as he was unable to believe what he just saw, this was his Pragya, the girl he loved, he asked her mother for her permission to date her then what was she doing with Abhi?

“This was all your plan!! ” Nikhill yelled at Abhi startling everyone, “you planned this didn’t you? How can you be so shameless? ”

“Excuse me? ” was all Abhi could say.

“What are you talking about Nikhill. ” Priya the mother asked feeling embarrassed by her son’s behavior.

“Mom, Abhi knew that I was in love with Pragya, so he made some plan to steal her from me. ”

“Excuse me, I don’t know you. ” Pragya said tightly holding Abhi’s hand.

“Yes sweetheart you don’t cause he came between us, he is the reason we are not together. ”

“Nikhill what the hell are you talking about? Are you on drugs or something? ” Abhi asked him angrily, he was now beginning to scare his fiancee and he didn’t like it.

“You snatched her from me to get back at me, just because I ruined your relationship with Tanu, you decide to play this sick game, well done brother. ”

Now that was new, the whole family knew that Abhi had cancelled the wedding with Tanu two weeks before but they didn’t know why, the only one who was aware of the truth was Purab and Pragya of course, but what she didn’t know was that his fiancee cheated on him with his own brother.

“How can you do that to your brother? Have you no shame? ” Deljeet asked.

“I am so sorry grandma, if only he married Tanu I would be with Pragya. ”

“I would never be with you! ” Pragya yelled even though she was scared.

“Yea you would and will. ”

“Nikhill your behavior is unacceptable. ” Ram finally spoke.

“She just has to be with me dad, I loved her first. ”

“And I don’t love you. ” Pragya countered now standing behind Abhi still scared, she didn’t even know why she was answering back, when she felt like she wanted to pee in her pants.

As they were still arguing sirens were heard outside, suddenly the police barged into the house with an arrest warrant for Nikhill, asked why he was being arrested, they said that he was involved in illegal dealings and drug trafficking and they even had proof for it, Ram was embarrassed by his son that he didn’t care what happened to him, Priya carried because she lost one son.

“Don’t cry so much aunt, it’s not like he is dead. ” Pragya said without even thinking of what she said, trying to console her.

Looking at everyone’s surprised faces Abhi quickly covered it up saying, “What she means is that, you can get to see him in prison. ” this was his fiancee, she always spoke her mind, she was a loud mouth and more than anything he was attracted to her talkative nature.

“No Abhi, that’s not what I meant. ” Pragya denied loudly.

Priya simply smiled at her, she sure was pure and innocent, after everyone finally calmed down, they had their dinner as Pragya animatedly narrated to them how she and Abhi met, as everyone else laughed, Abhi just looked at her smiling wondering how he got so lucky to have her in his life.

Two months later they tied the knot and finally become one.

Never in her life did Pragya believe that she will fall in love with her blind date, even though he was the wrong one, but he was still her ‘One and only, her Mr. Perfecto. ‘

Never had Abhi thought that he will find love after his fiancee’s betrayal, but this talkative girl in glasses entered his life and talked him into loving her.

Yes he was the wrong date, but no one can deny the fact that she was the one made from him.

They were a match made in heaven.

The end…

And don’t know if it’s possible to fall in love with someone before meeting them, but it worked for Pragya.

Sorry if it’s too long, tried to make it short, but as you can see I failed terribly.

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